Developing a Wealthy Mindset – Day 3


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Those that have had the ability to achieve
and maintain wealth have developed the mindset.

There are a few who were lucky enough
to be raised with the right mindset.

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Developing a Wealthy Mindset – Day 3

  1. 1. by Renee Fouche
  2. 2. Welcome to day 3 of the Developing aWealthy Mindset Series.Before we get started today with the 3rd stepto developing a wealthy mindset, let’sreview the first 2 steps so that we can be surethey remain in focus.
  3. 3. Those that have had the ability to achieveand maintain wealth have developed the mindset.There are a few who were lucky enoughto be raised with the right mindset.
  4. 4. Most others have had to develop their relationshipwith money so that it wants to keep showing up.
  5. 5. The very first step to developing a wealthy mindsetis the understanding and acceptance that welive in an abundant universe. If you do notbelieve that in your heart and in your mind…the universe will simply prove you right timeafter time. If you truly feel there is not enough…you will continue to attract “not enough”.
  6. 6. The next step to developing a wealthy mindsetand healthy relationship with money is tounderstand and accept that money is energyand needs to flow freely. Showing an attitudeof gratitude when paying bills as well asinvesting…
  7. 7. …in yourself will allow money to continueto flow to you. By showing resistance tomoney flowing away from you, you cutoff the ability for money to flow to you.
  8. 8. If you have just joined us today or if you arenot clear on the first 2 steps, be sure to goback and read Day 1 and Day 2 of theWealthy Mindset Series.Let’s move on to the 3rd step to developing awealthy mindset.
  9. 9. Do you ever pretend or make believe thatmoney is coming to you? Do you ever visualizethe money that you want in your bank account?Do you think about how you would FEEL if youhad the money right now? You should.
  10. 10. Some people say “I’ll believe itwhen I see it”, and they never see it.I say “I believe it, therefore I will see it”.Wealthy people know and practice this way of thinking.The third way to improve yourrelationship with money:
  11. 11. 3. Visualize money coming into your life frommultiple sources. See money flowing to youlike water flowing downhill, and feel what thatfeels like to have an endless supply of money andresources in your possession. Wealthypeople see the unseen before it shows…
  12. 12. …up. People who have money look forwardinto the future and experience the feeling ofwhat it is like to have the lifestyle that theydesire, and they manifest it.Rather than proving your lack,look for abundance. We only seewhat the eyes are trained to see.
  13. 13. Stay tuned for more tips ondeveloping a wealthy mindset,and put what you have gatheredthus far into action.
  14. 14. To YOUR Success,Renee V. Fouche
  15. 15. P.S. A belief is only a thought you keep thinking,therefore you can change your thoughts andchange your beliefs about money and wealth!Think about it…
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