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Copywriting for the reluctant


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Slides from my talk at Bamboo Juice.

Published in: Technology, Business, Education
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Copywriting for the reluctant

  1. 1. Paul Annett (used with permission)
  2. 2. Clearleft
  3. 3. Extreme freelancing
  4. 4. From Site to Sites
  5. 5. Visually minded
  6. 6. Caught unawares
  7. 7. Not his forte
  8. 8. Speech! Speech!
  9. 9. sxsw09
  10. 10. Copy: Hell, yes, it’s important!
  11. 11. “But I don’t DO writing!”
  12. 12. Reading
  13. 13. Swipe File
  14. 14. Write letters
  15. 15. Be authentic
  16. 16. Playing Copy Tetris
  17. 17. Copy writing in 20 minutes
  18. 18. Takeaway copy: KFC
  19. 19. Know What are the benefits? Now, what are the real benefits? photo: Ben Ward
  20. 20. Feel (I don’t know about you but I feel intensely worried on that little girl’s behalf.) Photo: kevindooley
  21. 21. Call to action Make like a toddler: “NOW! NOW! NOW!”
  22. 22. First, make a list of every feature of your product or service. Second, ask yourself why each feature is included in the first place. Third, take the “why” and ask “how” does this connect with the prospect’s desires? Fourth, get to the absolute root of what’s in it for the prospect at an emotional level. from
  23. 23. Mockup: Irregular Shed
  24. 24. Startup company, has webapp that puts filters on photos to make people look more attractive
  25. 25. - targeted users Companies sexing up employee photos for brochures Teenagers/Twenty somethings on social networks (for profile pics and similar) Mothers hoping to make their kids look extra-cute for family Christmas card
  26. 26. Direct headlines “Fotofakr Fotobooks - 20% off”
  27. 27. Indirect headlines “Save money while saving face”
  28. 28. This is the News! “Fotofakr launches to wide derision by beautiful people”
  29. 29. How to “How to make every freckle fade.”
  30. 30. Question? “Do the words ‘Please include photo’ fill you with dread?”
  31. 31. Commands “Put the sex back into sexual harrassment - your secretary today”
  32. 32. Ways and Whys (otherwise known as diggbait) “10 ways to create a man-catching photo” or “5 reasons why you’re too ugly to make the board.”
  33. 33. The End (or rather, The Beginning)