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Avail Annual Health Check-ups With Religare Health Insurance


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Annual Health check-ups every year without any extra cost from Religare Health Insurance Policy for adult insured members.

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Avail Annual Health Check-ups With Religare Health Insurance

  1. 1. Avail HEALTH CHECK-UPS Every Year with Religare Health Insurance “Care”
  2. 2. List of Medical Tests covered in the Annual Health Check-up?
  3. 3. Who Can Avail? Yourself + Adult Family Members covered by Religare Health Insurance Policy
  4. 4. How? Follow 3 Easy Steps: 1. Just call our Call Centre 2. Fix an appointment 3. Avail Health Check-Up
  5. 5. How Much I Pay? You Pay NOTHING extra to avail a Health Checkup with Religare Health Insurance Policy
  6. 6. What if I made a Claim? You are eligible for Health Checkup even if you made a claim with us…
  7. 7. Visit Thank You