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Brand Presentation New 2011


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Brand Presentation New 2011

  1. 1. Brand Presentation
  2. 2. Gems & PEARLS GEMS & PearlsOur Brand StatementFEEL THE BEAUTYWe believe beauty is a state of mind, a life-affirming and passionate attitude thatjoins a woman throughout her life. In its wisdom, nature grants unique beauty toeach age.Beauty goes beyond appearances. It is the awakening of your senses, thesweeping emotion of feeling good about yourself and living at your best. At GA-DE we put our heart and expertise into making skincare and make-up that helps men and women express their inner beauty. We take delight in the knowledge that our customers are feeling their beauty with extra verve and exuberance, every moment of the day.
  3. 3. Brand ConceptGEMS & PEARLSSince the dawn of civilization, man has mined the depths of the earthand oceans to extract a treasure trove of Gems & Pearls. Revered for theirmystery and awesome beauty, these natural wonders have adornedwomen since the beginning of time.Gems & Pearls inspire us with their timeless beauty and elegance.GA-DE has discovered their unique powers: the harmony of jade andmalachite, the purity of amethyst, the natural iridescence of pearl andthe energy of tourmaline. Weve infused these unique properties intoour products, offering you a totally new beauty experience.
  4. 4. GEMS & PEARLSBody & SoulAt GA-DE we believe beauty is an awakening of the senses, a harmonious meeting of mind,body and soul.Through Lithocosmetic ®, GA-DE uses gemstones as active ingredients in its cosmetics tohelp restore the body’s natural equilibrium, re-establishing the skin’s delicate balance.Through myriad skin interactions, precious stones transfer their vibrational energy,triggering positive effects on the skin’s beauty. Amethyst: Harmonizes the skin impurities. Citrine: Improves the skin’s complexion. Diamond Powder: Promotes skin generation, improving the skin’s complexion. Tourmaline: Enhances the skin’s radiance, reinforcing the skin’s shine and energizing the skin by microcirculation. Jade Stone: heighten balance and inner harmony, improving skin elasticity.
  5. 5. GEMS & PEARLSJewellery for your SkinOur GEMS & PEARLS make-up and skincare products bring the unique experience ofwearing jewellery closer than you ever imagined – at the surface of your skin. Skincarewith precious mineral extracts of Jade, Malachite, Tourmaline, Citrine and Amethyst.Shimmering lipsticks, glosses, nail polishes and powders with the lustre of a millionpearls.As beauty must constantly reinvent itself, GA-DE continues innovating with original,harmonious textures, fragrances and colors.
  6. 6. GEMS & PEARLS Color Cosmetics Earth & Sea Our Earth and Sea mineral loose powder is enriched with nourishing Dead Sea Minerals to smooth and tone the skin, as well as powdered precious Jade stone. Known as the “stone of heaven”, jade stone is traditionally renowned for its ability to promote healing and enhance skin elasticity. This ultra-fine, silky powder also features antioxidant and anti-ageing extracts of Malachite, as well as the energizing and protective properties of Tourmaline, Citrine and Amethyst to rejuvenate the skin and enhance its appearance.
  7. 7. GEMS & PEARLS Color Cosmetics ICON DESIGN PEARL SUBLIME SPECIAL EDITION 2010 A luxurious, ultra-smooth Powder Featuring three harmonious shades in an alluring design. Containing pure pearls for a glowing, radiant complexion.
  8. 8. GEMS & PEARLS Color Cosmetics ICON LACE PEARL GRACE SPECIAL EDITION 2011 A prestigious new collection, paying tribute to the worlds most alluring and sensual design: LACE. This timeless symbol of classic femininity is now being given a delicate modern twist by the Icon Lace Limited Collection, featuring Eye Shadows, Bronzing Powder, and Blush. Every item is uniquely formulated with pure glistening pearls to provide a cool, glowing look.
  9. 9. GEMS & PEARLS Skin CareDIAMONDSRADIANCE DAY CREAMSPF 6With Diamond PowderAll Skin TypesContains pure, precious Diamond Powder, renowned for itsability to stimulate microcirculation and improve the skin’scomplexion.Enriched with an exclusive Crosslinked Silicone Elastomer,a Wrinkle Preventing Agent, a Moisturizing and ActivatingComplex, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Natural Plant Extracts,Radiance Day Cream offers your skin a powerful anti-wrinkleeffect as well as luxurious glow.
  10. 10. GEMS & PEARLS Skin CareHYDRA EVOLUTIONANTI-AGEING DAY CREAM • JADE STONE THERAPYNew range of anti ageing skin care products.Rich, restoring skin firming creams enriched with powderedprecious Jade stone; renowned for healing propertiesimproving skin elasticity and suppleness for a smooth andvibrant skin appearance.
