Tdn 2010 English Open Tresor


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Sportscar Tour in September 2010

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Tdn 2010 English Open Tresor

  1. 1. 20-27 September 2010 Tour des Niveaux Comfort
  2. 2. Start point … is here in front of the Hôtel Royal, Evian. Once youʼve packed your bags, weʼll head straight up into the mountains. On the first day, we will meander through the French Limestone Alps, close to the main ridge of the Alps. We will also drive through the Aravis and the Beaufortain ranges.
  3. 3. In the Limestone Alps The Chablais Alps On the first day, we will drive a semicircular route around the western side of Mont Blanc. As long as the weather is good, youʼll always have a good view of this huge, white mountain. The Col des Saisies, Col dʼAravis and Col du Pré passes provide the best views.
  4. 4. Laundry room Going over mountain passes at any time of year always runs the risk of fog, rain and occasionally snow. This is where youʼll get your first glimpse of the stretch down to the Lac des Roselend between Beaufort and Bourg-Saint- Maurice. Itʼs an absolutely breathtaking landscape but, as you can see from the picture above, there have been occasions where the visibility has dropped to under 30 metres. Just another driving experience to enjoy.
  5. 5. Views But, the weather is not always bad! Here the same position as the image before. But, slightly different weather conditions.
  6. 6. Breaks “Col dʻAravis“ Short breaks to have a breather, take photos and generally enjoy. A short pause during which you can stretch your legs – then weʼll carry on.
  7. 7. Mont Blanc from behind … … at long last, we drive through the clouds and reach the northern section of the spectacular Col de la Madeleine at a height of exactly 2,000 metres above sea level. If the Col de lʼIseran is still closed for the winter, the Tour des Niveaux will take you over this pass.
  8. 8. The tour summit At the highest point of the pass Surrounded by the snow-covered mountains of the French High Alps, 2770 metres above sea level on the Col de lʼIseran. The wonderful, breathtaking countryside and fantastic mountain passes will make any car fanʼs heart beat faster.
  9. 9. Villa Morelia, Jausiers Well parked.
  10. 10. Maritime Alps (Col dʼAllos, northern section) We sometimes deviate from the official Route des Grandes Alpes. This is the ascent section of the Col dʼAllos, a great alternative to the Col de la Cayolle. Driving the Col dʼAllos (and the directly connected Col des Champs) in September means that there is a high probability of experiencing around 50– 60 kilometres of mountain passes without meeting any traffic.
  11. 11. Over the rooftops of Nice Finally we arrive in the South! After approximately 700 kilometres of mountain passes through one of the loneliest regions of central Europe, we will drive leisurely through the city of Nice via the Moyenne Corniche to Eze. Sea views included.
  12. 12. Eze Our stopover on the Côte dʼAzur The Château de la Chèvre dʼÔr can be found behind the church on the sea- facing side of Ezeʼs rocky peak.
  13. 13. Car Park, Chateau de la Chèvre DʻÔr This is where you can leave your car for a couple of days (while you enjoy the hospitality in the chateau). The sports cars will be left to enjoy the views of the countryside or the wide expanse of the Mediterranean under the watchful eye of the parking attendant.
  14. 14. La Grande Corniche The Grande Corniche has the best views of the three coastal routes between Nice and Menton.
  15. 15. Winetasting In Gioʼs wine cellar Bellet is a microscopically small vineyard region in the countryside surrounding Nice. The amounts produced are tiny, but the quality of the wine produced by individual winegrowers is remarkable. Joseph Sergi (Gio) is a Bellet success story. His wines are included on wine lists in various famous restaurants, including La Bastide in Grasse and La Pinede in St Tropez. Itʼs unusual to be able to get him to provide wine for tastings as he only produces 14,000 bottles a year. However, if heʼs in a good mood, he will open the smallest case he can find – but he will also do this for ʻclientsʼ who have travelled from Lake Geneva in sports cars.
