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IoT Lab @ Dreamforce 2013 -- Things To Do in the #DevZoneLab


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Dreamforce 2013 is just around the corner. The #DevZoneLab is in Moscone West, 2nd Floor, and we have lots of great ways for you to get hands on with #IOT technologies.

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IoT Lab @ Dreamforce 2013 -- Things To Do in the #DevZoneLab

  1. 1. Things To Do in the #DevZoneLab Dreamforce 2013 – November 18-21, San Francisco Connected Device Lab ~ Moscone West, 2nd Floor Reid Carlberg,, Director – Evangelism @ReidCarlberg(Link) Last update: 30 Jan 2014 (a)
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  3. 3. This Deck Covers • Top 5 Things To Do In The Lab • Dev Zone Lab Overview, Including Equipment Checkout Procedures • Partner Activity Review • DIY Electronics Inventory Listing • See also: Every Internet of Things Thing at Dreamforce 2013
  4. 4. Welcome The Connected Device Lab is the place to meet the companies and experience the technologies driving the Internet of Things revolution!
  5. 5. Top 5 Things To Do in the Lab 1. Visit our great partners & learn something new. 2. Attend a workshop and get a new skill through hands on exercises. 3. Checkout a Makey Makey or a Roominate Wired Dollhouse and learn how to inspire the next generation of makers. 4. Build a Wild Thumper Robot or Hack a Hue and wreak havoc. (But only a little.) 5. Attend an Open Lab and build something the world has never seen!
  6. 6. Sponsored By Hardware: ARM, Arduino, IVM, ConnectSense, Global Cache, Type A Machines Solutions: Xively, Etherios, 2lemetry, ThingWorx, Devicify, Axeda, Libelium, Electric Imp, The Hybrid Group
  7. 7. Yes! Registered Conference Attendees Can Checkout Equipment Space is limited, but you can check out some lab equipment for use outside the #DevZoneLab. Here’s how: 1. Decide what you want to checkout. You can choose Arduino Explorer Kit, Raspberry Pi Explorer Kit, Flora GPS Kit, Flora Sensor Kit, Leap Motion Controller, MakeyMakey, BoeBot, or a Roominate DIY Dollhouse or a Ninja Block Starter Kit. 2. The attendant will scan your badge and make a note of what you checked out on your Chatter feed. YOU MUST ALSO LEAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE. 3. You can keep it for 2 hours. Take pictures of what you do and post to #DevZoneLab or Chatter. You could win a visit to The #DevZoneLab Prize Machine!! 4. Return everything ready for the next user. The attendant will check it in and mark your profile as equipment returned. 5. We have limited quantities of everything & unfortunately cannot let you take your creations home. Sorry!! Open to regular conference attendees only.
  8. 8. Visit The #DevZoneLab Prize Machine Tweet pictures of your awesome creations using the tag #DevZoneLab and you could win some great prizes!
  9. 9. Need Inspiration? We Have It!
  10. 10. Come learn about ARM’s cloudbased MBED developer environment where you can connect ARM NXP Cortex-M3 devices to Heroku cloud service or even use ARM NXP CortexM0 processors to play AngryBirds™!
  11. 11. Xively Connect any device •Open-source libraries and tutorials for Arduino, IMP, Raspberry Pi and more Monitor and control through the web •Send and receive data, manage remote devices, store time-series data from the Xively dashboard Build your own displays and controls •Try our custom display builder in Javascript to make webpages and interfaces of your own Own your data •Easy APIs let you import and export data, manage devices and more in any language, to tie in with any external service 11
  12. 12. Etherios Learn from the M2M experts about the hardware, software and professional services you need to create enterprise-grade connected device solutions
  13. 13. Also from Etherios: XBee™ Wi-Fi Cloud Kit This kit contains an XBee Wi-Fi module; a development board with a variety of sensors and actuators; a variety of loose electronic prototyping parts for making circuits of your own; and cables, accessories and everything needed to connect to the web using Device Cloud by Etherios. Cloud Kit Product Page on XBee Wi-Fi Examples Site
  14. 14. ThingWorx is the first Application Platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things Develop Applications 10X Faster • End-to-end Application Modeling Environment • Codeless Mashup Builder • Event-driven Execution and “3D” Storage • Search-based Intelligence • Flexible Device Connectivity Options • Built-in Integration to Salesforce ThingWorx – Powering the Connected World™
