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Mobile 360 (TNS NIPO Remy Bleijendaal)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Mobile 360 (TNS NIPO Remy Bleijendaal)

  1. 1. Mobile 360360°view on mobile consumer behaviour
  2. 2. Index1. Introduction p. 3 Mobile 360 360 Degree View of Mobile2. The rise of mobile! p. 5 Consumer Behaviour3. Our approach p. 14 TNS Author Remy Bleijendaal | © TNS
  3. 3. IntroductionMobile 360
  4. 4. IntroductionDear,We would like to thank you for your interest in the first Mobile 360 study in the Netherlands!Consumers use the internet via their mobile phone or tablet increasingly more often. It is to beexpected that in 2015, more people use the internet via mobile devices than via a desktop computer(globally). That is why mobile services, developing apps and location based applications, investigatingthe possibilities of mobile advertising and more have become the focus of many companies.In the past few months, we discussed these developments and our latest mobile research innovation:Mobile 360. We have told you that we have an application at our disposal that can be installed onsmartphones and tablets, and registers how consumers use these devices. With this study, we wantto offer you insight into a full picture of how people use their mobile devices and tablets, in order tosupport companies in developing mobile innovations that can be very successful.We are glad that we are given the opportunity to set up this innovativestudy with you, and have enjoyed working on this proposal.Kind regards,Remy Bleijendaal
  5. 5. The rise of mobile!Mobile 360
  6. 6. Motivation and background - Mobile is the next mass medium! There are more than 5B mobile phones and nearly 0.6B smartphones in the global market. People use the mobile phones increasingly more often to access content, conduct business, enjoy entertainment, play games, shop online, connect with friends –all this adding to the legacy voice and text messaging services. Several forces drive the potential of mobile consumer engagement: • Penetration and Low Cost: Half 2010, there were 5 billion active mobile phones globally • Place: Location Based Services are taking off • Viral: Ease of Viral distribution + influence • Technology: Increasing bandwidth enables richer experiences • Usability: Improved handsets result in greater options • Apps: Increasing supply of services and apps provide more use cases, content, productivity, and entertainment to users
  7. 7. Earlier research by TNS on consumers and their mobile device: Mobile Life TNS has done a lot of research on the relation between consumers and their mobile device. One major example, which we are proud of and known for, is Mobile Life ( It told us that mobile is the world’s must have device, expectations of the tablet are huge and increase of the handset quality and availabilty of 3G networks drives usage of tons of mobile services.
  8. 8. Mobiles are the world’s must-have device… I got one, but I want a better / faster / cooler / newer oneLikely to buy Current ownership
  9. 9. …and the Netherlands is no exception! I got to get me one of theseLikely to buy Replacement is postponed for now Current ownership
  10. 10. Tablets have created a positive response in the Netherlands withhigh intention to purchaseCurrent ownership and intended purchase of a tablet (%)
  11. 11. PC still remains the preferred device for the Dutch for the majority ofactivities, however tablets are making inroads across a range of tasksPreferred devices for activities Prefer PC Prefer Mobile Prefer Tablet
  12. 12. Connectivity enhancing features are expected to record healthy growth Feature prioritisation Size of bubble = Current usage level Internet Calendar 3G EmailFrequency of use SMS WiFi IM MP3 Microsoft Video calling Bluetooth Office PC Sync GPS Radio Still camera Games TV / Video Video camera MMS Growth potential
  13. 13. Motivation and background – The future of digital is mobile! Mobile Life has convinced us that the future of mobile marketing is bright. This is why TNS decided to launch Mobile 360 in order to provide the market with reliable and detailed market information on smartphone owners’ usages. Not by asking people questions (the traditional way of doing market research, like in Mobile Life), but by measuring actual behaviour. Via an application, we are now able to measure holistic statistics on smartphone usage. All Operating Systems are covered by Mobile 360: • iOS – iPhone 3GS or 4, iPad 1 and 2 • Blackberry version 4.7 or more • Android version 2.1 or more • Symbian • Windows Mobile 6.0 to date (version 7 when released in Fall)
  14. 14. Our approachMobile 360
  15. 15. How is M360 deployed in three sentences? We use an application that runs on the background of smartphones and tablets, capturing full mobile phone usage and people’s life patterns – always and everywhere. We install this application for four weeks on smartphones and iPads of approximately 1200 respondents from our panel: TNS NIPObase. This way, we are able to connect mobile usage with user information (from our panel) and ask them additional questions.