  16. 16. Eze at night Full moon over Cap Ferrat
  17. 17. Itinerary for the Tour des Niveaux Comfort Day 1 (Mon. 20/09): Travel to Sciez Ascent to Hotel Chateau de Coudrée in Sciez direct at Lake Geneva. Day 2 (Tues. 21/09) Sciez – Bourg-St-Maurice (approx. 210 km) Mont Blanc dominates the start of the Route des Grandes Alpes! We will drive in a semicircular route around the highest mountain in Europe, going through passes that go up to 2,000 metres above sea level. Day 3 (Wed. 22/09) Bourg-St-Maurice – Jausiers (approx. 260 km) Very early in the morning, we will make our way over the famous Tour de France route towards the picturesque Alpine town of Briançon. Along the way is the imposing Galibier, including its legendary ascent which is known as ʻthe black hell of Galibierʼ. The afternoon stretch takes in breezy larch forests, the Casse Déserte behind the Col dʼIzoard and the picturesque countryside between Vars and Jausiers. Day 4 (Thurs. 23/09) Jausiers – Jausiers (approx. 244km) The extra day in Alpes Haute Provençe. A circular route full of superlatives: we will travel 2,880 metres above sea level on the Col de la Bonnette to the highest point of the TDNC. Then the Col de Lombarde and Col de la Cayolle will top off this day trip. Includes a classic Alpine picnic. Day 5 (Fri. 24/09) Jausiers – Côte dʼAzûr (225 km) Drive through the Maritime Alps down to the sea and then up again to a height of approx. 2,300 metres above sea level. We will have lunch along the way. Drive through the Maritime Alps (including the Col de Turini) to the Côte dʼAzûr. Day 6 (Sat. 25/09): On the Côte d'Azûr Short guided tour through Niceʼs old town. We will visit perfume manufacturer Fragonard in Eze in the afternoon. Day 7 (Sun. 26/09): Round trip through the Upper Provence Alps (approx. 160 km) We will travel through the Upper Provence Alps along narrow country lanes – hopefully without meeting oncoming traffic. The Clues de Haute Provence provides the breathtaking surroundings for this automotive treat. Day 8 (Mon. 27/09): Departure Make your own way home after a hearty breakfast on the hotel terrace.
  18. 18. The stopovers Chateau de Coudrée Château de Coudrée, a moated castle with over a thousand years of history, has an impressive location on the southern bank of Lake Geneva, not to mention extremely well- preserved architecture dating from the twelfth century. The antique style of the interior goes perfectly with the exterior. Many of the fireplaces, wooden ceilings, paintings and tapestries come from old Italian palaces and lend the entire place a special atmosphere of authenticity. The Château de Coudrée has been owned by the Réale-Laden family for many years. Guests can enjoy their highly personal approach to hospitality which stands in direct contrast to the anonymity of standardised luxury hotels. Catherine Réale-Laden is the manager and her twin daughters Caroline (hotel management) and Marina (head chef of the gourmet restaurant) are very involved in the day-to-day running of the hotel. Their moated castle really is the apple of their eye.
  19. 19. Hotel LʻAutantic, Bourg-St.Maurice In summer, the Les Arcs–Val dʼIsère region traditionally goes into ʻhibernationʼ, as hotels and restaurants are usually closed following the rush of the ski season. There are few exceptions to this, but luckily for us the Hotel LʼAutantic in Bourg- Saint-Maurice is one of them. This hotel is managed by a family and is an incredibly hospitable place to stay. And if the managerʼs husband fires up his Type 29 Bugatti (in original racing condition: 2.3-litre supercharged engine, 200 hp, any passenger will get their backside roasted because of the heat of the exhaust), any late sleepers in the hotel are guaranteed to fall out of bed in shock, but itʼs well worth it. The veritable roar this car produces (noise reduction technology did not exist then) will really bring a smile to your face. Though heʼll only do it if we explicitly ask him to. His wife does not really approve of it.
