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Renegade Photo Shoots: San Francisco 2008

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San Francisco Renagade magazine

  1. 1. October 2008 A year later and the Renegade Photo Shoots concept has taken on more legs and is branching out to other cities, adding new adventures. This marks the second issue to profile San Francisco Renegade exploits, whims and talent. We braved an October day where most felt downpours were certain. Luckily the mild rain early in the day didn’t interfere with our initial jaunt: photowalk South of Market. Even better, during the time we were indoors occupied with the second photo challenge, the clouds were parting, the sun was moving in, and the weather was warming. Midday brought full sun and helped us cross paths with more than one young volunteer male sans shirt who desperately wanted to mix it with our stunning model Karah during the always popular street fashion shoot. Over the day, Renegades tested skills during four photo challenges: Photowalking South of Market AsiaSF night club performers in full drag Street fashion with designer apparel Commercial challenge: “Moody Cocktails on the Bar” Rosemarie Lion, a Bay Area wedding and portrait photographer shares, “This was the most eclectic photo day so far: inspiring and a fun way to explore different types of photography one can’t do easily by oneself. You had a chance to try out a high fashion shoot with real models plus designer clothing, a glamour drag queens session, architectural photography at a hip bar in San Francisco–all demonstrated by well known photographers. And what I loved most—everything done with a renegade spirit!” Byron Sands of Endless Mountains Studios in Pennsylvania says, “Renegade SF was a great opportunity for stepping out of our worlds and watching other pros at work, melding styles, and understanding how to draw from the eyes of each other. No matter the reality of a scene, we each “see” it from our own experience.” Craig Lee, San Francisco Chronicle photographer adds, “I really enjoyed being part of the Renegade shooting experience because it gave me access to observing and learning from photographers I was interested in meeting. This is a great way to bring photographers together in a community.” Renegade plans and organizes educational photography days with an aim to expose participants to a variety of situations, subjects and environments not normally experi- enced in their day-to-day work. At each assignment a lead photographer steps forward to provide tips and tricks for best capturing the assignment. Participants interpret their vision, share images with one another, and move on to the next shoot. We’re developing more City Shoots to run alongside photo industry trade shows and events such as PhotoPlus Expo, WPPI and PMA. We’re working on a new photo safari program called Wine Country Photo Shoots. Like wine AND photography? The new Sip and Shoot series is for amateur through advanced photographers interested in exploring best vistas and vintages. And if you’re in the San Francisco area, be sure to catch our new Meetup group, the Renegade Photo Shoots: Bay Area. This is a growing tightly-knit photo collective interested in learning, sharing and shooting slightly eclectic subjects then work- ing together to jointly promote and market. Martha Blanchfield Chief Renegade
  2. 2. Renegade City Shoots: San Francisco 2008 October 4, 2008 Photowalking à la South of Market Rick Oldano, The Digital Tourist Only in San Fran – The Gender Illusionists Kingmond Young, Kingmond Young Photography Photo shoot at AsiaSF Street Fashion with a House Painter Rosemarie Lion, Lion Photography Featuring fashions from Bay Area designer Cari Borja Moody Cocktails on the Bar Eric Neilsen, Eric Neilsen Photography Photo shoot at Azul Bar and Lounge With a name like Renegade don’t expect to do things normal nor normally. Our shoots are eclectic, unexpected and varied.
