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BRIIM Stretch 20 Sep 2018


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Osaamisen kehittämisfoorumi Tieteiden Talossa Helsingissä to 20.9.2018.

Published in: Self Improvement
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BRIIM Stretch 20 Sep 2018

  1. 1. For people with brains We help people feel well & do well with brain training
  2. 2. Reidar Wasenius Personal Brainer, Aivobic Instructor, Voice
  3. 3. @ReidarWasenius @PersonalBrainer @BRIIM
  4. 4. Miten venyttelet mielelläsi? Osaamisen kehittämisfoorumi 20.9.2018 Tieteiden Talolla
  5. 5. How skillfully do you use your brain and what do you feed it?
  6. 6. The brain awareness week is the third week in March Tiina Huttu & Reidar Wasenius, WSOY, 2016
  7. 7. Virallisia SM-lajeja: Aivobic, Antivirus, Finnchess, Katamino, Memottelu, Päässälasku, 100 ml pikatuoksu, Sudoku + näytöslajina: BRIIM Spark
  8. 8.
  9. 9. 1 – BRIIM Well lounge 2 – BRIIM Gym 3 – BRIIM Aivobic 4 – BRIIM Spa 5 – BRIIM Bright 6 – BRIIM Shop 7 – BRIIM Massage 8 – BRIIM Base 1 7 8 2 6 5 4 3
  10. 10. Design – made with thought BRIIM Center represents Finnish olfactory, tactile, gustatory, audio, lighting, interior, furniture and textile design.
  11. 11. Innate abilities InteractingRelaxing Focusing Remembering Motivating CreatingSensing Choosing
  12. 12. Well-rounded systematic brain training by developing your mental skills Interaction skills Relaxation skills Attention skills Memory skills Decision- making skills Motivational skills Creation skills Sensory skills
  13. 13. Self-management is a key ability needed to achieve success Interaction skills Relaxation skills Attention skills Memory skills Decision- making skills Motivational skills Creation skills Sensory skills
  14. 14. Mental flexibility and the ability to create new mental patterns is also important Interaction skills Relaxation skills Attention skills Memory skills Decision- making skills Motivational skills Creation skills Sensory skills
  15. 15. Your brain tries to PREDICT by creating repeatable patterns and then identifying them. ”Vaka(a) vanha Väinämöinen, TIEtäjä...”
  16. 16. A small selection of patterns • Plan, Strategy, Tactic, Gameplay, Roadmap, Path, Track, Trace, Notation, Rhythm, Poetic Meter, Melody, Composition, Style, Genre, Format, Story, Description, Depiction, Picture, Image, Drawing, Copy, Map, Mapping, Translation, • Syntax, Grammar, System, Rule, Regularity, Regulation, Law, Equation, Function, Agenda, Script, Program, Algorithm, Process, Procedure, Etiquette, Protocol, Structure, Organization, • Layout, Formation, Model, Blueprint, Template, Cliché, Stamp, Mold, Form, Shape, Gestalt, Outline, Profile, • Skill, Habit, Opinion, Attitude, ...
  18. 18. You create new associations every moment: Your memory is part of your creativity.
  19. 19. Your mind consists of four kinds of learnings signs >> facts evaluations >> opinions feedback >> skills sensations >> memories
  20. 20. Four growing sets of crystallized intelligence Semantic Affective Procedural Episodic
  21. 21. Four aspects of developing your mind
  22. 22. As you age, your crystallized intelligence asserts itself more
  23. 23. A key question of developing an adult mind: What am I repeating?
  24. 24. Your mind changes a little every moment.
  25. 25. The mind consists of sensations, facts, opinions and skills The mind is not a ”container” with ”contents”. It’s a structure that repeats itself.
  26. 26. The toothpaste conspiracy!
  27. 27. To use your brain better you need new know-how, including an improved skill set, just like using your respiratory system, digestive system and back.
  28. 28. Mental stretching Do it before a meeting or workshop where something nieuw is expected of you.
  29. 29. Do ”you have genes”? ...or have genes built you to be their vehicle?
  30. 30. by Nobuyuki Kayahara
  31. 31. Nod and smile to others around you. :o)
  32. 32. Your face affects your brain + the brains of others.
  33. 33. Optical Spy by Oleg Shuplyak
  34. 34. 1. Cross your hands. 2. Reorder your fingers.
  35. 35. Your personality is the sum of all your repetitions.
  36. 36. With your weak hand, draw a circle.
  37. 37. Universal Plug by Kim Seung Woo
  38. 38. With your weak hand, draw a triangle.
  39. 39. With your weak hand, draw a square.
  40. 40. With your weak hand, draw a hexagon.
  41. 41. With your weak hand, draw a pentagon.
  42. 42. Piano On The Beach by Jim Dornan
  43. 43. Please stand up and stretch your neck slooowly in all directions.
  44. 44. Stand on one leg and get support from another person.
  45. 45. Stand on the other leg and get support from someone else.
  46. 46. Feel free to stand on both legs. Form groups of three.
  47. 47. Take turns within your group to say these letters Suomeksi: A, I, V, O, T, A, I, V, O, T, A, I, V, O, T, A, ...
  48. 48. Collaboration requires a lot from your brain
  49. 49. Abby & Brittany Hensel
  50. 50. Take turns to count in two different languages: yksi, two, kolme, four, viisi, six, ...
  51. 51. Take turns to count down in two different languages: 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, ...
  52. 52. Make ten small jumps.
  53. 53. Please sit down into another seat.
  54. 54. Homework: Put on your shirts, jackets, coats, pants and trousers with the OTHER arm / leg first!
  55. 55. Tack för din tid! Toivottavasti trenaat mielelläsi jatkossakin! RW@RW.FI +358 208 358 358