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A View To A Thrill

  1. 1. + What is A View To A Thrill? It’s the answer to a novice traveler’s prayersThis site was created to teach people who have always wanted to travel that they can! Hereyou will find tips, trip reports, advice and inspiration on how you can make a visit to yourdream destination a reality in a budget friendly way!
  2. 2. + Our Mission and Our Promise To You Anyone can pay full price…. but why should you? We operate under the infallible belief that no one should have to pay retail price for anything…. much less for travel. Welcome to A View To A Thrill, where your strong desire to travel is merged with the reality of limited funds! Proof positive that limited budgets do not mean limited travel opportunities, A View To A Thrill provides tools to maximize your travel budget, as well as photos and trip reports to inspire and encourage your dreams of discovering the world. Here you will find ideas, tips and advice on how to maximize your travel dollar. So, take heart! There is no reason why you can’t travel anywhere you desire and we’ll show you the smart way to do it. Our motto is that anyone can pay full price, but why should you? I hope that you learn a few tips to get you on your way. Yours in (Budget!) travel,  Renee King
  3. 3. + We love sharing tips: Especially when it comes to saving you money! One of the major obstacles in preventing people from pursuing travel is that they believe it is financially beyond their reach. A View To A Thrill will show you inventive ways on how to save money. Planning is the key as well as sacrificing today so that you can realize your dreams tomorrow
  4. 4. + Can’t decide where to go? Check out our trip reports!We think the best way to get you to envision yourself traveling is to look at a particular city or destinationthrough the eyes of others. Our honest appraisals of our experiences while traveling leaves the guesswork out of your decision-making. It will provide insight and therefore help you to make critical decisionsabout where you want to go, when you would like to go and what you’d like to do.
  5. 5. +Deciding what to pack let along whattravel gear to consider can be adaunting task. We will periodicallyspotlight some of the most cutting edgeas well as time tested, reliable gearthat will serve you well during yourtravels. We enjoy reviewing critical tools for travelers
  6. 6. + Never traveled before? No Problem! Let us guide you through the basics with our Newbie-how-to’s “All first time applicants (and all minors, no “What is a Frequent Flier (FF) “Once you arrive at the terminal (You exceptions) must apply in person at a will see the signs as you program? Passport Agency, Acceptance are transported there) where your Facility, U.S. Embassy or Consulate to fill airline is located, you may see a out Form DS-11: Application For A U.S. A Frequent Flier program is an airline’s Passport. counter outside of the airport loyalty program, which rewards its terminal. The U. S. Department of State has made it members for their continued easier to apply for a Passport online by patronage. Essentially, it gives the using this wizard that will help you to passenger a chance to earn a mile in This is where you can check in your determine the correct form that you will bags (if you have any) and where need to fill out, how much you will have to kind for every mile that they fly on an they will weigh them to make sure pay and will allow you to complete and airline. print out the completed application to take that you are not over the standard with you to the aforementioned agencies. 50pound limit. Earn enough miles and you will Be sure to leave the signature portion eventually be able to book a free (with blank and do not sign the document until the exception of booking fees and Any overages will result in additional you are instructed by an agent to do so.” fees beyond their standard checked taxes) domestic or international bag charges. Be sure to use TSA trip! Today’s FF programs have gone approved locks on checked bags.” through many changes over the years; so much so that you can actually earn miles without flying at all!”
  7. 7. We offer comprehensive REVIEWS on hotels, activitiesand attractions to provide insight for YOU, our guest. This spa, owned by the Anitra family, specializes in brow threading but also offers facials, manicures, waxing & henna tattoos (if you are so inclined). I’d heard about threading but never had the opportunity (nor the desire) to try it. It’s a centuries old process used mostly in Middle Eastern countries and India. The clinician uses her teeth to anchor the (sewing) thread and both hands to grasp several strands of the unwanted hair and a quick tug pulls them out. The process lasts for up to two to six weeks, about as long as tweezing, but more hairs are pulled which shortens the threading session. City Brows in New York City, NY Back at the office, Bud had suggested that we take the smaller 8-person raft. I was hesitant at first because I thought a larger raft would be better, you know the “safety in numbers” thing. Now that I was actually in the raft, I got it. It was a much better ride in comparison to my neighbors in the larger raft, we had more bounce and weren’t as weighted down. Our group was laughing and getting drenched happily 90% of the time as we rode wave after wave. Initially there were scary moments, but Ginny was calm so that kept me calm. We felt every wonderful and glorious wave as we floated down the river. Dave Hansen’s Whitewater in Jackson Hole, WY As an arthritis sufferer, I was looking forward to a focus on that area during the session. Not only did Thea work her magic on my old tired bones, she alternately placed cold marble stones and warm stones on my knees giving them an equal balance of hot and cold treatment. May I just say that I was in heaven? I started to chuckle to myself that if an army ever wanted to defeat an enemy, hire Thea…. by the time she gets through with them, they would be turned into melted licorice. A Spa For You in Sedona, Arizona It’s immaculately appointed with a large secretarial desk and an ergonomic chair. Across the room, you will find two well-cushioned chairs and an ottoman flanking a small side table with a freestanding lamp providing much needed light in the far corner of the room. The bathroom was fresh and clean with granite counter tops that offered stainless steel amenities like a soap dish, tissue and cotton swab holders, hand-held mirror and the usual travel sized personal care items that I’m so very fond of. The Loew’s Hotel in New Orleans, LA
  8. 8. + We’re Foodie Devotees Come experience one of our favorite past-times through our vivid Foodtography!+ A View To A Thrill dot net Sample the world by traveling at a fraction of the price! Atlanta, GA USA and the World! http://www.aviewtoathrill.net Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aviewtoathrill Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/aviewtoathrill Contact us at: aviewtoathrill@gmail.com