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Debt validation letter after 30 days


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After 30 Days, Debt Validation Letter

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Debt validation letter after 30 days

  1. 1. [TodaysDate][RecipientName][RecipientAddressLine1][RecipientCityStatePostalCode]To Whom It May Concern:I am enclosing a copy of the letter that I mailed you requesting that youverify the alleged debt your company claims I owe. More than 30 days havepassed and I have not received proof that you have validated the debt[AccountItemList].Therefore, in accordance with section 1692e(8) of theDebt Collection Practices Act, which states that any information that is“false, deceptive or misleading” cannot be reported to any credit bureau, Irequest that you immediately delete this false and misleading informationfrom my credit report.Please send me a copy of my updated credit report as soon as the above hasbeen completed.Sincerely,[CustomerFirstName] [CustomerLastName][CustomerSSN][CustomerDOB][CustomerAddressLine1][CustomerCityStatePostalCode]