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HIS Orthopedics eNewsletter- June 2013


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HIS Orthopedics eNewsletter- June 2013

  1. 1. June 2013In This IssuePhysician Quality Reporting System (PQRS):Your Questions AnsweredAs you may already know, Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)is a program that was created in order to obtain quality informationfrom physicians. The basis of this program is to use pay-for-performanceincentives and adjustments to help steer physicians toward improvementin quality healthcare.This Resource helps answer some of the mostfrequently asked PQRS questions. In it, we answer:• What Do I Need to Do?• What Materials/Equipment Do I Need?• How Do I Train My Staff?• How and When Do I Need To Submit?• When Can I Expect Payment?Click here to access our PQRS Resource.Why Ignoring ICD-10 Won’t Make it Go Away1.1Physician QualityReporting System(PQRS):Your QuestionsAnswered1.2Why Ignoring ICD-10 Won’t Make itGo Away2.3The UncertainFuture of In-OfficePhysicalTherapy forOrthopedic Offices2.4WorkersCompensationand RING-HIS350 S. NorthwestHighway Suite 200Park Ridge, IL 60068The US Dept. of Health and Human Serviceshas directed the supplanting of the ICD-9-CMcode sets, those currently utilized by physicians,medical billers and coders to report healthcareprocedures and diagnoses, with ICD-10 codes.Implementation is to be effected on October1, 2014. Its implementation will impact andcompletely change the current codingsystem. It will necessitate a huge amount ofeffort to implement, and it isn’t going to goaway. Individual and organizational healthproviders need to get on board with training ifthey expect to get paid for their services afterOctober 1, 2014.Click here to read more.
  2. 2. Have Questions? We’re happy to help.Healthcare Information Services (HIS)(855) RING-HIS350 S. Northwest Highway, Suite 200Park Ridge, IL 60068www.healthinfoservice.comHEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C www.healthinfoservice.comThe Uncertain Future of In-Office PhysicalTherapy for Orthopedic OfficesPresident Obama released hisproposed 2014 budget on April 16,2013 which may have potentialimpact on orthopedic in-officeancillary services and procedures.The suggested budget containsa proposal that would eliminatethe Stark Law’s exemption for in-office referrals. Currently there is anexemption from the Stark Law for in-office self referrals for physical therapy and certain other treatmentsand diagnostic procedures. President Obama’s new budget proposalwould eliminate that exemption, stopping these types of “self referrals”.Click here to read the full article.Workers Compensation and ICD-10Workers’ compensationcommercial insurers are non-covered entities under HIPPAand therefore exempt fromthe mandate to convert theirbilling practices to ICD-10. Thishas created some confusionand concern as to what theimpact will be on processingclaims submitted by medicalservice providers who treat alarge number of worker’s compensation patients.Click here to read the full article.