Renegade Magazine: NYC 2007


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The debut magazine from the Renegade City Shoots NYC: 2007.

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Renegade Magazine: NYC 2007

  1. 1. N e w Yo rk
  2. 2. September 2008 One year later and the Renegade Photo Shoots concept has taken on more legs and is branching out to other cities and adding new adventures. In the following pages we profile the fun and excellent images a band of eleven photographers created the day before PhotoPlus Expo, October 17, 2007. This is the debut Renegade magazine created through the MagCloud self-publishing Web site. What was originally envisioned as a great opportunity to get together with fellow photo fans in town for a trade show, turned into a structured day with an eclectic mix. Renegade planned and organized an educational photography day with an aim to expose all to situations, subjects and environments not normally experienced in day-to-day work. The recipe intentionally brought together a merry mix-up of participants from diverse backgrounds so as to make the most from peer learning. At each assignment a lead photographer stepped forward to provide tips and tricks for best capturing the assignment. Participants interpreted to their vision, shared images with one another and moved on to the next shoot. Their images can be viewed online; visit and click the Albums link. Renegade shooter Helene DeLillo of Helene DeLillo Photography says, “As a creative person, it’s essential to stay inspired and open to new concepts and visual ideas. Shooting side-by-side with other pros that I would not normally have the chance to work with makes the Renegade program so valuable.” Participant Sam Posten shares, “It was VERY educational and fun. Hope I was able to give back to the event as much as I got out of it.” Kathy Leister, who works for the Herald Community Newspapers, adds, “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see photography through different eyes in the midst of a typical intense Manhattan day.” Renegade is planning additional City Shoots in locations throughout the U.S. and is cultivating a new education series called Shoot with the Stars. Shoot with the Stars borrows from the traditional single day course with hands-on learning and practice, but our instructors are anything but normal; these are the Renegades -- the rules breakers -- so expect the learning, the subject matter and the presentation to be, well, rather Renegade. Martha Blanchfield Chief Renegade
  3. 3. Renegade City Shoots: Manhattan 2007 October 17, 2007 Where’s the Water Taxi? Lead: Eric Neilsen China Town Park Lead: Alicia Hansen Shoot Like a Paparazzo Lead: Henry Flores Street Fashion Leads: Gisela Prishker and Mike Larson Studio Beauty Leads: Helene DeLillo and Philip Stark With a name like Renegade don’t expect to do things normal nor normally. Our shoots are eclectic, unexpected and varied.
  4. 4. photo by sam posten
  5. 5. where's the water taxi? Charter Renegades met at the Javits Center on a sunny and crisp morning, October 17. Lead shooter Eric Neilsen stepped forward to set the pace for the day. He produced a small album with examples of his work, talked about his area of expertise– printing– and was soon tugged from behind, “We need to hit the road.” The band set off on foot, heading up a few blocks to Pier 84, the northmost stop on the New York Water Taxi line. When planning a debut expedition with numerous details in a metro 3,000 miles on the other side of the country, say for example Manhattan, the last thing you want to go wrong is for one of the models to not show up; especially not right off the bat. A phone call two days prior confirmed that yes indeed the taxi was still running. Perhaps the more appropriate question would have been, “Will the taxis still be running day after tomorrow, Wednesday, October 17?” Not to worry, the gang was content warming up taking shots of the dock, a young boy at play, plus candids of one another. When a few NYC workers on clean-up duty passed by we could not resist the photo opp. to nab one of the guys lying down on the job– in the back of a service vehicle chatting away on his cell. With a name like Renegade don’t expect things to be normal; the team easily adjusted to a lack of water transport. We hailed cabs and headed south.
  6. 6. 1 2 “What do you get when you take a bunch of photographers and set them loose in Manhattan the day before PhotoPlus Expo? A grand old time and tons of pictures.” Imaging Insider 3
  7. 7. 4
  8. 8. china town park After some en route ‘dueling taxi photography,’ the team reassembled in China town and made their way past open air vendors selling fresh fruit, fish, vegetables and tourist trinkets. NYC photographer Alicia Hansen had hand-picked this destination for its divine slice of life photography potential. The group clustered round to listen to Alicia’s vision for the destination while viewing several of her images. By 11am nearly every park bench was filled with locals come to socialize, play games or just stop to rest as they lugged home groceries. Photographers soon fanned out to explore nearby shops, the neighborhood and the park’s social groups rapt in debate. Eventually all returned to compare photos and stories. Everyone experimented with gear on loan from Nikon and donated by California Sunbounce. Next stop: a shared meal at a corner Chinese restaurant, followed by a short trek up a few blocks to find celebrities.
  9. 9. photo by alicia hansen
  10. 10. 5 7 “I t was VERY educational and fun. Hope I was able to give back to the event as much as I got out of it.” Sam Posten, participant 6 8
  11. 11. 9 10
