Remodista's Mobile for Mommies Workshop


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If you're a mom on the go & you love your smart phone (almost as much as you love your kids)! We are here to harness collective knowledge about mobile phones and share among mommies who are devoted to their families and time management!

We are building a collaborative community where we teach moms how to use their smart phones to become devoted, healthy, green, loving, creative, and even have a little time at the end of the day for themselves (can you imagine?)! We will teach you things we think you'll benefit from. For instance: How do I use my phone to my advantage and why do I need to learn about this ever-changing mobile world we live in today? We are hear to help you find convenience in mobility. Because at the end of the day it isn't about your phone, it's about how to use your phone to get more out of life for yourself and, more importantly, for your family.

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Remodista's Mobile for Mommies Workshop

  1. 1. Mobile  for  Mommies  Workshop  
  2. 2. Your  Daughter’s  Digital  Influencers   What  is  she  seeing?  How  is  she  behaving?   •  Constant  Connec@vity-­‐  Cellphone  use   •  Tex@ng   •  Gaming     Social  Engagement-­‐  impact  on  rela@onships  and  self  defini@on?   Play:  Snapchat,  TwiMer,  Instagram,  Pinterest,  Lineplay     Brand  and  Celebrity  Culture   •  Where  and  do  they  live  online-­‐  Rihanna  +  Miley   •  How  do  they  influence  your  daughter  and  her  friends?  
  3. 3. Context  doesn’t  apply!  Or  does  it…   •  Text:  “K,  sure”   •  Interpreta@ons   –  Okay,  sure!  J   –  K  (whatever).  Sure  (can’t   wait…  not).     –  Okay,  sure  (that’s  fine,  I   don’t  really  care)  
  4. 4. Your  Daughter’s  Personal  Digital  Brand   Breakout     •  What  is  your  Daughter’s  Personal  Brand?   ü  Bossy,  Nerdy,  Shy,  Extroverted?     •  How  can  your  daughter  define  her  personal  brand  digitally?   •  Explore  +  Share  “oops”  and  “wow”  moments  digitally  
  5. 5. YOUR  Daughter     3  aMributes   that  others   would  say   about  her   (present)   Define  her  digital  self!   3  traits  that   you  want   people  to   associate   with  her   (future)   Discuss  and   determine   how  to   bridge  the   gap   between   the  two   How  can  you  reflect  this  digitally  with  the  choices  you  make  in  your   status  posts,  profile,  pictures,  etc…?  
  6. 6. Her  (for  example)   What  others  would   think/say  about  me   What  I  want  others  to   Ac>on  Plan!   say  about  me   Digital  implica>ons   Passionate   Passionate   N/A  –  con@nue  doing  the   things  I  love  to  do!   Con@nue  pos@ng  about   things  that  I  am  posi@vely   passionate  about   Driven   Smart/  though@ul   Difference  is  I  want   people  to  respect  my   opinion  –  put  more   thought  into  why  I  may   feel  a  certain  way   Join  goodreads  and  share   books,  do  online  research   and  post  about  it,  be   more  thoughcul  in  how  I   post   ImpaBent     Easygoing     Count  to  10  before   responding  if  upset,   understand  how  to  not   take  things  personally   Choose  not  to  respond   via  text  or  IM  if  unable  to   do  so  in  a  neutral   manner,  wait  a  day  to   respond  to  an  angry   email,  resolve  conflict  in-­‐ person  
  7. 7. Protect  her!     Our  challenge  to  you  –  Create  a  niceness  prac@ce!     Have  your  daughter  text  or  post  something  that  will  make  someone   smile  once  a  day!  
  8. 8. Resources  and  Ac@vi@es:  Offline  +  Online   Resources     ü  Best  in  Class  Apps   ü  Remodista  Mobile  for  Mommies  Facebook   ü  Remodista  Mobile  for  Mommies  Pinterest   Online  and  Offline  Ac>vi>es   ü  #posi@ve  (ex.  Sophia  Bush)   ü  Inspira@onal  Pinterest  Boards   ü  Sharable  Family  +  Friend  Albums  
  9. 9.       Appendix  
  10. 10. Remodista  Mission   Remodista  is  a  power  broker  in  connec@ng  the  most   influen@al  and  solu@on  oriented  execu@ves  working   in   digital,   social,   and   mobile   commerce.     It   is   a   collabora@ve   forum   with   three   primary   goals:   to   elevate   women,   educate   brands,   and   mentor   a   community   focused   on   shaping   universal   best   prac@ces   for   global   retail   mobility.   By   connec@ng   industry   leaders   with   innova@ve   ideas,   who   are   ready   to   learn,   share   and   bring   visionary   strategies   to   the   market,   Remodista   has   built   a   strong   brand   community.    
  11. 11. Eleva@ng  women  globally  is  a  core  mission  of  Remodista.    
  12. 12. Community  is  Our  Differen>ator   Community     Elevate  Women   Mentor  Youth   Nurture  Globally   Sophis@cated     In@mate   Commerce   Educa@on   Community   Collabora@on   Content  Cura@on  
  13. 13. ELEVATE,  EDUCATE,  +  MENTOR   Kelly  S@ckel     President  +  Global  Community  Builder     Remodista   312-­‐371-­‐9302  I  Skype:  kelly.s@ckel