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How Social Graph 2.0 fits into All is One 2.0

  1. Discover and benefit from your Social Business Network how it fits into all is one 2.0
  2. about social graph 2.0 Have a better overview on your Social Network with Social Graph 2.0. Use context related communication and collaboration features of Who is Who 2.0 and Yes we Know 2.0 for instant access. Social Graph 2.0 - your personal Social Network navigator and explorer!
  3. Indispensable for successful P2P Thanks to M2M, the solution combines Enterprise B2C/B2E/B2B Servers and public Social Networks like LinkedIn and Twitter into the overall P2P network. Social Graph 2.0 provides network visualization, information on the fly and direct access to communication and collaboration features. The software is designed to run under Liferay (Java Standard Portal), compatible with common Web App Servers like IBM and Oracle.
  4. how does it fit with our other products ? Social Graph 2.0 is the optional graphical P2P navigator of All is One 2.0. It allows you to explore your Social Network and provides instant access to all communication and collaboration features of Who is Who 2.0 and Yes we Know 2.0. It can also be implemented as Liferay Add On Portlet for the user and organization search component and can include popular Public Social Networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing and Google+. click here to play with the 3d model
  5. configurations there are as many ways to configure our software as requirements exist. connect, communicate & collaborate include public social networks navigate & interact market leading open source social business platform liferay connect, communicate & collaborate integrate
  6. configuration example one EMPOWER Your intranet! Integration can start on intranet level - empower your content (CMS) with Social Business Features provided by Who is Who 2.0.
  7. configuration example two simplify supply chain! Tight integration of your partners on BPM level facilitates streamlined order and product management. This, combined with state of the art presentation provided by the CMS and the power of collaboration & communication features of Yes we Know 2.0.
  8. configuration example three all aspects of your enterprise on one single platform All is One 2.0 integrates everything needed for collaboration, cooperation, social networking and profiling. Your existing applications, tools and business processes are fully integrated.
  9. what makes our products unique ? We leveraged the Liferay standard data model into a new dimension: Definition of all types of organization structures are possible now - integrated and consistent with each other. This allows B2x portal sites to manage multidimensional organization structures like line organization, project matrix (B2E) and client/regional segmentations (B2C). This beside topic oriented flat communities and classic hierarchical models. There is no need to change existing structures for a successful Enterprise 2.0 adoption!
  10. flying window with quick info fast filtering social graph 2.0, september update enhanced context-menu
  11. Added to Context Menu:  Links to Social Network Profiles – opens a member’s profile on Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter  More Details – Photo, Phone#, Mail-Address, Skype (initiate chat or video call, direct links provided) new features  Flying Window with Quick-Info Contact Summary: Get information with a mouse-over (or touchdown on touch devices)  Fast Filtering No more page reload needed when using new filter settings. Results within a blink of the eye!
  12. Learn more about Social Graph 2.0