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What Your CEO Should Really Know About Mobile.


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This presentation is aimed at helping CMOs, CIOs, Digital Directors and PR professional help sell mobile to their CEO and board.

The event was called 'Making it Mobile 2012' and was organised by The BLN.

A video of my talk will be available here:

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What Your CEO Should Really Know About Mobile.

  1. 1. Tweet me! I’m @renateWHAT YOUR CEO REALLYSHOULD KNOW ABOUT MOBILE.Renate Nyborg, Global Director of Mobile, EdelmanLondon, 28 November 2012
  2. 2. We do mobile Tweet me! I’m @renate
  3. 3. Tweet me! I’m @renate“I am phones” 2001 2005/6 2012
  4. 4. Tweet me! I’m @renateI’m not going to give show you a bunch ofcharts that show mobile is important. I’mgoing to help you do something about it.
  5. 5. Tweet me!Every company is unique, but there I’m @renateare four types of obstacles that recur. Mobile naturally brings out an enthusiasm and desire to make things happen, in employees at all levels. Philosophical Cultural However, nearly every organization suffers structural and perception issues that block business opportunities. Being aware of these Practical Strategic obstacles will help bridge the gap between the expectations of your customers and employees, and the reality of running your business.
  6. 6. Tweet me! I’m @renateMobile strategy?I think we’re on top of it...
  7. 7. Tweet me! I’m @renateCULTURALHarnessing the power of your employees.
  8. 8. Tweet me! I’m @renate1. Don’t worry, you’re not stupid.63% of the UK’s top brands and 74% of small businesses do not even have amobile optimised website. It’s OK to start now – but I do mean NOW. Source: IAB UK, September 2012
  9. 9. Tweet me! I’m @renate2. Make your CMO and CIO work together.A recent Altimeter survey reported that Mobile is nearly alwaysled by a brand’s CMO or CIO exclusively. It needs both.SOFTWARE COMMERCE CUSTOMER LOYALTY COMMUNICATIONHARDWARE DATA & PRIVACY MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIATRANSACTIONS SEO BRAND MEDIA SPEND Source: Altimeter xxxx
  10. 10. Tweet me! I’m @renate3. Ask your CIO for all your mobile data.Unlike Facebook or Twitter where you’re starting from scratch, you already have2-5 years of data on what your digital and mobile audience wants. Google SMS Analytics Apps Search Social- mobile Source: Twitter and Facebook website, November 2012
  11. 11. Tweet me! I’m @renate3. Ask your CIO for all your mobile data.Unlike Facebook or Twitter where you’re starting from scratch, you already have2-5 years of data on what your digital and mobile audience wants. Google SMS Analytics Chances are that 10-20% of your web audience and 50+% of your social audience are engaging via mobile Apps Search Social- mobile Source: Twitter and Facebook website, November 2012
  12. 12. Tweet me! I’m @renate4. Ask your CMO to identify all relevantbehaviours and situations that mobile influences.How are your customers using it?How are your employees using it?How are your competitors using it?
  13. 13. Tweet me! I’m @renate5. Your employees are already mobile,so get with the programme.1 in 5 job searches is conducted on mobile devices, and awhopping 88% of executives in 17 EMEA markets say employeesuse their own personal devices for business purposes. HR BYOD? Recruitment? feedback? Source: BBC News, “BYOD: Bring your own device could spell end for work PC”, February 2012
  14. 14. Tweet me! I’m @renateLook, I’ve had to cut all my budgets thisyear. I’ll invest whenmy numbers are up.
  15. 15. Tweet me! I’m @renateSTRATEGICFinding budget and bringing mobile to your business plan.
  16. 16. Tweet me! I’m @renateEvery innovation plan needs a ‘fear’ slide.
  17. 17. Tweet me! I’m @renate1. Rethink your media & advertising budgets.In other words, we are spending over 3x on Print relative to engagement, andjust 1/10th on Mobile relative to engagement. Source: ‘2012 Internet Trends’, Mary Meeker, Klein Worth Perkins, September 2012
  18. 18. Tweet me! I’m @renate…and whilst ATL is key for brand building,what do you think those readers do whenthey see something they like? 2 out of 3 times people act on print, TV or billboard advertising by doing a mobile search Source: Google Survey, 2011
  19. 19. Tweet me! I’m @renateMobile should amplify all other marketingand communications activities. Don’t thinkof it like a separate line on the budget. Source: Google Survey, 2011
