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June Ortho eNewsletter


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June Ortho eNewsletter

  1. 1. JUNE 2012 Inside IN THIS ISSUE 1.1 SEVEN IMMEDIATE BENEFITS OF EHR IMPLEMENTATION 1.2 Seven Immediate Benefits of EHR OUTSOURCING REVENUE CYCLE Implementation MANAGEMENT: A If you are a healthcare provider that still has not adopted electronic PROFITABLE SOLUTION health records (EHR), now is the time. With technological advances, we FOR ORTHOPEDICS are reaching a tipping point where companies need to 2.3 modernize or get left behind. HOW TO MAKE YOUR COLLECTIONS PROCESS MORE EFFICIENT Healthcare Information Services offers EHR solutions that 2.4 increase efficiency, maximize THE DIFFERENCE revenues and improve patient BETWEEN A CODER AND outcomes. A CERTIFIED CODER Read about the Seven Ways You Can Immediately from an EHR System. Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management: A Profitable Solution for Orthopedics Orthopedic practices are difficult to run successfully and smoothly. With physicians performing complex and expensive procedures, costs can spiral out of control in a hurry. Therefore, it can be tempting to keep your revenue cycle management in house. But, when you stop and do the math, contracting out F I R T Y your medical billing services will actually save you more money. Teaming up with revenue cycle management experts will vastly (855) RING-HIS improve your collections procedures and rates of insurance 350 S. Northwest Highway reimbursement. The bottom line: Your orthopedic practice will see its revenues increase dramatically, while seeing its revenue cycle managed Suite 200 efficiently and smoothly. Park Ridge, IL 60068 Click here to read more.HEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C
  2. 2. JUNE 2012 How to Make Your Collections Process More Efficient Collections are the lifeblood of a healthcare providers revenue stream. Without a proper system for collections in place, youd be amazed at how quickly your profits can dry up. One of the challenges when it comes to healthcare billing is that service providers have to take care of the paperwork on both ends, dealing with patient payments and insurance claims.With so many balls in the air at the same time, things can fall through the cracks,potentially costing your company millions in lost revenue. Take control of your healthcarebilling and make the process as efficient as possible. Read more. The Difference Between a Coder and a Certified CoderMedical coders play a vital role in the daily operations ofany healthcare provider. In addition to assigning codes topatients and procedures, coders must submit claims toinsurers.As such a huge part of your companys revenue stream, it iscrucial that these claims are accurate and timely. While allcoders receive training, only certified professional coders arerecognized professionally as leaders in their field.Learn more about the difference between a coder and a certified coder now! Have Questions? We’re happy to help. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) (855) RING-HIS 350 S. Northwest Highway, Suite 200 Park Ridge, IL 60068 F I R T YHEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C