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HIS November eNewsletter


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In the HIS November 2011 eNewsletter, we discuss four ways to improve practice profits; CPT Coding Changes for 2012; How HIS Makes Physicians more profitable; and an EHR Solution for high-volume physicians.

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HIS November eNewsletter

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2011 Inside IN THIS ISSUE 1.1 FOUR WAYS TO IMPROVE ORTHOPEDIC PRACTICE PROFITS 1.2 CODING CORNER: CPT CODING CHANGES 2012 Four Ways to Improve Orthopedic Practice Profits 2.3 HOW HIS MAKES When it comes to cash flow, PHYSICIANS MORE PROFITABLE health care providers often http:// deal with issues unknown to other industries. m/four-ways-to-improve- 2.4 EHR SOLUTION FOR orthopedic-practice- HIGH-VOLUME profits? PHYSICIANS Although 100 percent utm_campaign=Novembe recovery in health care is r- almost unheard of, there are some best practices that can be used to increase practice profits and efficiencies. Read On... Coding Corner: CPT Coding Changes 2012 http:// Twice a month, within our blog, we blog.healthinfoservi highlight the most up-to-date medical coding tips, information, and legislation. 94224/coding- corner-cpt-coding- changes-2012 We have over 60 certified coders, who are experts in ensuring proper coding to guarantee compliance and maximum reimbursement. F I R T Y In early November, we featured a coding tip regarding the impending CPT Coding changes in 2012. Read the tips by (855) RING-HIS clicking here. 350 S. Northwest Highway Suite 200 Park Ridge, IL 60068 www.healthinfoservice.comHEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C
  2. 2. NOVEMBER 2011 How HIS Makes Physicians More Profitable In this video, our CEO, Dave Wold, and our COO, Dave DSilva,discuss why our team of certified coders is so essential to physicans’ profitability. Wold shares that, in 2010 alone, we recovered over a million dollars in underpayments. Physician’s Profitability http:// blog.healthinfoservice.c om/blog/bid/80838/ Physician-s- Profitability-Video EHR Solution for High-Volume Physicians As the 2015 date for nationwide implementation of EHR systems approaches, one of the main barriers to adoption of EHR is perceived value: physicians want assurance their EHR solution brings value totheir practices with improved productivity and increased efficiency. The key to achieving these objectives is selecting the right EHR vendor with a proven track record of successful implementation and deployment of their EHR system. Ask for references and verify the experiences of users. SRS has a nationwide network of enthusiastic clients that are anxious to brag about their experience and success. Read more... Have Questions? We’re happy to help. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) (855) RING-HIS 350 S. Northwest Highway, Suite 200 Park Ridge, IL 60068 F I R T YHEALTHCARE INFORMATION SERVICES, L.L.C