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Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Sandusky R


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Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Sandusky R

  1. 1. Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio Renee SanduskyBachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2011 1
  2. 2. Personal Statement As I near the end of my undergraduate studies, I lookto the future and find myself closing the circle on a journey Ibegan many years ago in healthcare. I started myacademic studies in what some would say was adisadvantage. I was uninspired and lacking motivation andmy grades drove me to drop out rather than repeat highschool all over again. After earning my GED I slowly begantaking college level courses and developed a deep love forthe sciences. After the life-changing event of getting married andstarting a family, I put my education on hold, just severalcredits shy of earning my associates in arts degree. Afterthe birth of my second son and the complications that camewith a near death experience, I was renewed in my desireto learn and grow into new areas; however, access tophysical classrooms was much more limited to me nowthan in the past. I decided on an online education, andpsychology as my major. I have always had an interest inunderstanding why people do the things that they do anddiscovered a great aptitude for psychological tests andevaluations.
  3. 3. Personal Statement Continued I have enjoyed learning and stretching my boundaries,however after reflecting on my personal and professional goals tobe someone that makes a difference in the lives of others, I havedecided to return to my roots in healthcare. I will be taking my BA in psychology and moving forward intoa master’s entry nursing program and hopefully one day, onto mynurse practitioner degree. I can now leverage what I have learnedabout human behavior, apply, and extend that knowledge into thecare I will offer to my patients. My goal of making a difference willnot just be the contributions I will make in the medical professionbut also personally by showing my sons the value and importanceof education. My personal and professional goals will be realizedso long as I remember that each minute is an opportunity to notonly learn and grow, but also to make a difference in the lives ofthose around me. Thank you! Renee Sandusky
  4. 4. Curriculum Vitae EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 2008 - 2011 Argosy University Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology 1991 College Of DuPage EMT-Basic PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE1991-1992 Patient Care Technician, Share Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program Responsibilities included new patient assessments, intake interviews, physical assessments, and documenting the patient’s complete personal history as well as a thorough substance abuse history. Other duties included taking and recording vital signs on all patients at regular intervals, as well as preparing group therapy sessions and activities, conducting and documenting well-being and bed checks, and performing breathalyzer tests on patients returning to the facility.1992-1995 Emergency Medical Technician, LifeStat Ambulance Service Provided direct patient care while delivering emergent and non-emergent transportation between various locations. Additional responsibilities included documentation of all activities and maintenance of ambulance supplies and inventory.
  5. 5. Curriculum Vitae Continued1995-1995 Psychological-Social Assistant, Bloomingdale Pavilion Responsibilities included direct patient care while working on the Psych/Social unit, which serviced residents that had a variety of psychological disorders. Other duties were creating patient care plans, assisting with daily activities, and other miscellaneous patient care issues.1995-1997 Customer Service Representative, American Medical Response of Illinois Duties included scheduling patients for Advocate Transportation (a non-emergency bus service), as well as emergent and non-emergent requests for ambulance services.1997-1998 Unit Secretary Pediatric & Medical Unit, Alexian Brothers Hospital Primary responsibility: Maintaining an organized nursing station, which promoted efficient exchange of information between all members of the medical staff. Additionally, answering and routing all inbound communications, entering all chart orders and changes into the computer system for processing, maintaining and updating all medical records, attending to the needs of the doctors while they are making their rounds, answer and respond to the “Nurse call light”, as well as other administrative duties. MEMBERSHIPS2008-2011 American Psychological Association - Student Affiliate
  6. 6. Reflection Getting an education via an online format is still in its infancystage. Technology is advancing and societies needs are changing so itonly makes sense that the educational system would also evolve withthese variances. That said, as often with new emerging avenues, therehave been many ups and downs on this road of my education. ArgosyUniversity itself is many entities encompassing both campus-based andonline-based programs. Merging all of these programs has not been easyand unfortunately, we the students have suffered. Often times my pastinstructors were just as confused about the assignments and thematerials as the students were and I believe it is because there havebeen so many changes so quickly to these programs and a severelacking of proof reading and/or quality control. Additionally there havebeen many inconsistencies with regards to APA formatting and I know alarge part of this is due to the APA as they themselves are continuallyshaping and defining how undergraduate work should be presented.Because of these reasons, these past four years have been very difficult,very frustrating, and very trying for me. On the other hand, because of the many issues I haveexperienced I have learned to be a better student, write a better paper,and have learned to depend upon my own resources when learning a newtopic. The silver lining to the storm of my Argosy education is that due tothe difficulties experienced in each course, I have learned to be morethrough, and have learned to take the initiative to teach myself thematerial. I have enjoyed learning topics such as personality theories,neuropsychology, the history of psychology and psychologicalassessments. My weakness resides in my lack of hands on experience inthese fields and limited applied options.
