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Principles for remote dba experts to apply when moving oracle databases to all flash


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Data analysts have for a while now been bugged by never-ending demand across the board: business owners, employees and consumers are bearing down on their IT departments for reliable and fast connectivity.

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Principles for remote dba experts to apply when moving oracle databases to all flash

  1. 1. Principles for Remote DBA Experts to apply when moving Oracle Databases to All-Flash
  2. 2. A new challenge for database experts •Economic digitization, while beneficial, leaves enterprises with one main problem. • Little time and resources to leverage the data explosion given the information now available for their use.
  3. 3. What’s different about all-flash storage? The following principles will govern this process  Redesign the setup  Adapt system to tasks  Recognize performance markers in flash storage  Calculate cost
  4. 4. Redesign the setup  The fast establishment of landscapes allowing for agile testing and development through snapshot features is also a game- changer in many enterprises.
  5. 5. Adapt system to tasks  Organizations must consider their operational guidelines and policies and use them to map out the system that best fulfills their requirements.
  6. 6. Recognize performance markers in flash storage  Conventional disk storage systems necessitate use of several LUNs to gain IOPS. For all-flash storage, IOPS are dependent on the controller qualities, rather than LUN numbers.
  7. 7. Calculate cost  Flash storage allows better data reduction and greater overall system efficiency, allowing your employees to do more using less.
  8. 8.  Website: www.remote-dba-