How the Renewables Directory helps you win business


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The Renewables Directory is being selected by major buyers in the renewable energy sector to help them improve the way they search for, find, evaluate and approve suppliers and contractors for their supply chains.

It is also the easiest and quickest way for most suppliers and contractors to get their propositions in front of buyers in a format that buyers value and have had direct input to developing to ensure it fits their needs.

This brief presentation is designed to introduce vendors (suppliers and contractors) to how the Directory works and how it can help them win business in the renewable energy sector.

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  • How the Renewables Directory helps you win business

    1. 1. How we help you winbusiness in renewable energy ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    2. 2. ARE YOU GETTING YOUR SHARE?When we carried out some research into the supplychain in 2012, we discovered that over 80% of thevendors in the market reported that•They find it incredibly difficult to find out what thebuyers require of suppliers.•They find getting quality time with buyers, other than afew minutes at events, extremely difficult.•They struggle to find out which buyers are in a buyingcycle so they can focus on getting to them.But most of all they finish up asking themselves one bigquestion a lot... We know there is good business for us in renewable energy, so why aren’t we winning our share of it? ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    3. 3. So what would you think ifsomeone addressed those 3 big issues and more? It was hard work, but we did it and here is how works for you ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    4. 4. Its called the BEVA Enhanced Listing The Enhanced CV is a detailed document designed with buyers for buyers to cover their requirements. Now you know what the buyer s’ requirements are.Buyers are increasingly turning tot h e d i re c t o r y t o fi n d n ewsuppliers for their supply chainsWhich means your company is right in their lineof vision when they are looking for the productsyou sellOur Project Planner, Supply Chain Sourcing and TenderDistribution services tell you who is buying, what andwhen.Now you’re sales people will know which buyers are coming to marketand you might well be invited to take part in a supply chain source ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    5. 5. Its  a  lot  more  than  just  a  database  lis2ng Buyer requirement files Tender and PQQ Business BEVA DocumentationBy now, we hope its coming through loudand clear that a BEVA Enhanced Listing Distribution Development Compliance feedbackdelivers you a lot more than just a listing in a Supply chain sourcing reportsupply chain database. Project planner Requirement changes access notificationIn this brief presentation we have covered Specialist compliance Win Business 2013just one of the 4 major components we supportprovide with your BEVA Enhanced Listing,excluding the listing itself. Your  Each component is designed to help youdevelop your place in the supply chain andmore importantly win you business. B Marke2ng Company ComplianceThe diagram on the right shows you what CV Distribution towe provide in each of the other components all buyers Database listingover and above the listing itself. CV updates to all analytics buyersIf you would like to find out more about each Preferential rates onof the other areas, just keep an eye on your Bespoke Marketing business insurancesinbox over the next couple of weeks or if you campaigns direct to Discount on Supplywant to know more now, then just call buyers Management Chain insight Reduced rates for magazine 0845  116  8591 sponsorship andand we’ll be happy to help advertising. © 2012- Renewables Directory Ltd. All rights reserved
    6. 6. If you knew who was buying..…how much would that help you?Half the battle is knowing who is coming to market, Business Developmentwhen and what they are looking for. If you know that,then you know where to focus your sales and businessdevelopment effort. Tender  and  PQQ  Distribu0on Automatic inclusion in the circulation of tenders, PQQsOne of the four listing elements we provide is and opportunities from buyers as they are publishedBusiness Development support to help your sales andbusiness development team with structured supportas shown in the specification on the right. Supply  Chain  SourcingThe focus is purely on ensuring that you know Inclusion in programmes run by us on behalf of buyers to source new suppliers for specific projects or their supplywho is buying and wherever possible chain in generalintroducing you into the buying process. Project  Planner  AccessSo, whenever an opportunity is passed to us either inthe form of a tender or one of the supply chain Automatic access to the project planner detailing all knownsourcing programmes we run on behalf of buyers, we projects, their status including notice of when they will be going out to tender and for what.will pass it to all BEVA listed companies - even if it isn’trelevant to you, it might be useful for you to knowabout it. Win  Business  2013 Automatic invitations to meet the buyer events all of whichAll of these activities are focused on helping your sales are focused on helping you understand buyer requirementsand business development team to generate business and timescalesfor your company. © 2012- Renewables Directory Ltd. All rights reserved
