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EP Henry Catalog


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A catalog highlighting EP Henry's wide range of hardscaping products and relating their beauty to the artwork done by some of the great masters.

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EP Henry Catalog

  1. 1. The Art of Outdoor Living By EP Henry
  2. 2. Bring life to your landscape... Inspiration is at the heart of every artistic endeavor. A blank canvas is transformed into a wondrous still-life, flowing with brilliant colors and stirring images. Consider then your home’s landscape. Isn’t it time that you ventured beyond the blank canvas? EP Henry’s premium line of Contents ™ Hardscaping products will inspire you to change your landscape into Elegant Patios something extraordinary. . . with striking patios, walkways, driveways, Page 2 pool decks and garden walls. Graceful Walkways and Steps Page 12 Distinguished Driveways Page 20 Enhance your home and lifestyle with EP Henry. Our century-old Alluring Pool Decks Page 28 tradition of quality and service ensures you of an impressive original you’ll cherish today and for years to come. Charming Borders Page 34 Imaginative Walls Page 38 Inspired Offerings Page 46 Creative Events Page 56 Authorized Distributors Page 69 Products and Color Selections Page 72 Typical Patterns Page 80 EP Henry FAQs Page 82 EP Henry Promise Page 84 Cover : Garden at Giverny Claude Monet - 1895 Revisited by EP Henr y House in a Landscape August Macke - 1910 Revisited by EP Henr y Note: Colors of printed illustrations throughout this catalog TM may vary slightly from actual Hardscaping products. S TA D T I S C H E S M U S E U M / B R I D G E M A N A RT L I B R A RY
  3. 3. elegant patios Claude Monet, whose famous painting “Impression, Sunrise” gave name to the Impressionist movement in France, enjoyed “series” painting where he captured a specific subject or landscape in various light and weather conditions. EP Henry patios present their own masterpiece throughout the year. Whether it is the summer sun or an autumn rain dancing off the natural TM Hardscape surface, EP Henry patios assure you of timeless beauty you’ll long treasure. Embrace the elegant charm and durability of EP Henry and create a lasting impression. Madame Monet on a Garden Bench Claude Monet - 1873 Revisited by EP Henr y 2
  4. 4. P R I VAT E C O L L E C T I O N / B R I D G E M A N A R T L I B R A RY The Art of Outdoor Living 3
  5. 5. graceful walkways and steps When gazing upon the work of the great French painter, Paul Cezanne, you appreciate his mastery of color, subject and composition. The inter-relationship between all three manifests itself in EP Henry walkways and steps. More than simply a way to get from here to there, EP Henry creates an avenue that excites the senses and blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings. The House at Bellevue Paul Cezanne - 1888-92 Revisited by EP Henr y 12
  6. 6. The Art of Outdoor Living 13
  7. 7. distinguished driveways In the forefront of France’s Impressionist movement was Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Renoir’s use of vibrant light and color invites you into his renowned landscape and portrait paintings. In the same fashion, an EP Henry driveway beckons visitors to your home. Our Hardscaping™ products’ rich natural texture and refined color palette create a warm yet impressive entranceway. Pride in craftsmanship thrives at EP Henry where there truly is no substitute for an original. C o l l e t t e ’s H o u s e at Cagne Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1912 Revisited by EP Henr y 20
  8. 8. COURTESY CHRISTIE'S IMAGES, INC. (2006) OF 21 The Art of Outdoor Living
  9. 9. alluring pool decks Paul Gauguin was well known for his rich experimentation with color and also for his romantic depictions of unblemished paradise. EP Henry pool decks create a serene environment for your own personal paradise. As a premier manufacturer of HardscapingTM, EP Henry offers almost limitless design possibilities to reflect your individual tastes. L’A l l é e d e s Alyscamps, Arles Paul Gauguin - 1888 Revisited by EP Henr y 28
  10. 10. COURTESY CHRISTIE'S IMAGES, INC. (2006) OF 29 The Art of Outdoor Living
  11. 11. charming borders People enjoying leisurely pursuits were a favorite subject of Edouard Manet. He also captured memorable scenes of colorful gardens.Think of EP Henry borders as a frame to create your own tranquil space. The elegance and quality of our HardscapingTM products complement your landscape and transform it into a living work of art. The Bench (My Garden) Edouard Manet - 1881 Revisited by EP Henr y 34
  12. 12. THE GRANGER COLLECTION, NEW YORK 35 The Art of Outdoor Living
  13. 13. imaginative walls Among the most famous works of art in the world are the paintings and drawings of the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. Initially working in somber colors, his later pieces exhibited a far wider expression with the use of more vibrant hues. Express your own sense of freedom and style with a wall system from EP Henry. Elegant walls made from natural materials harmonize with, and add an exciting new depth to, your landscape. Wheat Field with Cypresses Vincent van Gogh - 1889 Revisited by EP Henr y 38
  14. 14. N AT I O N A L G A L L E RY / B R I D G E M A N A RT L I B R A RY 39 The Art of Outdoor Living
  15. 15. inspired of ferings Claude Monet captured life in late 19th century France painting familiar scenes and landscapes in and around Paris. You, too, can capture the grace and elegance of an earlier time with EP Henry’s DevonStone® Collection, where old world craftsmanship is reborn in this stunning cast stone line. Whether your tastes run to old or new, EP Henry has a product to complement your home. The Luncheon Claude Monet - 1873 Revisited by EP Henr y 46
  16. 16. THE GRANGER COLLECTION, NEW YORK 47 The Art of Outdoor Living
  17. 17. creative events French painter Georges-Pierre Seurat is known for his scientific approach to painting in dots rather than strokes to achieve br ighter color. His works vividly show that color can be used in art to create emotion and har mony. EP Henr y evokes similar feelings through its masterfully TM crafted Hardscaping exhibits. We encourage you to visit us at the Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia Home Show and other special events. Experience some of our extraordinary work and leave inspired to go to work on your canvas. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Georges-Pierre Seurat - 1884-1886 Revisited by EP Henr y 56
  18. 18. ART INSTITUTE C H I C A G O / B R I D G E M A N A RT L I B R A RY OF 57 The Art of Outdoor Living