  20. 20. Tweet me! I’m @renate2. Rethink your competitive set.In the UK, 46% of smartphone owners have used their mobiledevice for store-related shopping, already influencing 10% ofelectronic sales and 4% on average across all in-store retail. Source: Deloitte Digital, August 2012
  21. 21. Tweet me!3. Think about where mobile can help I’m @renateyou monetize and cut costs.Urban Outfitters will replace all cash tills with iPad and iPhoneTouch devices. 80% cost saving!!
  22. 22. Tweet me! I’m @renateI just don’t know where to start!
  23. 23. Tweet me! I’m @renatePRACTICALThree things to start with tomorrow.
  24. 24. Tweet me! I’m @renate1. You need a mobile optimised website.1. PEOPLE EXPECT IT•  Mobile search has grown 4x in the past year.•  1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent.•  This Christmas, 20% of sales and 30% of website visits in the UK will come from mobile devices.2. IT COSTS YOU MONEY WHEN IT COULD MAKE YOU MONEY•  Non-optimized mobile and slow-loading websites lose online retailers £1.73 billion a year. Source: IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking Index, Q3 2012 Source: QuBit, ‘Retail Focus Whitepaper’, March 2012
  25. 25. Tweet me! I’m @renateWhat’s the difference? No-no’s. 1.  Your site loads in more than 5 seconds 2.  There are broken and missing images on the site 3.  You can’t read the text without zooming or scrolling side to side 4.  Links and buttons cannot be clicked with a thumb 5.  Your location and phone number are not visible 6.  You cannot click to initiative a call or load a map
  26. 26. Tweet me! I’m @renateHere’s how it should look.
  27. 27. Tweet me!2. Never launch an app with a I’m @renatesolid marketing plan in place.94% of UK Top 100 brand apps are not opened after1 year – and 26% of all apps are only opened once.
  28. 28. Tweet me! I’m @renate3. Social = MobileOver 50% of Facebook and Twitter users are Mobile, and 100%of Instagram users are. We tend to ignore this. 60% of likes and 50% of comments occur within the newsfeed Early trials of targeted Facebook newsfeed ads have seen 8-10x engagement compared to desktop
  29. 29. Tweet me! I’m @renateApps are just a fad. We can afford to ignore mobile.
  30. 30. Tweet me! I’m @renatePHILOSOPHICALThe bigger picture.
  31. 31. Tweet me! I’m @renateIt’s not just about apps or devices!!!!
  32. 32. Tweet me! I’m @renate1. Mobile is the only ubiquitous channel.It’s the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last thing wetouch before bed…
  33. 33. Tweet me!2. Mobile is the world’s first global I’m @renatecommunications channel.If your work force or customers are spread out over developingand emerging markets, this is your one chance to equalize.
  34. 34. Tweet me!3. Mobile has the power to be I’m @renatetransformational.41% of women in emerging markets reported having increasedincome and professional opportunities once they owned amobile phone.What can we learn from the way mobile has transformedlives in emerging markets? Source: GSMA, Women & Mobile: A Global Opportunity
  35. 35. Tweet me! I’m @renateSo in conclusion.WHAT YOUR CEO REALLY SHOULDKNOW ABOUT MOBILE.
  36. 36. Tweet me! I’m @renateCULTURAL SOLUTIONS1.  Not mobile yet? You’re not stupid - most companies don’t even have a mobile website. But do start NOW.2.  Make your CMO and CIO work together. Mobile is at the intersection of human and technical trends.3.  Ask you CIO to report on all your mobile data: Google analytics, search, apps, social-mobile, SMS.4.  Ask your CMO to identify all relevant behaviours and situations that mobile can and does impact.5.  All your employees are mobile, so get with it.
  37. 37. Tweet me! I’m @renateSTRATEGIC SOLUTIONS1.  Rethink your media and advertising spend. Mobile isn’t a separate line on the budget, it the way to convert ATL, BTL and social media marketing.2.  Rethink your competitive set. You can’t afford to ignore disruptive new business models.3.  Think about how you can use mobile to monetize and cut costs. You can probably create the budget to get mobile off the ground.
  38. 38. Tweet me! I’m @renatePRACTICAL SOLUTIONS1.  You need a mobile website! Mobile search is our personalized marketing channel.2.  Never launch an app without a solid marketing plan in place.3.  Social = Mobile. Look again at your social communities through the 3rd screen (or should that be 1st screen?).
  39. 39. Tweet me! I’m @renatePHILOSOPHICAL MOTIVATIONS1.  Mobile is the only truly ubiquitous channel.2.  Mobile is the first global communications channel.3.  Mobile has the power to be transformational.
  40. 40. Tweet me!Fancy a free ‘Making Sense of Mobile’ I’m @renatereport?emailrenate.nyborg@edelman.comwebsitewwww.edelmanmobile.comtwitter@EdelmanMobile
  41. 41. EdelmanMobile | | @renate