  20. 20. Villa Morelia, Jausiers When a group of French explorers returned to their homeland from Mexico at the beginning of the twentieth century, they built a splendid estate in Jausiers named after the city from which they had just returned: the Villa Morelia. Just a century later, there was little left of the dreams of a once proud populace. Marie-Christine and Robert Boudard came across the villa by chance in 2001. What they saw was a park that had been left to go wild and a neglected house with the wind whistling right through it, but they bought it anyway. Even then, they could see its potential to become what it is today: a luxurious guest house in the middle of the countryside. Each room is individually decorated with antique furnishings from all over Europe. History has been kind to the Villa Morelia, much to the joy of its guests.
  21. 21. Château de la Chèvre d´Ôr, Eze Your first impression of the Chèvre dʼÔr will be an overwhelming scent of jasmine. In September, thousands of blooms rain down on the Chèvre dʼÔrʼs grounds from the rocky cliffs of the medieval village of Eze. Your second impression will be no less spectacular: the sea. Everywhere you look you can see water. The hotel is located on an ancient eagleʼs nest right above the beach. The restaurants, terraces and rooms look out on one thing and one thing only: the sea and the early morning sun. There are some amazing hotels in the world, but none of them provides quite as much exhilaration at only 300 metres above sea level.
  22. 22. Culinary Itinerary The Tour des Niveaux Comfort is a trip through French haute cuisine. We will come across lots of talented chefs, from the young Laurent Lemal in his kitchen in Jausiers, who has his first Michelin star firmly in his sights, and Phillip Labbé in the restaurant at La Chèvre dʼÔr, who already has two stars, to the old master Alain Ducasse, who has held a number of stars for several years. As well as our Michelin jaunts, we will also stop for a few bites to eat just off the beaten track and enjoy some selected regional delicacies. Day 1: Sciez Evening meal in the gourmet restaurant François 1er. Chef Marina Réale-Laden, the daughter of the family who owns the hotel, learnt her trade from none other than Alain Ducasse. Very talented. In her first year as an independent chef, Gault Millau awarded her work with 15 Gault Millau points. Day 2: Lac de Roselend / Bourg-St-Maurice Lunch: Specialities from the Savoy region with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc and the Lac de Roselend. Evening meal in LʼArssiban in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. This is where the locals eat. Days 3 and 4: Col dʼIzoard / Jausiers / Pierlas / Jausiers Lunch at 2,100 metres above sea level in the idyllic Refuge Napoleon on the Col dʼIzoard. Evening meal in the restaurant Le Grand Siécle in the Villa Morelia by chef Laurent Lemal. With his first star firmly in his sights, Ducasseʼs pupil creates amazing dishes that show he really is on the way up. Day 5: Valberg / Eze Lunch along the way. Evening meal at Château de la Chèvre dʼÔr by chef Phillippe Labbé (two Michelin stars). Experimental cooking at the highest level – Labbé has a third star well within his reach. Day 6: Nizza / Beaulieu-sûr-mer Lunch in La Merenda by chef Dominique Le Stanc (Der Feinschmecker (ʻthe gourmetʼ, German gourmet magazine) says: ʻOnce a star chef, always a star chef: after catering for a larger clientele in the grand Hôtel Negresco, Dominique Le Stanc has now also conquered the hearts of diners in his small bistro. Niçoise cuisine of the highest standard.ʼ) Evening meal in Les Agaves in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Straightforward Provençal cuisine. Day 7: Bellet / Monaco Lunch with wine and olive oil tasting at the Le Clos Saint Vincent winery in Bellet, north of Nice. In the evening, THE culinary highlight: meal in Louis XV in Monaco, an Alain Ducasse restaurant, where the friendly, reserved head chef Franck Cerutti conjures up pure joy for the palate, leaving a room full of enraptured guests with smiles on their faces.