  16. 16. Mobile 360 Overview
  17. 17. Indicators which will be continuously monitored
  18. 18. SampleWe install this application for four weeks on smartphones of approximately 1.000respondents from our panel: TNS NIPObase.Panelstructure will be controlled on gender, age, mobile operator and operatingsystem. Furthermore, we will track usage of approximately 200 iPads from respondents from our panel.
  19. 19. How are we going to work with multiple clients? As you all know, we are going to conduct this study with multiple clients, who all have their own interests and research questions. Some clients want to conduct this study for internal use only. But there are also clients who want to use his study externally and use it to push the market towards mobile. Therefore this study will consist of the three parts: • Public report: information that will be made public • Standard report: information that will be available only to the participants integrated with the public report • Exclusive report: information that will be available only to individual clients integrated with the standard report
  20. 20. Mobile 360 Report – Part I: public report The report that will be open for the public will be presented by TNS and the participants on blogs and seminars. The following questions will be answered in the public report: • What are the profiles of people using mobile internet (age, sex, social class, purchaser etc.)? • Which sites and applications do consumers use? What is the reach of mobile websites and applications? • How do consumers use their smartphones (voice, text messages, application, browser, calendar, music, video etc.)? • How do consumers use their iPads? (applications, browser, calendar, music, video etc.)
  21. 21. Mobile 360 Report – Part II: Standard report The second part of the report will only be open to the participants of this study and will be integrated with the first part of the study. The following topics will be delivered in this report: • 3G vs. WIFI (smartphones and iPad) • How does mobile behaviour differ on 3G vs. WIFI (voice, text messages, applications, browser etc. differ)? How much data is used on 3G and WIFI? • Android vs. iOS vs. Symbian vs. Windows Mobile vs. RIM (smartphones) • How does mobile behaviour and data usage differ per OS (Android, IOS etc,)? • Usage at home vs. outside the home (smartphones and iPad) • How does mobile behaviour (voice, text messages, applications, browser etc.) differ at home and outside the home? • Usage at home vs. outside the home (smartphones and iPad) • How does mobile behaviour (voice, text messages, applications, browser etc.) differ at home and outside the home? • Segmentation based on mobile behaviour and user profiles (smartphones) • How can we segment mobile consumers based on different kind of mobile behaviour (voice, text messages, browser, calendar, applications: news, games, social network, information, weather etc.)? This report will be delivered in PPT and will contain approximately 50-60 slides.
  22. 22. Mobile 360 Report – Part II: Standard report (II) Besides a report in PPT, all the participants will gain access to an interactive dashboard (access will be for one year). In this dashboard, the mobile reach of applications and websites can be split into different kind of profiles (age, sex, social class, purchaser and +/- 10 socialdemo’s from our panel) and each kind of OS (Android, iOS etc.) and device (smartphones vs. iPad). Information will be available on how long (duration) and frequent consumers use different kind of applications and websites.
  23. 23. Mobile 360 Report – Part III: Exclusive report Besides continuous measurement of mobile behaviour, we will enrich this information by doing an additional online questionnaire. Each participant can add a limited number of questions into this questionnaire. We can obtain a minimal N of 800 (responsrate +/-70%) The combined analysis will be reported in the third part of the report and will be exclusive for each individual clients.
  24. 24. Future plans Developing quarterly/yearly reports on the ‘state of play’ in the mobile world. Development of a monthly monitor of Mobile Audience, for the promotion of mobile advertising.
  25. 25. drs. Remy BleijendaalDigital ConsultantT +31 20 5225 419M +31 63957 0669E remy.bleijendaal@tns.nipo.comFind me @ LinkedIn FrankWatching Twitter