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Inglês básico 5ºano


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Inglês básico 5ºano

  1. 1. InglêsInglês Estudo de inglês 5ºanoEstudo de inglês 5ºano realizado por:realizado por: Renato Severiano nº 14Renato Severiano nº 14
  2. 2. FAMILYFAMILY Son (filho) Cousin (primo/a) Aunt (tia) Uncle (tio)Mother (mãe) Father (pai) Grandfather (avô) Grandmother (avó) Daughter (filha) Sister (irmã) Brother (irmão)
  3. 3. Subject pronounsSubject pronouns (singular)(singular)  II  YouYou  HeHe  SheShe  ItIt  WeWe  YouYou  theythey Eu Tu Ele Ela Animais, locais, objectos etc... Nós Vós Eles (as) Exemples: 1- It’s a dog. 2- You’re my best friend. 3- He’s spider-man. 4- Hi! My name is Jack. Hi Jack. I’m Danny. 5- It’s London. 6- she’s Queen Elizabeth II.
  4. 4. Full Form to the Short FormFull Form to the Short Form II amam i’i’mm YouYou areare you’you’rere HeHe isis he’he’ss SheShe isis she’she’ss ItIt isis it’it’ss WeWe areare we’we’rere YouYou areare you’you’rere TheyThey areare they’they’rere Verb “To Be”Verb “To Be” Exemples: 1- I’m ten. 2- You’re my best friend. 3- He’s my brother. 4- She’s my sister. 5- It’s a dvd. It’s black.
  5. 5. Possessive adjectivesPossessive adjectives II YouYou HeHe SheShe ItIt WeWe YouYou theythey Subject pronouns Possessive adjectives My Your His Her Its Our Your their Meu Teu Dele Dela Das coisas, animais, locais, etc... Nosso Vosso Deles (as) Exemple: His sister is twenty. Her name is Gemma.
  6. 6. colourscolours Blue Red Brown Black Orange Pink Purple Yellow Green White Gold Silver Grey
  7. 7. numbersnumbers  1-one 10-ten 19-nineteen1-one 10-ten 19-nineteen  2-two 11-eleven 20-twenty2-two 11-eleven 20-twenty  3-three 12-twelve 21-twenty-one3-three 12-twelve 21-twenty-one  4-four 13-thirteen 22-twenty-two4-four 13-thirteen 22-twenty-two  5-five 14-fourteen 23-twenty-three5-five 14-fourteen 23-twenty-three  6-six 15-fifteen 24-twenty-four6-six 15-fifteen 24-twenty-four  7-seven 16-sixteen 25-twenty-five7-seven 16-sixteen 25-twenty-five  8-eight 17-seventeen 26-twenty-six8-eight 17-seventeen 26-twenty-six  9-nine 18-eighteen 27-twenty-seven9-nine 18-eighteen 27-twenty-seven
  8. 8.  28-twenty-eight28-twenty-eight  29-twenty-nine29-twenty-nine  30-thirty30-thirty  40-fourty40-fourty  50-fifty50-fifty  60-sixty60-sixty  70-seventy70-seventy  80-eighty80-eighty  90-ninety90-ninety  100-a hundred/one hundred100-a hundred/one hundred