  3. 3. 1 SOMA Renegade adventures south of Market started with a morning meet up at Brainwash, a prime SOMA venue for coffee, bagels and munchies up front, dirty laundry at the back. The day kicked into gear with a brief prints show- and-tell by local photographer Rick Oldano, founder of The Digital Tourist. Group discourse took on a mild debate over file formats, chatter over best gear for in-studio printing, then wrapped with a freeform Q&A for output tips and tricks. As Renegades packed up, 2 Oldano challenged each to find and study oft-passed over glimpses of the rough urban scene. The gang ambled en masse up and down local alleys. One Renegade wowed the team with her street pole dancing skills, another sought out littered remnants left by the prior night’s party crowd. The most photographed object: one participant’s red shoes. Even our very excellent assistant Jennifer got in the act, indulging a Renegade need for harmless pranks: adroitly rearranging pricing on a gas sign without missing a beat. In the era of $4 per, would $7.99 a gallon make drivers hit a curb? See 3 photo page 21. Further into the day, photographers froze other signs of the times, including “Stock Market Crash!” a memorable young lady’s Lovefest garb, and a pic showing enduring popularity of tech gadgets for mobile entertainment. But perhaps the most poignant sign of the times is seen in two images produced by Byron Sands, our Renegade guy with the most gear. Sands struck up a conversation with the men and raised a few heartfelt smiles. Camaraderie on the streets can be essential to survival. Sands also has a photo of two men in the filmstrip view, page 3.
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  6. 6. Rick Oldano Rick Oldano is a lifelong photographer who has focused his attention for the last twelve years on the digital imaging world. His present company, The DigitalTourist, provides testing, evaluation and written reviews of both professional and consumer digital imaging products, published both online and in print. Oldano has served as editor and columnist for publications such as Digital Camera Magazine, DigitalImager, Publish, eDigitalPhoto, and OnComputers radio show. His reviews and features have appeared in numerous publications including MacAddict, Macworld Magazine, MacWeek and San Jose Mercury News. Prior to his writing career, Oldano served as project leader for MPG Labs where he provided digital imaging content for MacUser and MacWeek magazines. He tested digital cameras, scanners and printers as used by consumer and professional photography, design and graphics, desktop publishing and pre- press markets. 11
  7. 7. 12 AsiaSF More than 10 years ago, Larry Hashbarger and Skip Young opened AsiaSF. This restaurant- lounge-dance club quickly became a San Francisco entertainment landmark. A true celebration of diversity, many believe AsiaSF to be the ultimate San Francisco experience. The stars of the evening are the world famous gender illusionists, the beautiful and tal- ented ladies of AsiaSF. Every evening these divas serve superb Cal-Asian cuisine and perform renditions hourly atop the Chinese red runway bar. Thirsty? Here’s the spot for extravagant cocktails—each Lady of Asia has her own signature drink and many of the oversized cocktails are made with sake. The menu is hip Cal-Asian with starters such as Asia-dillas—a quesadilla stuffed with smoked duck and jack cheese topped with a sun-dried cherry crème fraiche and porcupines of scallops, shrimp and water chestnuts rolled in bundles of cellophane noodles then deep-fried in trans fat free rice bran oil. Among the main courses are “Baby Got Back” ribs served with pickled carrot slices and sweet potato crisps; miso 13 glazed king salmon topped with exciting miso glaze and served over black forbidden rice and a sweet tomato-edamame salad; grilled shrimp and herb salad prepared with Chinese cabbage, cilantro, mint, basil, toasted coconut and chopped peanuts tossed in a Thai vinaigrette. Dessert for two? Try the banana beignet split, brandy-flambeed bananas wrapped in Filipino lumpia and served warm with vanilla bean ice cream, macadamia nut brittle plus chocolate and butterscotch sauces. And to burn it off, head to the subterranean brick-walled dance floor showered by dazzling lighting. Seating Tuesday – Sunday (closed Monday); reservations recommended Call 415.255.ASIA(2742) between the hours of 11:00am and 8:00pm Pacific 201 Ninth Street at Howard Street 415.255.2742 |