  12. 12. photo by sam posten shoot like a paparazzo After posing for a group shot, the gang hit the streets and headed to café central. Assignment: learn to shoot like a paparazzo. In town for an Apple store presentation the night prior plus a network television interview, both Henry Flores and Brad Elterman of Buzz Foto Los Angeles were enthused to show Renegades polite techniques for shooting celebrities when on a ‘hosedown.’ Flores offered gear suggestions, tips and pointers, plus a bit of history describing how his profession had gained such a bad rap; he elaborated on why he and peers are often referred to as the ‘dog pack’ Soon Flores’s eagle eye spied Canadian actress model Marie-Lise Lachapelle and beau at an outdoor hot spot. Working from afar, Flores angled his camera to optimal vantage and captured images that trade mags want most – celebs and stars in everyday acts and not staged, pimped poses. Marie-Lise must have caught on because she did not seem to mind so many shooters close to her Sauvignon. Nor did she mind it when enthused Renegades trailed as she and sweetie strolled down the block.
  13. 13. 11 12
  14. 14. 13 14 “Part of the paparazzo experience is dealing with the rush and mass of other shooters.” lead photographer Henry Flores, Buzz Foto 15 16
  15. 15. street fashion You just know folks will stop and stare if there’s a pretty gal vamping in the street. How about two pretty ladies? How about two ladies with a flock of photographers taking pics in Little Italy around 4pm before the dinner crowds arrive? Photographers Gisela Prishker and Mike Larson directed the Renegade street fashion shoot – by far the most crowd-stopping that day. As the ladies posed against lamp posts and doorways, the Italian waiters made cat calls and flirted. With one of the models high- stepping it through an intersection, two Campagna T-Rex cars pulled past to park at a nearby bistro. The drivers hopped out and came over. One said, “The ladies are welcome to pose in the cars.” We made an ‘automatic’ shift to nab more fab photos using the cars just as the sun sank and headlights started streaming down the street. Bonus at this stop– one Renegade landed photography work with the T-Rex folks, and our street model (pulled from the growing crowd watching the shoot) was hired for assignment and is today a budding photographer!
  16. 16. photo by kathy leistner
  17. 17. 17 19 “The wandering band of Renegade shooters attracted quite a bit of attention as they traipsed about the city taking pictures and acting pretty friggin' cool.” pdn magazine 18
  18. 18. 20 22 21
  19. 19. studio beauty Huge kudos to Philip Stark for studio loan and Helene Delillo for her splendid connections helping us land model and professional makeup artist. The final shoot was a calm and relaxing chance to hang indoors and learn from Helene. All gathered round to view samples of Helene’s past editorial work. She honed in on the necessity of absolutely getting the makeup perfect to avoid backend hours or edit work; with the higher resolution cameras, nothing gets past the lens. She offered an overview on proper use of color checker chart, then eased lighting and model into position. After snapping a few, she shared her images. There was then time for each Renegade to photograph the model and interpret visions to their eye. photo by kathy leistner
  20. 20. 23 24 26 “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see photography through different eyes in the midst of a typical intense Manhattan day.” Kathy Leistner, participant and photographer with Herald Community Newspapers 25
  21. 21. photo credits 1. eric neilsen 21. gisela prishker 2. e. sapwater 22. kathy leistner 3. sam posten 23. eric neilsen 4. alicia hansen 24. kathy leistner 5. eric neilsen 25. kathy leistner 6. e. sapwater 26. eric neilsen 7. alicia hansen cover: alicia hansen 8. alicia hansen welcome (top to bottom): 9. alicia hansen sam posten, eric neilsen, 10. kathy leistner henry flores, kathy leistner, 11. kathy leistner sam posten, gisela prishker, 12. sam posten gisela prishker 13. sam posten table of contents: 14. henry flores kathy leistner & sam posten 15. eric neilsen 16. henry flores 17. kathy leistner 18. eric neilsen 19. kathy leistner 20. gisela prishker sponsors nikon lexar media sunbounce printroom meghan kennedy, layout design photo by alicia hansen
  22. 22. Next Up: Francisco City S hoots: San er 4, 2008 u Satrday, Octob hallenge N YC Photo C lus Expo at PhotoP 2008 Interested in ctober 21, joining us? Vis Tuesday, O www.renegad it toshootsabou the Stars or send ema t.html Miami S hoot with il to info@ren 15, 2008 November Helene DeLillo* www.helenedelill Brad Elterman www.bradelterman Henry Flores* .com Alicia Hansen* Mike Larson* Kathy Leistner Eric Neilsen* www.ericn Sam Posten Gisela Prishker* E. Sapwater Philip Stark *lead photographer The N YC 20 07 Re About Renega nega Renegade of de des fers a brand ed series of There are hu photo educa ndreds of ph tion experien oto education ces in cities vision. Renega programs on around the U de does phot the market, .S. o education but none ha that not only differently. W ve the renega test a photog e create ass de rapher's crea ignments and shoots are ec tive and tech environments lectic unexpe , nical skills, bu cted, varied t also comfo and always rt level. Rene have a dash gade of 'Wow you , Through our did what?' three progra m tracks, Re Shoot Series, negade City we build envi Shoots, Shoot ronments whe with the Sta techniques, le re photograph rs and the Si arn from on ers can cove p and e another, pu r a variety of and have a sh creative en subjects, try blast photog velopes, gain new raphing things hands-on tim they would no e with new t normally sh gear oot. www.renegade photo by eric neilsen
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