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Are you in the money transfer business? We at RemitONE have the complete money transfer solution for you: proven & compliant technology platforms, assistance with license & regulation and instant access to all the continents.

Whether you are a bank, money transfer operator, mobile virtual network operator, post office or a startup company, you can claim your stake in the trillion dollar industry. You can run your entire remittance, foreign exchange and mobile top-up operations from your RemitONE platform.

We have money transfer solutions for all types of organisations. With compliance in mind, we have built several products to help you rapidly reach out to your customers through multiple channels, including agents, airtime, EFTPOS terminals, FX stations, kiosks, mobile phones, online portals and prepaid cards.

Our products are supported on multiple platforms and devices – Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.

We can rapidly setup your money transfer system and you can be operational almost instantly. You can use our products as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or buy the license to use them indefinitely.

We provide 24 x 7 support, including a dedicated engineer on weekends. It does not matter where your business is based, or where your send or payout agents are located. You can ensure KYC and AML compliance across the globe with your RemitONE platform.

If you are a startup and struggling with your money service business license or bank account, RemitONE Consulting can help you.

You can rapidly expand in over 100 countries, increase your transaction volumes by over 100% every quarter, get connected with industry leading banks and MTOs across the globe - all through your RemitONE platform.

You can reach out to customers via agents, ATMs, EFTPOS terminals, kiosks, online portals and mobile phones – even in areas with no Internet connectivity. You can automate your compliance rules; set amazing promotions and discounts for your customers; market your special commissions and exchange rates; manage your accounting in a streamlined manner and connect with our RemitONE community of businesses like you from around the world.

Contact RemitONE today...

Get connected. Get empowered.

RemitONE - Empowering Remittance

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RemitONE - Money Transfer Systems

  1. 1. Money Transfer Solutions EMPOWERING REMITTANCE™
  2. 2. About RemitONE • Founded in 2007 in London, UK with an international footprint • Leaders in delivering money transfer solutions, consulting, technology & business growth • Advanced agent/POS, EMV, mobile, online, self-service kiosk, ATM, prepaid card & SMS solutions • Independent Software Vendor (ISV), in-house software development & Consultancy focussing on money transfer markets • Global presence via resellers in Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan & Singapore • Key partnerships with industry players such as the International Association of Money Transfer Networks ( & a working relationship with several regulators • Our platform integrates with the world’s leading money transfer operators (MTOs), banks and other key players of the money transfer payments space • Top banks, MTOs and Telcos use our platforms © 2015 RemitONE Ltd. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Our USPs • Proven end-to-end, multi-channel platforms for money transfer businesses & banks to empower their customers’ sending & receiving money via agents, ATMs, mobiles, EFTPOS terminals, self- service kiosks, online portals and prepaid cards • A powerful, industry-grade Compliance Rules Engine™ recognised by regulators worldwide • Expertise in the money transfer space and partnerships with key industry players • Consulting experience in assisting businesses with regulatory licensing and bank account acquisitions • RemitONE Community is a special privilege afforded to our clients worldwide - we foster your growth by connecting you to our impressive client network spanning 100+ countries © 2015 RemitONE Ltd. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. RemitONE Money Transfer Solutions © 2015 RemitONE Ltd. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Benefits of RemitONE Empowered Business Entities: You can approach and build your own network of agents by offering them your platform customised to their needs Empowered Business Users: You have instant access to business critical information to deal effectively with your customer requests Significantly Reduced Costs: Eliminate your labour-intensive tasks and run your entire money transfer operation with minimal maintenance Improved Business Process Management: You can monitor and manage every stage of your transaction through enhanced automation 24/7 Support: You can reach us at any time you want Business Setup & Growth: You can be up and running on your own money transfer platform (rental or sale) within a few days and rapidly tap into new markets and make use of the send and delivery networks of other service providers to grow your business Achieve instant ROI now © 2015 RemitONE Ltd. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Some of our customers