Effective email marketing by dave archer


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Effective email marketing by dave archer

  1. 1. Effective Email MarketingDave ArcherPresident and CEO(775) 315-7635Dave@NCET.org / www.NCET.org
  2. 2. NCET• Northern Nevada-based 501(c)3• Helps Nevadans start and growbusinesses• Monthly and annual educational events• Serves as a clearinghouse and marketingarm for nonprofit and gov’t resources
  3. 3. Why Use Email Marketing• Effective• Relatively inexpensive• Timely• Flexible
  4. 4. The Key to SuccessfulEmail Marketing is…
  5. 5. Your List
  6. 6. Email Goals• Build and maintain quality list• Maximize open rates• Maximize conversion rates:– Purchases– Downloads– Click-thru– Other• Minimize unsubscribes / spam reports
  7. 7. NCET Email• Email service: Constant Contact• Email list ~10,000 Nevada business, communityand educational leaders– Built one email address at a time• 1.7 million emails per year– From 1 to 7 email each week– Event / Program Promotion, Newsletters• Open rate ~ 14%
  8. 8. List Maintenance• Lists need TLC - and lots of it– Unsubscribes and address changes erode lists fast• Beware of list fatigue– Conversion rate vs unsubscribe rate• Bounces– Contact individuals to verify correct email address or forupdates• Blocks– Contact individuals / IT departments about spam filters,white lists, etc.
  9. 9. • Buying or Renting Lists– Friends don’t let friends buy lists.• Creating lists– Customers– New contacts / business cards– Webpage sign up form• Unsubscribes / spam reportsList Maintenance
  10. 10. EffectiveEmails
  11. 11. Email Addresses• Your email address is as important as your brand– Carefully consider your name and domain– Should be consistent with your brand• Selecting a name and a domain name– .com, .edu, .gov, .net, .org– Be careful with .biz– Gmail, Yahoo, AOL?
  12. 12. Developing Effective E-Mails• Format• Subject Line• Call to Action• Email Length• Frequency• Graphic and Image• Background• Fonts• Colors• Dimensions• Compatibility• Attachments
  13. 13. Format: HTML vs Text
  14. 14. Subject Line• Grab reader’s attention• Don’t mislead - deliver what you promise• A-B testing of different subject lines• Avoid spam filter traps– http://spamassassin.apache.org
  15. 15. Call to Action• What do you want your reader to do?– Call now– Buy– RSVP– Click-thru– Save-the-date– Image advertising
  16. 16. Email Length• Need to capture attention in first sentence• Unless it’s a newsletter, keep it “above thefold”
  17. 17. Above the fold
  18. 18. Frequency• Know your audience– Weekly? Monthly?• Recipients will accept emails that deliversomething new, interesting or important• Will be irritated by emails containing“useless” or repetitive information and willunsubscribe
  19. 19. Graphic and Images• Too many images can distract• Too many images can increase downloadtimes• Test by sending to yourself• How does it look on your phone?
  20. 20. Backgrounds• Avoid busy backgrounds• White is good…
  21. 21. Colors• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?
  22. 22. Fonts• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?• Which is easiest to read?
  23. 23. Colors
  24. 24. Dimensions• 600 – 720 pixels wide– Avoid requiring reader to scroll across emailto read• Above the fold is ideal– Give reader a reason to scroll down
  25. 25. Compatibility• HTML• Non-HTML/Text• Mac• iOS / Android• Test your emails on different Macs/PCs,phones, etc.
  26. 26. Attachments• People hesitate to open them because ofpossible viruses, worms etc.• Creates yet another barrier tocommunicating your message
  27. 27. BREAKING NEWS: Bugs in your food
  28. 28. “The High Notes, revised”
  29. 29. Festive finds
  30. 30. Measuring Success• Spam reports• Unsubscribes• Bounces• Open Rates• Click-Throughs
  31. 31. Email Vendors
  32. 32. Database Software - $150 - $300
  33. 33. Questions?Dave ArcherPresident and CEONCET(775) 315-7635Dave@NCET.org / www.NCET.org
  34. 34. Email Editing Software$100 - $500
  35. 35. Spam• Don’t send spam– Use built-in spam checker or 3rd party servicesuch as http://spamassassin.apache.org• Don’t be perceived as spam– Frequency– Content• “Opt-in” is the best policy