Reviewing the Apple Iphone 5C


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With the iPhone 5c, Apple has crafted a device that is definitely more than the sum of its parts. It is designed intelligently and runs all the apps you could possibly want with ease. With an exemplary camera and most modern functions, this device is another masterpiece from Apple!

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Reviewing the Apple Iphone 5C

  1. 1. iPhone 5C Review
  2. 2. Design • The iPhone 5C has a polycarbonate body. • The back is very glossy but the phones sits well in the hand. • It feels like a good old iPhone and that’s a great thing.
  3. 3. Display • The 4inch retina display takes many cues from its elder sibling – the iPhone 5S. • It offers a1136-by-640pixel resolution at 326 ppi. • The screen is highly resistant to fingerprints and so far, we’ve loved the screen on our iPhone 5C.
  4. 4. Processor • Apple is using the same A6 chip it used on the iPhone 5. • This in no way is an obsolete device and we found that the iPhone 5C has enough juice to run just about any app we could think of.
  5. 5. iOS 7 • iOS 7 includes a redesigned user interface and numerous functionality changes. • A fully formed control center is just an up-swipe away at any time, whether the phone is locked or not. It provides quick access to the media buttons, as well as a screen brightness slider; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flight mode and a host of other features.
  6. 6. Phone Features • The most notable feature is that well, there’s nothing significant apart from the fingerprint scanner missing from the feature set of the iPhone 5S. • While this is being targeted towards the younger audience, Apple has taken care to ensure that all of the apps and signature features run seamlessly.
  7. 7. Colour Me Free! • The phone is available in white, yellow, green, blue and red. • In addition, the optional coloured case has a open mesh and this creates interesting colour contrasts with the various colours.
  8. 8. Camera • The phone comes with an 8MP camera that shoots high quality images. • It also shoots 1080p HD videos at 30fps. • The front-facing 1.3 MP camera is great for face-time, video-calling and Skype.
  9. 9. Performance • Given the ultra fast processor, we found the device a delight to use. • Multi-tasking is a breeze and the new OS really shakes things up a bit.
  10. 10. Verdict • Even though the iPhone 5C is being marketed as cheaper version of the iPhone 5S, it doesn’t feel inferior in anyway. • It feels like an iPhone should and represents a great device for someone new to the whole iPhone experience.