Toefl iBT Introduction


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Toefl iBT Introduction

  1. 1. TOEFL iBTSpeaking Tasks Introduction By Renata Mendes Simões
  2. 2. Overview Examination Method Grading Examples of questions:  Independent  Integrated Scoring Online resources
  3. 3. Time Limits Total of 20 minutes Independent Questions: the questions will be read and shown to you.  You have 15~30 seconds to prepare  You have 45~60 seconds to answer Integrated Questions: you must read the questions  You have 15~30 seconds to prepare  You have 45~ 60 seconds to answer
  4. 4. Types Total of 6 tasks/questions 2 INDEPENDENT TASKS:  The questions in this section ask you to respond from your personal experience 4 INTEGRATED TASKS:  2 reading, listening, and speaking – consist of a reading passage, a listening passage, and a question that asks how the ideas in the two passages are related  2 listening and speaking integrated – consist of a longer listening passage and a question that asks you to summarize key points of the passage
  5. 5. Independent Speaking Tasks2 types: Free-choice response  You have to express and defend a personal choice from a given category  For example: Which city in the world would you like to visit, why? Paired-choice response  You have to make and defend a personal choice between two contrasting behaviors or courses of action  For example: Do you like to travel alone or with company?
  6. 6. PlanningSteps:1. Subject Clause: Start with a topic statement that states the main point of the response2. Supporting Sentences: Support the topic statement with details and/examples3. Language Use: Use transitions to show how the ideas are related
  7. 7. Integrated Speaking Tasks2 Types: Reading/Listening/Speaking: the relationship between the ideas in the reading passage and the listening passage  A campus topic – about school  An academic topic – about classes/subjects Listening/Speaking: the main points of the listening passage  A campus topic  An academic topic
  8. 8. PlanningSteps 1. Note-taking: Make sure you understand (and take notes on) the topic 2. Key points: Then focus on (and take notes on) the main points that are used to support the topic 3. Responding: Determine what is being asked
  9. 9. Basic Scoring
  10. 10. Pay attention to: Delivery  Speaking smoothly and clearly Language Use  Effective use of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures Topic Development  Response answers the question  Response is well developed and clear  Relationships between ideas are clear
  11. 11. Important Points to Remember Note-taking! Take notes while reading and listening to the conversations and lectures  Directions for each questions will not be written on the screen  Only jot down main ideas (not word for word) Remember to answer the question asked Speak Clearly! It’s better to speak slowly and clearly than quickly and mumbling
  12. 12. Reference + Internet ResourcesPhilips, Deborah. Longman Preparation Course for theTOEFL Test: iBT. New York: Longman, 2006. Resources: