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Relaborate at NMHC LaunchPad


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This is the presentation given by Andy Boyer, Co-Founder of Relaborate at the NMHC OpTech LaunchPad.

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Relaborate at NMHC LaunchPad

  1. 1. Content Marketing, Simplified Andy Boyer | Co-Founder | | @aboyer | @relaborate
  2. 2. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborate
  3. 3. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborate
  4. 4. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborate
  6. 6. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborate
  7. 7. Three Huge Trends Are SIMPLIFIED CONTENT MARKETING, Converging Which Can @relaborate @aboyer | SaveYou from Content Marketing FailureCompanies Now Ad DollarsRecognize This Need Are Being Shifted toto Create Timely, Relevant, Social Media SoftwareHigh Quality Content and Content Marketing Your Young Workforce Understands How to Expertly Use Social Channels
  8. 8. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborate Relaborate is the premier application being used by Marketing Managersto easily get information from subject matter experts that they can then usein online and social channels.
  9. 9. Relaborate is a MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED creation application with CONTENT web based content @aboyer | @relaborate1 Writing Guides 2 Collaboration Tools 3 Trending Topics.These make it easy for marketing managers to Get Content Started. 1 2 3
  10. 10. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborateWhere we are going next Email Contributions Mobile/Tablet Applications Social Log-in and Sharing Semantic Search
  11. 11. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborateWho on Your Team Can Use RelaborateYour Content Managers, SocialMedia and Marketing ManagersYour Industry and Subject MatterExperts. Property Managers,Executives, even You
  12. 12. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborateWho Has Endorsed Us So Far• Pillar Properties, Merrill Gardens and more than 100 other companies testing our current beta• Finalist at Northwest Entrepreneur Network and Washington Technology Alliance Tech Showcases• Angel Funded with Advisory board of CEO’s and CTO’s of Cranium, Zapd, Korrio and
  13. 13. We’re not just a “tech” product. CONTENT MARKETING, SIMPLIFIED @aboyer | @relaborateWe’re a marketing product that makes life easier.Before Front Page… Before YouTube… Before Instagram…you had to be a you had to understand you needed a designWebmaster to how to configure a suite to add effects tounderstand how to build media server to post mobile photosa simple web site videos online Before Photoshop… Before Blogger and Writing is the most you needed a degree in Wordpress… common form of Graphic Design to You had to understand content, yet no one had manipulate images how to configure a web been able to successfully server to have your own develop a tool to make voice online this task easier for subject matter experts.
  14. 14. Content Marketing, Simplified Thanks! Email me: Signup at: Follow us on Twitter: @RelaborateThis presentation is available for download at