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  10. 10. Kingmond Young Kingmond Young has produced commercial, editorial and special project photography for clients such as Kodak, Hyatt Hotels, Westin Hotels, BofA, Well Fargo, AMA, Gymboree, Papyrus, Reed Publishing, Safeway, San Francisco School District and Moody’s Risk Management. He is a contributing photographer to World Tribune and Living Buddhism Magazine. Photo District News recognized his work for the Aid Housing Alliances’ Desperate Divas calendar as a Best Corporate Calendar 2006. Young is a black belt Aikido master and active in his community, serving on the executive board for the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. In 2006 he received commendation from the Mayor’s office of San Francisco for his ongoing photographic contributions. Young graduated from U.C. Berkeley with B.A. in landscape architecture. He is married and has two daughters. Kingmond Young Photography, located in San Francisco, is a full service studio with expertise producing advertising, collateral and editorial photo shoots both on location and in-studio. Services provided include casting, prop search, makeup and hair styling and set building. The studio works with 35mm, medium format and 4x5 view cameras in both digital and film media. 22
  11. 11. 23 Cari Borja Fashion designer Cari Borja pro- vided fashions for the Renegade street fashion shot. Borja is simul- taneously inspired by Madeleine Vionnet’s bias cut gowns, Stephen Burrowes’ zig-zag hems and her own roller-skating outfits her mother made in the early 80s. She uses materials as diverse as fleece, wool, matte jersey, chiffon and satin brocade. Garments are textured with pleating, piping and faux corseting, and the form of each design is created by expo- nential ruffles tiered organically, plus multiple godets inserted into the main foundation. Borja began her career as a clothesmaker in the fall of 2000 whilst earning a Ph.D. in anthro- pology and film from University of California, Berkeley. A self- 24 taught designer, she held her first runway show “Shedding Skins” in September 2001. Borja shows a collection each year in the Telluride AIDS benefit fashion show in Colorado. Her creations have been featured in San Francisco Chronicle newspaper and maga- zine, San Francisco Examiner,,, Arise Magazine, Marie Claire and the International Herald Tribune. She has also been a featured de- signer on the Style Channel’s Big Boutique. Every piece is produced in her Berkeley studio.
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  14. 14. Rosemarie Lion Austrian-born photographer Rosemarie Lion is a storyteller, a recorder of special moments and a creator of visual vignettes inspired by real people and real things–artistically spiced with a healthy dose of whimsy and twist. An award-winning photojournalist and commercial photographer, Lion creates photography for private clients, corporate and editorial assignment. After earning her B.A. in photojournalism from San Francisco State, Lion interned in Salzburg, Silicon Valley and San Francisco assisting both editorial and commercial photographers. She pursues authentic and fresh ways to capture her subjects. Clients and credits include assignments with the Los Angeles Time, Mothering Magazine, Diablo Magazine, California Lawyer Magazine, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Metro News. Her wedding photography has been featured in Today’s Bride, Here Comes the Guide, Northern California Bride, Today’s Bride. 33
  15. 15. 34 Azul Bar and Lounge Tucked down an alley just a few paces from San Francisco’s famed Union Square is a gem of a water- ing hole…not too crowed, not too pretentious, quite glam and a per- fect spot for happy hour. Billed as a calm oasis with its lush ocean of blue in the middle of metro frenzy, Azul boasts multi-level lounge areas very inviting for both private and semi-private rendez vous encoun- ters. Patrons in search of the posh blend of restaurant and bar will love the inviting indoor venue, and Azul’s ample ‘stretch your legs and still 35 order a drink outdoors’ real estate. Ultimate and important dining at Azul features moderately priced tapas ($6 to $10 a selection) that run the gamut from mini burger with white cheddar and home- made chips, to a mac and cheese plate; from spicy Thai prawns and crab cakes, to a cheese and fruit platter. Azul features an extensive wine list, plus full bar and cocktail specials that rotate nightly– every- thing from $4 Jack Daniels mixes to incredible $2 vodka drinks. The hotspot goes musical every evening after 10pm, except Mondays, with local DJs spinning a variety of tunes. Check the Web 36 site or call ahead to learn what’s on tap. Open Monday through Saturday 4pm to 2am Happy hour specials 4pm to 8pm Food service from 4pm to 10pm (service until 9pm Mondays) 1 Tillman Place (Just off of Grant between Post and Sutter; steps from Union Square) 415.362.9750 |
