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  1. 1. May 2013In This IssueAn Update on the ICD-10 Implementation TimelineOctober 1, 2014 may seem like a longtime for finishing preparations, but thetimeline for ICD-10 implementation hasalready reached the point where manypractices should be moving on to thenext significant stage of development.While some may feel this is overlyaggressive, the Centers for Medicareand Medicaid Services suggests thefollowing ICD-10 ImplementationTimeline.Click here to read the full article.1.1An Updateon the ICD-10ImplementationTimeline1.2Impact of ICD-10on HealthcareRevenue CycleManagement2.3Change inMedicareReimbursementfor the BreastBiopsy ClipPlacement2.4Free List: 2013Radiology RING-HIS350 S. NorthwestHighway Suite 200Park Ridge, IL 60068Impact of ICD-10 on HealthcareRevenue Cycle ManagementIn order to maximize the benefitsof the richer coding system, eachaspect of the medical operationmust be carefully examined toensure that it captures and usescodes that accurately describeall diagnoses and procedures.Staff members for all segmentsof the practice must realizethe need for accuracy to drivepatient services, data analysisand care delivery as well as revenue cycle management.Click here to read the full article.
  2. 2. Have Questions? We’re happy to help.Healthcare Information Services (HIS)(855) RING-HIS350 S. Northwest Highway, Suite 200Park Ridge, IL 60068www.healthinfoservice.comHEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C www.healthinfoservice.comChange in Medicare Reimbursementfor the Breast Biopsy Clip PlacementBusiness Analytics is one of the mostpowerful ways for radiologists toimprove their quality of care andmaximize their profit potential, butmany practices have yet to make fulluse of the tools currently available tothem.Click here to read the full article.Free List: 2013 Radiology Coding ChangesThe principal coding changes affecting Radiologists in 2013 occur in theInterventional Radiology Section of the AMA/CPT Manual. As in the past, wecontinue to see the Relative Update Committee (RUC) address code pairsreported together greater than 75 percent of the time.These changes continue to affect both vascular and non-vascular interventioncodes by combining guidance and radiological supervision & interpretationcodes into the base procedure.Diagnostic Radiology had very little change with the exception of clarifyingthe number of views necessary for a Cervical Spine x-ray.The Nuclear Medicine had changes made to the Thyroidand Parathyroid codes to appropriately describe the typesof procedures performed in current practice. The Ultrasoundmodality had an increase in work RVU’s for a few of theextremity arterial studies.Our list of radiology coding changes includes:• Diagnostic Radiology• Nuclear Medicine• Ultrasound• Interventional Radiology• Category III Code ChangesClick here to access the complete list of coding changes.