  11. 11. GEMS & PEARLS Skin Care GOLD PURE GOLD POWER FOR YOUR FACIAL SKIN The GOLD line features: •Pure Gold – Enhances the skins vitality and suppleness. •BioNymph Peptide – Stimulates collagen production, and delays the appearance of wrinkles. •Precious Gemstones – Help to revitalize and heal the skin. •Seaweed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Shea Butter – Enrich the skin with moisture. The results: Skin that is smooth, firm, and glowing with vitality and health.
  12. 12. CompanyCOMPANY PROFILE• Founded in 1985.• Located in Industrial Zone of Netanya city 30 km from Tel-Aviv.• Established on 6500 sqmt.• 580 employees with Logistics, Planning, R&D, Quality Control, Product Development, Finance, Warehousing & Invoicing, Customer Services and Administration.
  13. 13. COMPANY Structure President General Manager Operation Trade & Commerce Research Develop. Chemist Finance Logistics Export Invoicing Export Creative Product Develop. Production Warehousing DistributionBusiness Develop. Trade Sales & Marketing Customer Service Bookkeeping Economist Invoicing Local Market Q.C Laboratory Planning Packing
  14. 14. COMPANYHuman Resources• We believe that excellent human resources is the key to success.• We believe in corporate spirit.• Training programs are organized including outsourcing training sessions to motivate our employees.R&DExciting creative ideas are converted into innovative andhigh quality marketable products.A large team of chemists constantly studies newtechniques in full cooperation with the marketingdepartment.
  15. 15. COMPANYProduction- Filling- LogisticsThe Production located in Netanya comprises 6500 square meters forhigh level processing, quality and optimal safety in conformity with GMPand ISO-9001 regulations.A vast filling logistics facility is equipped with automatic, semiautomaticand manual multifunctional machines.Microbiological tests are performed for each production batch by aspecialized external laboratory.Compatibility tests are performed by the Quality Control department.
  16. 16. COMPANY Brand Profile • Leading Cosmetic Brand in Israeli market. • Target Audience: A full spectrum range of products for women at all ages. • 412 points of sales in local market. • Color Cosmetics: 580 S.K.U • Skin Care: 48 S.K.U • Fragrances: 30 S.K.U
  17. 17. COMPANYBrand Profile Wide range of make-up products along with a high quality of skin care line & fragrances, create a "one-stop-shop" for consumers. Our products are presented to the market with a clear explanatory leaflet in languages relevant to our varied target markets. We aim to make every new developed product pleasurable for consumer use. Inspired by imagination, our marketing department works in close contact with our R&D and logistics departments to promote new moulds to achieve added value for the brand.
  18. 18. COMPANYProducts Preview
  19. 19. COMPANYClient AddictionCreating a tight relationship with our clients allows us to care for theirneeds, think of them constantly and ensure their interests are beinglooked out for.Outstanding service and excellent quality are the fundamentalrequirements of everything we do.We strive for perfection throughout all marketing and productdevelopment activities adapting our customers needs and culture.Our brand was awarded by the largest and most prestigious and expertluxury chain store "SUPER-PHARM" in Israel with 165 shops as:"BEST SUPPLIERS OF THE YEAR IN COSMETICS "nomination during 9consecutive years.This award is based on sales, quality, service, ethics, team devotion,communication and innovation.We are proud to bring value to our customers by sharing mutual goal ofhigher summits.
  20. 20. COMPANYPoints of Sale
  21. 21. COMPANYProfessional Make-UpArtist TeamA very expert and dedicated Team of Professional Make-UpArtist Team performing on daily base in different areas andshops to reflect Brand Visionary Trends. The Team representsthe Brand at each new market.
  22. 22. COMPANYGlobal Market HumanCapital KnowledgeHuman resources are increasingly considered the most important business issue, a strategicarea on which we should concentrate for business development.The combination of knowledge, skills and individual qualities are necessary to obtainsuperior performance.A clear definition of brand identity, vision, knowledge has to be shared with our esteemedcustomers sales representatives over the world.The meetings with every country team allows us to think beyond simple boundaries ofcreativity and understand their culture, markets and their consumers.Our training team cherish communication and presents our brand, our productscharacteristics by surrendering the new market human capital with all the scientificknowledge and toolsAdapting progression and knowledge of brand DNA helps us to evolve further.We constantly nurture our minds and our partners team skills with unstoppable drive tocreate and develop instant beauty.Our mission is to submit joy, fantasy and happiness to our clients all over the world.