  7. 7. Table of Contents• Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy• Research Skills• Communication Skills• Diversity Awareness• Ethics• Foundations of Psychology• Applied Psychology• Interpersonal Effectiveness
  8. 8. Critical Thinking M7 Assignment 2 Renee Sandusky Argosy University PSY301 Children and Violence Dr. Teresa Collins-Jones February 24th, 2008Analyze the development of gangs and determine what they offer theirmembers. The gang environment is often glamorized with alleged excitement andlavish anti-establishment lifestyles, which has been publically advertised in popularmedia such as in music, movies, and video games however their information is oftenfalse and usually misleading to the inexperienced, uneducated, and easily influencedmind. Gangs offer the illusion of obtaining status, money, and power (ArgosyUniversity, 2009b) no matter what the cost. Being motivated by profit and power(Department of Justice Canada) gangs are self-serving entities. Members feel asense of camaraderie with fellow members and often consider their gangs as a makeshift family when their own families may be lacking. In troubled homes and in difficultlocations such as ones with high poverty rates, many times fellow gang members arethe only constant that offers traditional elements such as love, loyalty, respect,guidance and support (California Attorney General’s Office, 2008). Becominginducted into a gang offers many a sense of belonging and acceptance from peers(California Attorney General’s Office , 2008).
  9. 9. Research Skills Effects of Participation in Organized Sports on Standardized Test Scores Renee L. Sandusky Argosy University Research Methods PSY302 Dr. Colleen Miron October 18th, 2008 Question: Do preadolescent children in organized sports score higher on standardized tests then children who are not involved in organizedParticipants sports? The sample (N=432) will be children selected in the following manor: 108 total boys and girls (54from an urban elementary school and 54 from a rural elementary school) per each age range of 9, 10, 11, and12 years old. These children will be randomly selected from Midwestern school districts.Procedure The participants will be administered a survey asking if they are currently enrolled in an organizedsports program. A primary researcher will be on scene to verify that parental informed consent has beensecured for each of the students before the start of the survey at which time information regarding participant’sconfidentiality will be addressed. Additionally, this researcher will be a licensed counselor who will be availableto address any and all concerns in the event the participants experience any emotional distress from thisstudy. Next the participants standardized ITBS scores will be crossed referenced from the school districtsdatabase. This data will then be factored with the survey results. At the conclusion of the survey, allparticipants will be debriefed as to the purpose of this study.
  10. 10. Communication SkillsMy Opinion of the Psychoanalytic Approach Personally, I have a strong background in science. Iunderstand and respect the power of statistical relevance. As they say,“the proof is in the pudding” and I tend to pay more attention toconcepts that have the numbers to back their claims. I have been apsychology student seemingly all my life and currently a student ofArgosy for the past two years. I can say without a doubt I have neverread or been taught that the psychodynamic process produced any M2 Assignment 3: Reaction paperform of scientific proof. I have been taught from day one that thistherapy option is helpful under certain circumstances and that often Renee Sanduskytimes it is incorporated with other primary techniques but overall this Argosy Universityprocess has always been presented in a historical fashion and one thatis somewhat flaky or hokey when compared to the more testable PSY400 Counseling Theoriesmeasures of other options such as CBT. I also believe thatpsychoanalysis in general is excessively heavily associated with Freud Dr. Andrew McKenzieand his personal values and opinions. Often at times, I think this September 29th, 2010process is viewed of as more of a joke especially when dealing withissues such as dream analysis and interpretation and of course, thesexual stages of children. Because these concepts still tend to shockus to the core, we usually cannot get past the historical aspects to seethe bigger, more current picture that encompasses the psychodynamicprocess. I have to say now though, after reading this article myviewpoint on the statistical relevance of this process has dramaticallychanged.
  11. 11. Diversity Awareness I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. ~Martin Luther King, Jr. M2 Assignment 2: Learning Activity Renee Sandusky Argosy University PSY312 Diversity Dr. Danine Dean March 14th, 2011Racism, which is “a social construction based on sociopolitical attitudes that demean specificracial characteristics,” (Robinson-Wood, 2009, p. 42) or more simply, the belief that one is superioror inferior to another based on physical traits, has a long and convoluted past within the humanspecies. This concept can be traced all the way back to the historic teachings of Aristotle, and iswritten about heavily within the passages of the Holy Bible. Sadly, however even after thousandsof years of documented human strife, pain, and suffering this topic still haunts us today.