    7. 7. If you knew what every buyer wants… you think it would help? ComplianceIn an industry that is maturing fast anddemanding higher standards from suppliers, Feedback Reportknowing what buyers require is vital to We analyse your level of readiness, accreditation andunderstanding what business you can win and compliance in order to provide you with a report highlightingfrom which buyers. gaps and recommendationsThis is why so many of you value the BEVA DocumentationFeedback Report. Full documentation on the BEVA open compliance standard and why it is important to your business as a way ofOur compliance team review your Enhanced complying with more than one buyer requirementCV and highlight to you where there are gapsor areas where we recommend you take action Buyer Requirement Filesto meet buyer requirements. Full access to the growing list of files detailing the compliance requirements for individual buyers and projectsWhen you then add in all the other elementsthat help you understand exactly what isrequired by the buyers, you can see that our aim Notification of changesis to provide you with a clear and conciseunderstanding of what is required by the buyers Requirements will change over time and as we get notification of this, we automatically pass the informationin general and an increasing number of individual on to youbuyers. Compliance Support Support on request to help you manage your compliance with the requirements and standards of your target buyers ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    8. 8. If you could talk to 100 buyers.....would that help do you think? MarketingGetting your messages out and making sure thatyour target buyers read them is likely to be the Automatic CV Distributionprimary aim of your marketing programmes. Nodoubt your marketing people are managing a lot of As soon as your Enhanced CV is published we automatically e-mail it out to every buyer in our database – currently more than 100 andcomplex activities including social media, events and growingexhibitions as well as your communicationsprogrammes. Automatic CV UpdatesAn important part of what we do to support your When you update your CV we send an update to all the buyers somarketing team, we provide a number of ways of they know your business is developingmaking sure that buyers know about you and yourEnhanced Listing from the moment it is published: Sponsorship & AdvertisingOn top of that when you update your CV with new A generous 30% on all advertising and sponsorship on the Directoryinformation, we update the buyers too, to make sure site and our European Joint venture partner’s sitesthey know that you are growing and developing Bespoke  Marke0ng  CampaignsThe Renewables Directory is also an advertising andsponsorship platform enabling a growing number of If you need more bespoke campaigns to specific groups of buyers, wecompanies to promote their companies to both can help with a campaign run specifically for you to those buyers you want to communicate withtheir target buyers and the industry in general ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    9. 9. We believe in delivering more. ManagementIt is important to us and we believe to you, that Listing Analyticsyour listing in the Renewables Directorydelivers measurable benefits to your business. Regular reports on the performance of your listing along with insight into the performance of your sector and category so you can benchmark your listingTo deliver that, over and above all the things wehave listed so far, we have included an additionalset of components under the heading of Business PreferencesManagement. For companies with BEVA Enhanced Listings we provide access to a range of specially negotiated benefits starting with discounted companyThey are all designed to deliver measurement insurances and moreand value that help your business benefit. This isan area of the BEVA Enhanced listing that willexpand as we learn more about what additional Supply Chain Magazineelements you want. A significant discount on subscriptions to our magazine focused on the supply chain and how you can make the most of the opportunity in theHowever the main thing to note is that our renewable energy sectorfocus as always is on helping you to winbusiness through all the activities we havealready described in this outline of the elementsand components included in your Enhancedlisting ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    10. 10. So why isthis Enhanced Its very simply what the buyers want. Detailed information on a number of areas in your business CV so that help them understand your capabilities and fit in their supply chains: •Accreditations important? •Competence •Capabilities •Products and Services •Geographic reach •and others The CV format was designed with the buyers so we know it is what they want, because it makes it easier and faster for them to find you based on any attribute in your CV. Basically your company becomes more visible to them with an Enhanced CV Listing ©2012 - The Renewables Directory. All rights reserved
    11. 11. Sounds  great.  How  do  I  get  mine?BEVA Enhanced Listings are designed to deliver as much valueas we can realistically provide, while still ensuring we can Payment  Op2onsdeliver to the highest possible standard.One of our customers described his BEVA Enhanced Listing as, Full  Payment  -­‐  £950  +  VAT“The best way we’ve seen of getting close to the industry You can pay through the website, by invoice or over theand understanding where the opportunities are, over and phone over the phone with a member of the supply chainabove the database listing.” team.If your business goal is to win more business in the renewableenergy sector shouldn’t we be working together to help you 12  Month  Plan  -­‐  £93.50  +  VAT  per  monthachieve your goals? Your first payment is taken up front over the phone or online and you can set up the remaining payments up either as a Direct Debit arrangement or credit card subscription Already  decided  or  want  to  know  more?   Call  0845  116  8591  and  we’ll  be  happy  to  help © 2012- Renewables Directory Ltd. All rights reserved
    12. 12. About the Renewables DirectoryOver  80%  of  suppliers  like  you  in  the  renewable  energy  sector  told  us  that  their  mainobjec2ve  is  genera2ng  and  winning  opportuni2es.Around  the  same  percentage  of  buyers  told  us  that  expanding  their  supply  chains  withquality,  reliable  suppliers  is  a  major  challenge  for  them.The  Renewables  Directory  addresses  these  two  issues  by  addressing  the  root  cause  of  the  problem  –  Accurate  Informa2onOur  Supply  Chain  Management  solu2on  enables  suppliers  like  you  to  present  more  than100  buyers  with  all  the  informa2on  they  need  about  you.We  also  provide  you  with  a  personalised  feedback  report  from  our  supply  chain  team  when  we  start  working  with  you  so  you  can  see  exactly  how  you  measure  up  against  the  buyer’s  requirements.These  are  just  two  of  the  things  we  provide  you  with,  but  our  core  focus  is  Helping  you  to  win  profitable  business  in  the  renewable  energy  sector.For  less  than  £100  a  month,  you  can  start  geTng  access  to  the  buyers  and  our  expertsupply  chain  assistance.  Is  this  something  you  would  like  to  know  more  about. © 2012- Renewables Directory Ltd. All rights reserved