  23. 23. COMPANYGWP Marketing All Around
  24. 24. BRAND PRESENTORZUZANNA GREGOROVATOP MODELBlessed with a sparkling and glowing natural beauty,Zuzanna is Perfectly reflecting the spirit of the brand.She represents the modern woman of today living ina dynamic world with hectic pace of life, whilst sheunveils the sublime values of elegance and grace.Her look is the mirror ofbrand core mission tocreate a femininity thatcombines classic elementswith a contemporary styledefined as "New Chic".
  25. 25. OUR VALUES
  26. 26. OUR VALUESDedication To PerfectionWe create cosmetics and skin care of the finest quality and adhere tointernational standards of excellence, extensive research and stringentproduct testing. Our verve for the little details and finishing touches makesevery collection uniquely prestigious.We use ingredients known for their beneficial properties, offering skinprotection and rejuvenation.Timeless BeautyFashions, fads and trends come and go. We believe that true beauty standsapart from time. Style, elegance and joie de vivre have no best-before date.They are the living examples of timeless beauty – the absolute pinnacle.While we draw from the exciting current of the very latest, we always returnto the timeless qualities of beauty to inspire our creations.
  27. 27. OUR VALUESInnovationsListening to our customers’ needs is essential to innovation, and we nevertake it for granted. We’re passionate about finding new ways to delight ourcustomers. In order to achieve this goal, we invest considerable resourcesimproving current products and ensuring a vital pipeline of new productsthat suit our customers modern lifestyle.Our products feature the very latest in cosmetic and skin-care technologysuch as gems, pearls and Dead Sea minerals.Moreover, we invest heavily in developing new products concepts.ContemporaryStaying relevant means keeping up-to-date with the changing needs ofour customers. By keeping our finger on the pulse of contemporary living,we succeed in creating contemporary collections that suit the details ofmodern living.
  28. 28. OUR VALUESQualityGA-DE cosmetics adhere to the highest international standards, extensiveresearch, and stringent product testing. Our attention to the finishingtouches and minor details gives our customers the confidence of enjoyinghigh-end quality products, without compromise.ColorsOur color development process is inspired by nature, fashion design,decoration, luxury and even gastronomy.We use a dynamic color palette, reflecting the latest fashions and seasonaltrends. Our famously unique color combinations offer women amazing variety.
  30. 30. BRAND INSPIRATION BY LIFESTYLE The Art of Living Beautifully GA-DE is a cosmopolitan lifestyle brand that reflects what the French call the art of living beautifully. GA-DE combines timeless elegance, grace, charm and an exuberant joie de vivre. We take great pleasure in bringing beauty into the daily lives of our customers around the world.
  31. 31. BRAND INSPIRATION BY LIFESTYLE Inspired by Beauty GA-DE is known for its exciting palette of colors and gorgeous shimmering textures. In our color creation and development process, we draw inspiration from the most exciting trends emerging across creative industries around the globe. Keeping our eyes close to the fashions, technologies and innovations changing our world, we gain the creative fuel necessary to maintain our position as a trend leader.
  32. 32. BRAND INSPIRATION BY LIFESTYLE Beauty All Day, Everyday GA-DEs products reflect a perfectly balanced lifestyle, which is why many women use our products everyday. Combining luxurious ingredients that pamper and protect the skin, together with an outstanding variety of rich colors and lustrous effects, GA-DE products offer the perfect companion from morning to night and beyond.
  33. 33. ART & BEAUTYPassion and creativity are the forces that drive the fields of art and beauty. Both of theseendeavors possess the ability to blend a variety of trends, such as conservatism, classicism,modernism, and contemporary thought, into an entirely new and innovative creation.The Shenkar Academic Institute- a leading Israeli establishment in the fields of art, design andfashion- was therefore the natural partner for collaborating on a joint venture.This collaboration emphasizes the creative heart that underlies our brand, while also nurturingand promoting young artistic talents.
  34. 34. ART & BEAUTYTrue ColorsDesign, textures and colors are the main sources of inspiration for fashion and cosmetics creation. Brand have collaborated with SHENKAR; Leading College of ART & ENGINEERING youngtalent designer students to express their personal interpretations of color and fashion.Our creative team have testified a fascinating process that drew all the participants towards varioussources of inspiration, such as ancient civilizations, cultures, famous art pieces, artists, painters,royalty and the full beauty of nature and more. The world of color is the ultimate expression of artat the highest level. We are confident that the future holds promising, endless creativity.
  35. 35. AFFORDABLE LUXURYOur strategy has always been to create high-end, quality productsat amazingly affordable prices. Weve succeeded in appealing tocustomers across all segments, making GA-DE a lifestyle brand whicheveryone can fall in love with.Fast decisions, concrete actions, flowing and dynamic movement,totally dedicated creative innovation team work, efficient operationalskills will always be our main strategy to nurture & develop ourprecious brand to expand