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Remodista is a savvy retailer’s forum for all things mobile, taking its name—and mission—from core principles of retail and mobility distilled into one community. Fresh content from industry thought leaders and peer reflection meet in a collaborative environment for retailers to learn, share and bring visionary strategies to market.

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  • It’s not just Mobile- it’s Mobility. The more we step into mobile, the more we realize it is more about the mobility of our new consumers than it is a bout the device.  It is apparent that mobility is interconnected with retail. But what is being done to shape this rapidly changing environment?  Remodista has carved out a space where we are building a forum for retail leaders across the entire ecosystem, but narrowly focused on beauty, fashion, home, higher-end, luxury retailers and brands.  We believe these retailers have similarconsumers and a desire to have exclusivity.  Burberry doesn't want to be on stage or collaborating with and Walmart.
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  • Remodista Leadership Session

    1. 1. Insights Gained: Remodista Leadership SessionRetail & Mobility DistilledQ3 2012
    2. 2. Remodista = Retail and Mobility Distilled(re – mo – dist – a) – proper n. pl.Remodista is a savvy retailer’s forum for all thingsmobile, taking its name—and mission—from coreprinciples of retail and mobility distilled into onecommunity. Fresh content from industry thoughtleaders and peer reflection meet in a collaborativeenvironment for retailers to learn, share and bringvisionary strategies to market.
    3. 3. ―We are rapidly getting to the point wherethe single most important medium that people have is their wireless device. It’s with them every single moment of the day. It’s genuinely the convergence box that everyone’s been talking aboutfor so many years.‖ Andrew Robertson “More people Chief Executive of BBDOown a cellphone than own a toothbrush.” “There are more mobile subscriptions “Mobile as ‘FIRST- than people who SCREEN’ for all web have access to safe usage will happen drinking water.” between 2013 to 2015.”
    4. 4. Smartphones are dominatingSometime this year, more than 126 million U.S. consumers areexpected to own a Smartphones 4
    5. 5. Both in U.S. and Internationally  Global smartphone sales are up 63.1% from 2010  488.5 million units sold in 2011  In last 3 years, apps downloaded 10.9 billion times  In January 2012, 8.5% of global website hits came from a mobile device… Double the amount compared to same time last year.Yet, the global focus depends on the size and sophistication ofthe retailer itself. Even though some aren’t yet ready to scale, byutilizing digital and mobile they can expand to a global footprint. 5
    6. 6. And tablets are making a huge impact >40 million tablets in use in U.S. • less than 2 years after launch • Smartphones took 7 years • Television took 16 years Sources: Forrester, Morgan Stanley“Tablet design and experience are not the same as the experiencefor the phone.” ~ Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co founder and CMO of Gilt Groupe atthe Remodista Leadership Session – Chicago, April 18, 2012 6
    7. 7. mCommerce is rapidly evolving With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 39% for mobile commerce over next four years, mobility is about meeting consumers at their point of need.Source: Forrester “Mobile Commerce Forecast: 2010 to 2016” 7
    8. 8. Consumers’ expectations are based ontheir experiences with mobile leaders » Expectations for mobile are being set at the macro level… not just by individual industries » “The more we step into mobile, the more we realize that it is more about the mobility of the consumer, than the device.” » Kelly Stickel, President and Founder of Remodista 8
    9. 9. The ubiquity of mobile createsconnection demands By focusing on the juncture of retailer and customer, mobile extends the brand and the buying journey Social shopping: Women want to stay connected so they can find the best deals for their families. Retailers need to think about social integration through connecting the dots through web sites, commerce, and social The only way to bridge the gap between digital and real-world is through mobile experiences 9
    10. 10. Mobile is a tool for engagement and action…  Even though some retailers may view mobile as a “frenemy,” it truly bridges the gap between online and in-store.  Whether QR code, mvs, or keyword, activation mobile is increasingly leveraged by retailers to activate consumers to interact with the brand… in store, online, at home, and on-the-go.  Many routes to activate consumers using mobile, but consistent component is ensuring content meets context.  Whether exclusive content, products, loyalty programs, coupons, or voting, optimize experience for mobile and plan for native capabilities to the device, gps, camera… APIs like Instagram and Facebook 10
    11. 11. …which responds to the flexiblenature of the shopperAlthough the mobile landscape has seen a tremendous evolution in the pastfew years and many organizations are beginning to mature their offerings,there are several key things to keep in mind when considering your mobileefforts: Evolving the business definition of “customer” to know your mobile audience Establishing and governing a consistent brand experience Don’t miniaturize… Mobilize Driving enterprise customer intelligence by expanding the reach of customer knowledge capture and dissemination through mobility Implementing capabilities to measure and track progress toward improving customer satisfaction, sales, and profitability 11
    12. 12. Game-changing business drivers thatblur the physical and the digital areinspiring enterprises around the globe: Fast return on investment (ROI) Increased employee productivity Direct interaction with the customer Ability to attract the best talent Speed of decision 12
    13. 13. You might see mobile as another channel, but… This is a Direction, not destinationCompetitive Advantage LEADER “FAST” FOLLOWER GAP WILL CONTINUE TO INCREASE This line will keep moving…quickly CATCH UP This path is harder than you think it is. STAY THE COURSE Leadership in the mobile space relies Time on commitment to a path forward 13
    14. 14. Every device is differentDesign and build programs accordingly. Know when, where, and howyour consumer uses each device.  Smartphone is lean-forward, quick snack, scan-and-scram  Tablets are lean-back, highly involved, entertainment and content-orientedProvide content, services, and design that taps into natural behaviorsexclusive to each device.  Shopping lists  Wish lists  Coupons  In-store product location  In-store inventory guidance  On phone purchasing 14
    15. 15. We see mobility having unimaginable impact across the enterprisereduce revenue brand impact productivity dynamiccost Customers just-in-time Partners proprietary Employees Competitive advantage Management intelligencecustomer sales force multiplier collaboration process efficiency content brand interaction at in the context of knowledge sharing speed of moments of decision daily workflow & collaboration decision …enabling an intelligent, connected, agile business 15
    16. 16. Don’t shrink… re-think 30% of consumers 25-44 consider a retailer’s “mobile competence” a critical element of the shopping experience. 47% of smartphone users have used their device to view product reviews while shopping in brick-and-mortar store. 53% of shopper indicated a willingness to share location-based personal info in exchange for value-added content and an augmented shopping experience. EXPERIMENT and keep it fresh:  Pop-up shops  Social / Mobile campaigns and flash sales  Augmented reality Consumers will experiment with you and like being surprised.ext level? 16
    17. 17. You have to examine the right questions How does a mobile-enabled business act? What is the role of mobility in my business? What is the set of mobility experiences people want from us? What are the mobile capabilities we need to succeed? What are the benefits and how do we measure results? What should we do first (i.e. IMMEDIATELY)? What does mobility success look like when we get there? What is the business model that ensures long-term success? 17
    18. 18. Connect to Learn More Kelly Stickel Founder and President of Remodista 312-371-9302 @kstickel @bricksandmobile @moximorés @mobile4mommies