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Be like and look like


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This presentation it´s about appearance and personality.

Published in: Education
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Be like and look like

  1. 1. Final Project Curse 8 Be like and look like
  2. 2. At the time of appearance and personality questions acerca personalities itself follows a different grammar although in both cases the word use like.  1) What + be + like Examples:  What is Mike like? He's funny and extroverted.  What's Dana like? She's selfish and unpleasant.  What are your friends like? They're kind and generous.
  3. 3. To answer these questions you have to have basic knowledge of adjectives of personality, some examples :  Extroverted  Funny  Generous  Happy  Kind  Nervous  Selfish  Shy  Sweet  Unpleasant
  4. 4. For questions about the appearance of the people they are taken into account in two ways:  1) What + do + look like Examples:  What does Amanda look like?  She's tall and thin.  What does Peter look like?  He's fat and he has blue eyes.  What do your brothers look like?  They are strong and they have black hair.
  5. 5.  2) Who + do + look like Examples:  Who does your brother look like?  He looks like my father.  Who does Sara look like?  She looks like her grandmother.  Who do your sisters look like?  They look like my mother. In these examples which asks the physical appearance of people in addition to responding to personality adjectives you can also meet people with traits such as eye color or hair . When the question begins with " Who" refers to one who looks physically.
  6. 6. Adjectives of appearance:  Attractive  Beautiful  Chubby  Fat  Short  Slim  Strong  Tall  Thin  Ugly
  7. 7.  In short , when you want to ask a question of the way of being and personality of a person established grammar of the verb "to be" used and when you want to ask the physical appearance of people established grammar simple present is used  In conclusion, for questions of personality and physical appearance similar structures are still used the word "like" . To answer these questions is very important to have basic knowledge of adjectives of personality and appearance which describe people.
  8. 8. Descriptions
  9. 9. EXAMPLE:
  10. 10. Group work “¿Who has the ring?” Instructions:  This is to guess which partner has the ring and to achieve this, a student must ask questions about the physical appearance of the same .  First, a student is chosen. This should leave the room so as not to see what happens next . He is given the ring to another student in the class , which hide it . This should be done in front of the class , as others must see and know who has the ring . After hiding the ring, the student comes out and tries to guess who has the ring several colleagues asking questions where the answer is YES or NO.  For example : "Does a boy have a ring? "Does he / she Have blonde hair ? " "Does he / she Have blue eyes ? " " Is he Pedro ? " / " Is she Mary? " If the student correctly guess who has the ring, will be granted another turn. Conversely , if the student does not guess , the student who has the ring will be the next player .