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ServiceNow Event 15.11.2012 / IT Service Management Franke Artemis Group


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Präsentation von Andreas Wüthrich / Franke Artemis Group

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ServiceNow Event 15.11.2012 / IT Service Management Franke Artemis Group

  1. 1. IT SERVICE MANAGEMENTFRANKE ARTEMIS GROUPMaienfeld, 15.11.2012 / Andreas Wüthrich
  3. 3. FRANKE KITCHEN SYSTEMS GROUP“We help our partners enhance their businessesand ease their customers’ lives by making work in the kitchen a pleasure.”3 Corporate Profile © Franke,
  4. 4. FRANKE FOODSERVICE SYSTEMS“We innovate to maximize customer value and deliverthe most effective means of succeeding together.”4 Corporate Profile © Franke,
  5. 5. FRANKE WASHROOM SYSTEMS“Our passion is to enhance hygiene, well-being and sustainability in the publicwashroom environment.”5 Corporate Profile © Franke,
  6. 6. FRANKE COFFEE SYSTEMS“We offer our expertise and passion for coffee and the fine art of coffee-making asthe foundation for our customers’ service concept and shared success.”6 Master Group Presentation © Franke,
  7. 7. FRANKE BEVERAGE SYSTEMS“We are the key supply partner to the global beverage industryand trade, thanks to our innovative offering, delivery performance andenvironmental contribution.”7 Master Group Presentation © Franke,
  8. 8. Franke Key Figures Group figures IT figures Founded in 1911 5’000+ computer users Privately owned >110 locations in the global network CHF 2.5 bn net sales 2011 200 IT employees 81 companies in 37 countries 11’500 employees8 © Franke,
  9. 9. IT Governance Corporate IS -  IT Strategy & Standards -  Shared Services Delivery -  IT Sourcing & Controlling -  Corporate Applications Franke Artemis Group -  Information Security Auditing Corporate IS KS FS CS WS BS Franke IS Franke IS Franke IS Franke IS Franke IS Kitchen Foodservice Coffee Washroom Beverage Systems Systems Systems Systems Systems Group Group Group Group Group Divisional IS -  Business Applications (ERP, CRM, PIM, BI) -  IT Demand Management -  Subgroup-specific and local company IT -  End User Support9 Corporate Profile © Franke,
  10. 10. Franke IT Challenges Business Systems SAP / BI rollout CRM improvements Customer integration Infrastructure Standardization Consolidation and automation Mobile workforce Organization Centralization Standardization of processes Agility Economy Efficiency improvements Cost optimizations10 © Franke,
  11. 11. ITSM @ FrankeWhere we come fromProgramm started 2008 in Corporate IS -  Low maturity level in ITSM processes -  Heterogeneous tool landscape àFocus on framework and processes first – based on ITIL best practices Evaluation of an ITSM tool in 2010 -  Preferred SaaS and fully web based à ServiceNow evaluated – best fit, promising architecture and roadmap à Implementation in three months, go live in Dec 2010 with Incident, Service Request and Problem Mgmt for Corporate IS and Kitchen Systems SAP support11 © Franke,
  12. 12. ITSM @ FrankeWhere we are today No tools or other tools Using ServiceNow12 © Franke,
  13. 13. ITSM @ FrankeWhere we want to goOrganization -  Rollout in all Franke companies -  Standardized and generally integrated processes -  Replace all local tools -  Virtual regional support teamsFunctionality -  Complete Configuration Management -  New Discovery solution -  Integrate with new IAM solution -  Extend Service Catalogue -  Franke specific applications13 © Franke,
  14. 14. Benefits with ServiceNow" Fast implementation – no infrastructure setup  " Scalability – no capacity limits, transparent costs" Evolving solution – new functionality with every release"  Fast rollouts – no local infrastructure, standard processes" Anytime, anywhere – no fat client, web only14 © Franke,
  15. 15. THANK YOU FORYOUR ATTENTIONFranke Artemis Management AG Andreas WüthrichCorporate Information Services Head of Group Information ServicesFranke-Strasse 24663 Aarburg +41 62 787 3131Switzerland andreas.wuethrich@franke.com15 Corporate Profile © Franke,