  23. 23. Services Included The Tour des Niveaux Comfort trip organised by Loeven Sportwagen includes: • Eight-day experience trip in your own sports car • Small, but flexible group of max. six couples/sports cars • Seven overnight stays with breakfast (see trip description for hotels); rooms mainly in superior or deluxe category with sea or lake views • Seven lunches • Seven evening meals • Luggage service: your luggage will be transported from hotel to hotel and will be taken to your room before you arrive • Champagne reception in the Château de Coudrée • Taxi transfers • Local taxes • Guided tour in German, French and English • Information material • Tour map with route plans Price: 6,200 euros per person in double room, excluding beverages.
  24. 24. Upgrades Single room supplement for seven nights 1,870 euros per person Single room supplement in Sciez 200 euros per person per night Single room supplement in Bourg-Saint-Maurice 90 euros per person per night Single room supplement in Jausiers 220 euros per person per night Single room supplement in Eze 380 euros per person per night Suites Junior suite in Château de Coudrée 180 euros per person per night Garden suite in the Villa Morelia 100 euros per person per night Junior suite in the Chèvre dʼÔr 240 euros per person per night Suite in the Chèvre dʼÔr 410 euros per person per night Drinks and petrol are not included. Drinks fund In order to avoid complicated bills in hotels and restaurants, we suggest a drinks fund. At the start of the trip, each person pays the same amount into the fund (in our experience, 1,600 euros per person is usually sufficient). At the end of the trip, the total will be calculated. Any money left will be distributed among guests or – as is usually preferred – spent on charity behalfs. If the amount does not cover the total, i.e. if we have a few too many fans of Château Latour travelling with us, then everyone must pay some additional money at the end of the trip (but this has not happened yet).
  25. 25. Participant declaration on liability exclusion (Exclusion of claims against event organiser) The event organiser assumes no liability for any personal injuries, damage to property and financial losses that participants (drivers and car owners) may incur. By submitting a registration form for themselves and any dependents, participants agree that they have no possibility of recourse to legal action for any damage or accident that occurs in connection with this event, and that they have no right to action or legal recourse against: - the event organiser and their assistants; - drivers, owners or passengers taking part in the event; - authorities and other individuals who are involved in the organisation and implementation of the event. Participants are solely responsible for providing liability waivers (preferably in written form) with respect to any claims that an assistant may make against a participant for an action that they were responsible for. Participants take part in the event at their own risk. Participants bear the sole civil and legal responsibility for any damage caused to their own vehicle or a vehicle that they are using, as long as no liability exclusion has been stipulated in accordance with this declaration or the event organiserʼs terms and conditions. The applicant/driver must be the owner of the vehicle used in the event. If the applicant/driver is not the owner of the vehicle used in the event, this declaration and the liability waiver must signed by the vehicle owner. In accordance with civil law, the applicant/driver is also responsible for ensuring that the waiver is legally valid. It is not the responsibility of the event organiser to check this. The event organiser retains the right to make any changes to the itinerary in the event of an act of God, for reasons of safety or if required to do so by the authorities. They also reserve the right to cancel the event due to exceptional circumstances if necessary, without being liable to claims for damages. The applicant is also required to drive the vehicle named in the declaration. Each additional driver must sign this declaration before the start of the event. By submitting the declaration, I unconditionally accept this statement of non-liability! The undersigned recognises the conditions of this declaration and agrees to adhere to the provisions/implementation regulations yet to be determined. They confirm that the details entered here are correct and the registered vehicle complies with road traffic regulations in all respects. The driver confirms that they possess a valid driving licence. Signature of the car owner/driver
  26. 26. Reinhard Loeven Managing Director Loeven Sportwagentouren Goethestr. 1 D-79100 Freiburg Tel.: +49 (0) 761 89 76 472 Fax: +49 (0) 761 89 76 473 Cell: +49 (0) 179 792 80 70