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Bricks and Mobile - Engaging the On-the-Go Consumer


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Consumers expect a meaningful in store mobile experience, are you prepared for bricks-and-mobile? Across the past year optimized in store experience has transitioned from exceeding customer expectations, to now simply meeting expectations – and QR codes are not enough. Panelists from leading retailers and mobile marketing leaders share successful mobile in store strategies to drive CRM, consumer engagement, and sales. The era of mobility has arrived, and your customers expect a customized relevant in store experience delivered to their phone- how does your company perform? Learn to push branded video games, mp3s, in-store specials and promotions that capture the attention of consumers and generate excitement around the products being sold.

Create traffic in stores during off-peak seasons
Increase POS opportunities
Target specific groups of consumers
Raise your brand awareness

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Bricks and Mobile - Engaging the On-the-Go Consumer

  1. 1. Engaging  the  On-­‐the-­‐Go  Consumer   Tim  Hayden,  CMO,  44Doors     Sco=  Forshay,  Director,  Mobile  Strategy,  Morpheaus  Media  Tom  Nawara,  Vice  President,  Digital  Strategy  and  Design,  Acquity  Group     Suhail  Pothigara,  Manager,  Mobile  Development  Program,  
  2. 2. Mobile Experience Solutions: Technology + Strategy
  3. 3. Mobile Experience Solutions: Technology + Strategy
  4. 4.  Sco=  Forshay  Director,  Mobile  Strategy   Morpheaus  Media  
  5. 5. Trend One: Connected Consumers are Consumers of Context
  6. 6. Trend Two: Intelligent Marketing is Now in the Moment.
  7. 7. Trend Three: The Mobile Medium Carries the Brand Narrative
  8. 8. Tom  Nawara  Vice  President,  Digital  Strategy  and  Design   Acquity  Group  
  9. 9. The  third  screen  is  already   the  first  screen   >5.4BB  mobile  accounts  globally   250MM  in  the  US   43%+  smartphones  9  
  10. 10. Notable  StaUsUcs   30%  [of  consumers  ages  25-­‐44  considered  a  retailer’s  mobile   competence  a  major  factor  when  shopping]  *   *  IDC  Insights,  2011  
  11. 11. Notable  StaUsUcs   47%  [of  consumers  have  accessed  customer  reviews   in-­‐store  using  their  mobile  device]  *   *  Social  Commerce  Survey,  September  2011  
  12. 12. Notable  StaUsUcs   53%  [of  on-­‐the-­‐go  shoppers  will  give  you  their  locaDon  in   exchange  for  more  relevant  content]  *   *  JiWire  Study,  September  2011  
  13. 13. Notable  StaUsUcs   56%   [of  people  believe  mobile  can  make  the  shopping  experience  more  enjoyable  ]  *   *  Lightspeed  Research,  2011  
  14. 14. Suhail  Pothigara  Manager,  Mobile  Channel  Development   Macy’s  Inc  
  15. 15. Web  Ads  have  been  shrunk  to  fit  in  the  mobile  channel..   Web  Banner   =   Mobile  Banner   ..and  they  are  not  working   “ 48%  to  60%  of  Mobile  ads  are  accidentally  hit”   -­‐  PonUflex  Survey  and  others.  
  16. 16. The  web  popups  have  reappeared  -­‐  just  more  annoying   =   Web  Popups   Push  NoUficaUons  
  17. 17. SoLoMo  +  Customer  Signals    The  new  mobile  adverUsing  and  engagement  success  factors   Web  Engagement  inputs:   Mobile  Engagement  inputs:   •  Search  Keywords   •  SOcial  network  integraUon   •  Browsing  history  (cookies)   •  Likes,  Fan  pages,  Social  buying   •  Shopping  and  purchase  history   •  LOcaUon  -­‐  Real-­‐Ume  Awareness   •  Social  integraUon   •  (GPS  +  Cell  tower)   •  Day  parts  +  weather   •  MObile  App  interacUons   •  Return  frequency   •  Product  Research  and  Purchases    Main  Areas  of  opportunity  In-­‐store  purchase  experience   GamificaUon  and  rewards   •  Store  price  and  availability.   •  scanning  barcodes  and  mobile  coupons   •  Rewarding  key  behaviors  with  Gih   •  Geo  Fencing  and  Mobile  Payments   cards,  coupons  and  other  rewards.  
  18. 18. Engaging  the  On-­‐the-­‐Go  Consumer   Tim  Hayden,  CMO,  44Doors     Sco=  Forshay,  Director,  Mobile  Strategy,  Morpheaus  Media  Tom  Nawara,  Vice  President,  Digital  Strategy  and  Design,  Acquity  Group     Suhail  Pothigara,  Manager,  Mobile  Development  Program,