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Great coperchio-per-contenitore-sottovuoto-rettangolare-braun-900-ml-review


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Great coperchio-per-contenitore-sottovuoto-rettangolare-braun-900-ml-review

  1. 1. Great!- Coperchio per Contenitore Sottovuoto Rettangolare BRAUN 900ml-ReviewDiscount on Coperchio per Contenitore Sottovuoto Rettangolare BRAUN 900 ml]Coperchio per contenitore sottovuoto rettangolare Braun, capienza 900 ml. Compatibile con i seguenti modelli: Multiquick 3,Minipimer 3, Multiquick advantage, Minipimer advantage, Multiquick fresh, Minipimer fresh, MR300, MR320,MR 330, MR4000,MR4050, BC4000, CA4000, HC4000, WH4000, VP1, VP4000, CT900, CT3100, Multiquick 5, Minipimer 5, Multiquick 7,Minipimer 7, Multiquick professional, Minipimer professional, MR500, MR530, MR540, MR550, MR560, MR570, MR700,MR730, MR5500, MR5550, MR5555, MR6500, MR6550FP, BC5000/6000, CA5000/6000, HC5000/6000, WH5000/6000, VP2,FP6000 VP5000/6000, CT900, CT3100, MR4000, MR4050, BC4000, CA4000, HC4000, WH4000, VP2, VP4000, CT900, CT3100,FreshWare, VP5000, CT600, CT900, CT1200, CT3100, FS5000. Confezione: 1 pezzo (Originale).