  12. 12. Ethics The notion of ethics, especially in the field of psychology, is immense and as this course ends, I feel that we barely scratched the surface of this vital and complex construct. Counselors, their clients, and those associated with them are multifaceted components all working together. These entities of differing perspectives collectively join to form the basis of M8 Assignment 2: Final the therapeutic relationship. Therefore, it is vital to the Project success of this alliance for these differences to be taken into account when determining what are ethical, moral, and Renee Sandusky appropriate behaviors between the client and the professional Argosy University counselor. This is where the ethical guidelines developed PSY430 Ethics in over years of exhaustive review can help. Psychology Tanya Harrell March 1st, 2011Ethical Codes to Add We live in a world that is moving beyond the standard use of pen and paper. Now more than everbusy professionals utilize electronic devices when storing files, offering services, and conducting research.While the ACA addresses some technology issues in section A.12.Technology Applications, their requirementsfor full encryption are vague at best and this topic is only mentioned for applications over the internet andinformation passed via email. If a counselor is in need of computer desktop or laptop repair, anyone accessinghis or her computer will be able to view all client information. However if full encryption of stored files isrequired, IT professionals can have access only to files that are not encrypted. I believe this distinction is vitalas many professionals may be lacking technology expertise.
  13. 13. Foundations of Psychology M2 Assignment 2: Final Project“Know thyself,” according to Socrates implies knowingwho you are and adjusting your behaviors so that you Renee Sanduskycan become an ethical member of society (Argosy Argosy UniversityUniversity, 2010). The moral decisions we makethroughout our lives, if completed in a virtuous fashion, PSY450 History and Systems ofcould lead us in achieving a good and honorable life. PsychologyKnowing ones faults can help in identifying areas that Dr. Andrew McKenzieneed attention and possibly correction. Essentially, he is July 21st, 2010saying ignorance is bliss however if you want to lead agood life you must become aware of your faults andstrive to overcome repeating them.Why are we as humans so naturally narrow-minded and one-dimensional in our thinking? Plato’saccount of human nature offers one explanation. He claims we simply accept our reality to be truesolely based on our daily perceptions and information passed down to us from others. That said,Plato saw human nature to be accepting of truths based on what others have deemed as so, neverseeking out the truth individually for ourselves. In his telling of The Allegory of the Cave, hedescribes that there are two ways of seeing the world, one with eyes passed down generation-to-generation, rich in tradition, filled with assumptions, and preconceived ideologies. The other view isthe rational one that throws away the hand me down eyes and seeks new perspectives, desiresmore hands on knowledge than what has simply been assumed, and searches for truth andmeaning outside the limiting and constricting confines of our bodies. He felt human nature is to goalong with what we are told.
  14. 14. Applied Psychology Comparing and Contrasting the MMPI and the Rorschach Inkblot Technique Renee Sandusky Argosy University PSY415 Psychological Assessment Dr. Kimberly Swiss December 6th, 2010Testing today There are many personality assessment tools in use today. Interestingly some of themost common tests are also very opposite in nature from one another. Some tests offer aprojective assessment while on the other hand some offer an objective assessment. It is preciselyfor this reason that these bipolar tests often result in heavily debated discussions across variousschools of thought. One of the most common projective assessments used today is the Rorschachinkblots and one of the most common objective assessments used is the MMPI-2 (for a completecomparison see table 1 on next slide)
  15. 15. Applied PsychologyContinued
  16. 16. Interpersonal Effectiveness A sexual assault prevention program aimed at parents for the children in their community. Renee Sandusky Argosy University PSY301 Children and Violence Dr. Teresa Collins-Jones January 27th, 2009An effective program needs to educate and train three distinct groups of people, the child, theparents, and the community. Initially the essentials of child sexual abuse need to be addressed.Some important facts are: Where? “Sexual abuse occurs in rural, urban and suburban areas and among all ethnic,racial and socioeconomic groups,” (Flinn, 1995). Child sexual abuse does not discriminate. It is notracial, nor does it care how much money you make. Based on the astonishingly high numbers,child sexual abuse can happen right in your neighborhood. Who are the victims? 1 in 3 girls (Argosy University, 2009a, para.1) and 1 in 6 boys(Hopper, 2008) with the average age of onset of, “ 9.9 years for boys and 9.6 years for girls,” (Flinn,1995). Who are the offenders? Ninety percent of the perpetrators are someone the victimknows; only 10% are strangers (Statistics Surrounding Child Sexual Abuse, 2008). “Abuse typicallyoccurs within a long-term, on-going relationship between the offender and victim, escalates overtime and lasts an average of four years,” (Flinn, 1995).
  17. 17. My Future in Learning I love to learn. I love to research, hypothesize, explore, discover, and uncover new information from all around me. It is for these reasons that I have such a deep love for all the sciences. The field of psychology is so vast and I believe has more avenues than any other area. It is also the most relevant field that I know of. Everyone, everywhere, and from every corner of the world can benefit from learning the foundations of this field. I mistakenly thought that by studying psychological concepts and theories for four years I would be burnt out and/or bored however I found quite the opposite to be true. With each new class, I discovered an entirely new world of concepts, theories, ideas, and applications. With each passing year, I have been able to personally relate to and identify with many of the concepts explored. As I continue in my academic career I look forward to studying new areas of science by way of medicine, however I will always keep with me a deep love and passion for theHopeful future psychological world. Student!
  18. 18. Contact Me Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio.For further information, please contact me