Comparison 1

(cheaper,  more expensive etc. )

Study thesc examples: 

How shall wc travel?  By car or by train? 

Let’s ...
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Comparison i


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Comparison i

  1. 1. Comparison 1 (cheaper, more expensive etc. ) Study thesc examples: How shall wc travel? By car or by train? Let’s go by car. It’s cheaper. Don’t go by train. It’s more expcnsive. Cheaper and more expensìve are comparative forms. Aftcr comparatives you can use than (see Unit 107): The comparative forni is —er or more . Wc use —er for short words (one syllablc): cheap —> chcaper large —> largcr fast —> fastcr thin —> thinncr Wc also use —er for two-syllablc words that end in -y (-y —> ier): lucky —> luckier easy —> casier carly —> earlier pretty —> prcttier For spelling, scc Appcndix 6. Compare thesc cxamplcs: You’rc older than me. I cxpectcd. Can you walk a bit faster? D I’d lìke to havc a bigger car. Last night I wcnt to bed earlìcr than usual. It’s chcapcr to go by car than by traìn. Going by train is more expensivc than going by car. The cxam was fairly easy — easier than Wc use more for longcr words (two syllables or more): more scrious more expensive more oftcn more comfortable Wc also use more for advcrbs that end in -ly: more slowly more quietly more seriously more carefully E You’re more patient than mc. E The exam was quite difficult — more difficult than I cxpccted. Can you Walk a bit more slowly? I’d likc to have a more reliable car. I don’t play tennis much thesc days. I used to play more oftcn. You can use —er or more with some two-syllablc adjcctivcs, espccially: clcvcr narrow quiet shallow simple It’s too noisy here. Can wc go somewhere quieter / more quìct? A few adjectivcs and advcrbs have ìrregular comparative forms: good/ well —> better bad/ badly —> worsc: far —> further (or farthcr): The garden looks better since you tidied it up. I know him Well — probably better than anybody else knows him. ‘How is your hcadachc? Better? ’ ‘No, it’s worsc. ’ He did very badly in the exam — worsc than cxpected. It’s a long walk from herc to the park — further than I thought. (or farthcr than) Further (but not farther) can also mcan ‘more’ or ‘additional’: _ Lct me know if you hcar any further ncws. (= any more ncws)