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"Intrapreneurship: Taking Company from Good to Great" by RJ. Liow


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A presentation by RJ. Liow, Founder & CEO of award winning company, AYS Sdn Bhd in the World HRD Congress 2013, Mumbai, India.

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"Intrapreneurship: Taking Company from Good to Great" by RJ. Liow

  1. 1. World HRD Congress 2013 IntrapreneurshipIntrapreneurship Taking Company from Good to Great! RJ. Liow, Founder & CEO AYS Group, Malaysia
  2. 2. Flow of mind exchanges… next 30 minutes •What is Intrapreneurship? •Intrapreneurs vs. Entrepreneurs •Great things about building intrapreneurial employees •Who are the intrapreneurial employees? •How to encourage employees to pursue ideas •Criteria for choosing a great idea to implement •How to establish lines of responsibility •Some words of cautions •Success stories: 3M and Sony PlayStation
  3. 3. About AYSAbout AYS
  4. 4. Creating the region’sCreating the region’s Most ExcitingMost Exciting Integrated HalalIntegrated Halal Ready to Eat Meals SystemReady to Eat Meals System Convenience. Reengineer Food Preparation.Convenience. Reengineer Food Preparation. One stop RTE Meals StationOne stop RTE Meals Station 5
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  6. 6. Vote ofVote of Confidence!Confidence! A 1-InnoCert Double A’sA 1-InnoCert Double A’s Rating CompanyRating Company
  7. 7. Liow Ren Jan received Best Halal ProductBest Halal Product 20092009 award from former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Yang Berhormat Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi World Halal Forum, 2009
  8. 8. “The global halal market will once again look to Malaysia as a key mover of the halal industry with the publication of Marketing Halal:Marketing Halal: Creating New Economy, New WealthCreating New Economy, New Wealth, an excellent book by Ren Jan, Liow, which is fully endorsed by Halal Industry Development Corporation, Malaysia (HDC).” Dato’ Seri Mustapa Mohamed Minister of International Trade & Industry, Malaysia, 2011
  9. 9. Media coverage:Media coverage: Print & TVPrint & TV
  10. 10. What is Intrapreneurship? “The practice of a corporate management style that integrates risk-taking and innovation approaches, as well as the reward and motivational techniques, that are more traditionally the province of  entrepreneurship.”
  11. 11. Intrapreneurs vs. Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs Intrapreneurs Provide the spark Keep the flame going Anywhere their vision takes them Work within an organization Face many hurdles, inside and outside of organization Deal with conflict within the organization Difficult to get resources at times Resources readily available to them Lose everything when fail Still have a paycheck
  12. 12. Great things about building Intrapreneurial Employees •Innovations add to revenue stream •Increase motivation and empowerment among employees •Retain good employees •Utilize all of the brain power in an organization
  13. 13. Who are the Intrapreneurial Employees? •Can't assign someone the job of being an intrapreneur •Highly motivated people, little supervision, clear visions
  14. 14. How to encourage employees to pursue ideas? •Encouragement can go a long way. •Clear vision of where your company is headed. •Brainstorm with employees about new ideas. •Include employees in lower-level positions. •A clear reward system. Money is not the only one. •Beware of the type of promotion you give.
  15. 15. Criteria for choosing a great idea to implement •Will your customers have a need for this new product or service? •New product or service will attract new customers? •Better than the competition? •Do you have sufficient resources? Do a cost analysis. •Consider potential risks and rewards.
  16. 16. How to establish lines of responsibility •Sometimes better to let the employee do things their way. •Weaknesses in the business plan? Balance these out by adding support staff to the project. •You may work together to decide which employees will work on the new business. •Give regular, clear feedback.
  17. 17. Some words of cautions •Not every intrapreneurial idea results in success. •When an idea takes off, feeling of frustration for not receiving enough compensation for their ideas. •One fabulous idea does not guarantee future ideas will take off.
  18. 18. Intrapreneurship in AYSIntrapreneurship in AYS ““Sri Kulai RTE Station”Sri Kulai RTE Station”
  19. 19. nag Intrapreneurship in AYS Sri Kulai Express “Wrong location? No worries. You can always move. No crews!”
  20. 20. Success story on intrapreneurship: 3M Post-it Notes •12 years from idea creation to production of 3M’s Post-it Notes. •Spencer Silver invented a not-so-sticky adhesive in 1968, but do not know how best to use and market the product for years. •Co-worker, Art Frey, recognized the need for Spencer’s idea during choir practice & performance - Frey’s bookmarks were regularly falling out of his book. This product concept solved his problem! •Still, 3M still did not do anything for over a decade. •3M’s Post-it Notes was launched in 1980 in US. Now internationally.
  21. 21. Success story on intrapreneurship: The Sony PlayStation •Ken Kutaragi’s Intrapreneurial success - one of the greatest new business creations and launches in business history.  •Ken saw the market and business opportunity of computer gaming systems for Sony, even though Sony was not in the segment. •Sony backed Ken by investing $2.5 billion into the PlayStation start- up, and has gone on to build over 70% of the home video-game- console international market share. •By 1998, the PlayStation contributed 40 percent of Sony Corporation’s operating profits.
  22. 22. Visit us at ... Liow Ren Jan Tel: +60-3-6272 1707 or email: 25