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Recover Data From Encrypted SD Card


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Remo Recover software can easily and effectively recover data from SD card which has been encrypted.

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Recover Data From Encrypted SD Card

  1. 1. Remo Recover Software(Mac)
  2. 2. Encryption is mainly used to provide security for our files and folders from getting access to the unauthorized person. Only the person having password can decrypt and access the data from it. It is the process of converting data to an unrecognizable or encrypted form. You can encrypt any kind of storage devices such as hard drives, SD cards, and many more. What is Encryption?
  3. 3. How data get lost from encrypted SD card? Nowadays, most of us using electronic devices like mobile phones, which is having SD card has external storage space. In that, we store our important files and folders and at any time we can access data from it. In order, to keep the data safe from unknown users we encrypt SD card by using third party application. However, when we are transferring data from system to SD card or vice- versa. The data stored in SD card are more vulnerable to lose due to various reasons like intrusion of viruses, usage of unreliable encryption software, etc.
  4. 4. Factors for deletion of files from SD card: • Accidental deletion of data • SD card corrupted • Abnormally ejecting SD card when is connected to the system • Interruption during transfer of files • Intrusion of malicious programs like virus, worms, Trojan, etc. • When the data is still reading or writing in SD card, if the system suddenly shut downs.
  5. 5. Remo Recover (MAC) tool can easily perform encrypted SD card recovery operation on all the version of Mac operating system. This tool is built with simple graphical user interface using this even non technical user can easily understand its each and every steps for restoring data from SD cards. It can also recover different types of data such as video songs, text documents, audio, etc from the SD card. This application can easily recover files that are erased from the flash memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, iPods and more. Features of Remo Recover (MAC) Software:
  6. 6. Steps to recover data from SD card: • Install the Remo Recover and launch the software. Then, you will see main screen. Select Recover Volumes / Drives option.
  7. 7. • Choose the encrypted SD card drive from which data is to be recovered and then click on Next button.
  8. 8. • To finish scanning process, the software may take few minutes and after which, a list of recovered data from encrypted SD card will be displayed.
  9. 9. • In this screen, you can save the data scanning process to avoid re-scanning of the encrypted SD card by using Save Recovery Session option.
  10. 10. Thank You