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  18. 18. Eric Neilsen Eric Neilsen has been active in photography for more than 30 years. He presently operates a studio in Dallas, Texas, where he provides photography services, printing, training and instruction. Prior, Neilsen managed his studio from Taos, New Mexico, and specialized in producing platinum prints and table top shooting. Neilsen is frequently engaged to test and review new inks, papers and software for the digital imaging and graphics industries. His fine art hangs in private collections and has been included in numerous exhibitions. Neilsen’s photographic career also includes stints producing video for the San Francisco School District’s Department of Special Education. 44
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  21. 21. photo credits 1 Bernd Lehmann 29 Rosemarie Lion 2 Craig Lee 30 Rosemarie Lion 3 Byron Sands 31 Eric Neilsen 4 Rosemarie Lion 32 Eric Neilsen 5 Wei Koh 33 Craig Lee 6 Craig Lee 34 Bernd Lehmann 7 Rick Lee 35 Eric Neilsen 8 Joerg Lehmann 36 Eric Neilsen 9 Joerg Lehmann 37 Byron Sands 10 Colleen Leger 38 Rosemarie Lion 11 Joerg Lehmann 39 Joerg Lehmann 12 Rosemarie Lion 40 Rosemarie Lion 13 Wei Koh : AsiaSF-web 41 Rosemarie Lion 14 Craig Lee 42 Bernd Lehmann 15 Byron Sands 43 Rosemarie Lion 16 Joerg Lehmann 44 Joerg Lehmann 17 Bernd Lehmann 45 Joerg Lehmann 18 Eric Neilsen 46 Byron Sands 19 Rosemarie Lion 47 Craig Lee 20 Joerg Lehamnn 48 Joerg Lehmann 21 Kingmond Young 49 Colleen Leger 22 Eric Neilsen 50 Colleen Leger 23 Bernd Lehmann 51 Rosemarie Lion 24 Joerg Lehmann 25 Byron Sands cover by Eric Neilsen with 26 Colleen Leger original and additional 27 Meghan Kennedy source material contribu- 28 Rick Oldano tions by the Renegades. sponsors AsiaSF Azul Bar and Lounge California Sunbounce Cari Borja Dynalite MagCloud models: karah peters, eduardo lopez shoot day assistant: jennifer kuropat magazine layout and design: meghan kennedy, eric neilsen Thank you to the City and County of San Francisco for permitting the roving band of Renegade shooters to photograph on city streets photo by byron sands
  22. 22. Next Up: PhotoPlus undup at NYC Ren egade Ro Expo 09 er 23, 20 pm, F dri ay, Octob 7:30 r. com egade-p info@ren a ts in Nap hoto Shoo Wine C ountry P d m ore 2009 an November m Interested in @wineco untryphoto joining us? Vis info Area www.renegad it hoto Shoo ts – Bay negade P .meetup.c om/ or send ema toshootsabou Re alendar at: www ay-Area/ il to info@ren t.html Event c oots-B -Photo-Sh Renegade *Eric Neilsen www.ericneilsenp *Rosemarie Lion www.lionphotogra *Kingmond Young m *Rick Oldano Craig Lee Byron Sands www.endlessmountainsstud Joerg Lehmann Bernd Lehmann Colleen Leger Meghan Kennedy Wei Koh Jasmine Tang *lead photographer The S F 200 8 Ren About Renega egad Renegade of de es fers a brand ed series of There are hu photo educa ndreds of ph tion experien oto education ces in cities vision. Renega programs on around the U de does phot the market, .S. o education but none ha that not only differently. W ve the renega test a photog e create ass de rapher's crea ignments and shoots are ec tive and tech environments lectic unexpe , nical skills, bu cted, varied t also comfo and always rt level. Rene have a dash gade of 'Wow you , Through our did what?' three progra m tracks, Re Shoot Series, negade City we build envi Shoots, Shoot ronments whe with the Sta techniques, le re photograph rs and the Si arn from on ers can cove p and e another, pu r a variety of and have a sh creative en subjects, try blast photog velopes, gain new raphing things hands-on tim they would no e with new t normally sh gear oot. www.renegade photo by Eric Neilsen
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