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Hartnett GIS Keynote Presentation


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Bill Hartnett presents "Will Technology Make Insurance Obsolete" at the 2017 Global Insurance Symposium.

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Hartnett GIS Keynote Presentation

  1. 1. Will  Technology  Make  Insurance   Obsolete?    How  exponen<al  technologies  are  changing  the  nature  of   risk   Bill  Hartne+     President     Hartne@    Advisors    
  2. 2. State  of  the   World   Hyper  Par<sanship   Obamacare   Low  Expecta<ons   Yield  on  Investments   Student  Loans   Home  Ownership?   Immigra<on   Trump  
  3. 3. State  of  the   World   Hyper  Par<sanship   Obamacare   Low  Expecta<ons   Yield  on  Investments   Student  Loans   Home  Ownership?   Immigra<on   Trump  
  4. 4. Capital  Markets  firms  compete  in  a  global  environment  in  which   speed,  siMing  through  the  explosion  of  data,  regula<on  and  risk   analysis  will  spell  the  success  or  failure  of  the  business.    Through  our   SMEs  and  the  broadest  Partner  Ecosystem  in  the  industry,  the  IU  is   commi@ed  to  providing  the  evidence  that  Windows,  .Net,  MOSS,  and   our  other  products  provide  the  speed  and  edge  that  means   compe<<ve  and  business  success.     "Insurance is the DNA of capitalism. Buildings and homes don't get built, lives can't be repaired, products aren't made, food doesn't get produced, and services can't be delivered without it. Insurance is vital to the modern global economy, and navigating these megatrends will increasingly define our success in helping to propel it.“ Joe Plumeri, Willis Group Chairman & CEO, 2/27/2008 A.M. Best Company's 15th Annual Review and Preview Conference
  5. 5. Risk  101   Three  ways  to  manage  risk   ü Eliminate  it   ü Transfer  it   ü Insure  it  
  6. 6. Insurance  101   ü Law  of  Large  Numbers   ü Spread  of  Risk  
  7. 7. The Future Circa 1954 “It is not too much to expect that our children will enjoy electrical energy in their homes too cheap to meter” – Lewis Strauss, Chairman AEC
  8. 8. Exponen<al  growth  
  9. 9. Innova<on?  OR ALREADY OBSOLETE?
  10. 10. Autonomous  Vehicles  
  11. 11. Autonomous  Car  Sensors  
  12. 12. Autonomous  Semis
  13. 13. Autonomous  Semis  
  14. 14. 3D  Prin<ng  
  15. 15. 3D  Printed  homes  
  16. 16. 3D  Printed  Exoskeleton  
  17. 17. 3D  Printed  Organs  
  18. 18. 3D  Printed  Organs  
  19. 19. How to Start a Movement
  20. 20. How  Will  You  Innovate?   Bill  Hartne@