  15. 15. ConnectSense Home Automation and Business Monitoring ConnectSense is the perfect solution for automating your home or business, allowing you to monitor everything from your living room to your server room. Simple yet powerful ConnectSense enables you to monitor your environment in whatever way you see fit. With our powerful rules and notifications, you can be sure that any location – from your data center to greenhouse to home office – will be safe and protected. Visit us @ Table 11 #DevZoneLab
  16. 16. • Learn how Devicify lets you design connectivity into your business AND your product • Come push our buttons (on our widgets, that is) to see how easily you can weave your devices into Salesforce • Find out what an integration-free connected product platform for Salesforce looks like • “Code” your product using a standard UI
  17. 17. Discover Waspmote Plug & Sense and Meshlium Xtreme Discover Waspmote Plug & Sense, Meshlium Xtreme and e-Health Sensor Platform • Connect any sensor (more than 60 sensors available) • Using any wireless technology (9 radio technologies) • To any Cloud Platform Plus: The e-Health Sensor Shield allows Arduino and Raspberry Pi users to perform biometric and medical applications where body monitoring is needed by using 10 different sensors
  18. 18. 3D Printing 101 Get introduced to Digital Fabrication with Type A Machines! This session will introduce you to 3D printing concepts, approaches and materials. You will learn to design a 3 dimensional object and then print it on the Next Generation Series 1 3D printer. Join our 3D Printing 101 group on Chatter and get more information on the workshop outline. Once your 3D print is ready we’ll mention you on Chatter and you will be able to pick it up at out booth #12, DevZone. BEGINNER
  19. 19. Connected Devices Made Simple Electric Imp is building a core connectivity platform within the Internet of Things through an innovative solution that delivers a powerful cloud service tied closely to leading-edge hardware, making it simple to connect devices to the Internet. Our unique WiFi-enabled solution dramatically decreases cost and time to market and is reliable and secure, empowering manufacturers and developers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users.
  20. 20. Connecting Things to the Cloud Got network? Got things? Get control in minutes with Global Caché! Use the iTach Flex network-enabling smart end-point kit to connect to your serial, infrared, or relay/contact-closure devices. Then use a simple REST API to control those devices from your PC, mobile, or even! Are you working in the DevZone on Arduino or another project? Connect those to the network! Or play with other provided examples of things you might want to network-enable. Product:iTach Flex Product Page Learn:iTach Flex HTTP (REST) API You'll need: A method to send RESTful HTTP commands to the iTach Flex's URL. This can be done a variety of ways – curl, web app, etc. An example AJAX web app template will be provided.
  21. 21. Intro to Hardware Hacking with Arduino Arduino is an easy to use prototyping platform designed for artists, hobbyists, teachers, and students to create interactive art, automatic cat feeders, robots, dazzling LED displays, and more. Join Arduino instructor Michael Shiloh on Tuesday & Thursday. Coffee Bots Knight Rider LED Hat
  22. 22. Special Events! Tuesday & Thursday during Open Lab Arduino expert Michael Shiloh will take a deep dive into advanced Arduino concepts, including controlling the Arduino via Python. Wednesday we’ll have a NEST workshop & a Lego Mindstorms workshop from Brick In The Cloud.
  23. 23. #DevZoneLab DIY Inventory ● Arduino Experimentation Kits ● Gert Boards ● Adafruit FLORA GPS Pack ● Pulse Sensor ● Adafruit FLORA Sensor Pack ● Coin Acceptor ● Raspberry Pi Explorer Kits ● RGB LED Strips ● LEGO Mindstorms EV ● Liquid Pump ● SmartObjects Starter Packs ● Servos ● Makey Makey ● Red Lasers / Mounting Stands ● Nest Thermostats ● IR Sensors ● Roominate DIY Doll Houses ● Photocells ● Parallax Boe Bots ● MaxBotix Ultrasonic Range Finder ● XBee Wireless Radios ● 3 Axis Gyros ● Wild Thumper 6WD Robot Kits ● Accelerometers ● Ninja Blocks ● Popsicle Sticks ● Hue Starter Kits ● Glue Dots ● LeapMotion ● Cable Ties ● Anki ● Corks
  24. 24. There’s Always Something Cool in the #DevZoneLab
  25. 25. Important Notes • • • • • Proceed only at your own risk. You are messing with wires and hardware and other fun stuff. Be careful. Don’t poke your eye out. If you smell something burning, unplug whatever you just plugged in. Something is wired wrong. Many items are relatively fragile. Be careful and try not to break anything. Please don’t spill water or food on anything. Move slowly. Be gentle. Many items require you to download software. You should do this before you start. It’s boring waiting around. We hope you find this lab and these devices useful. However, PLEASE DO NOT take anything home with you. We have limited quantities.
  26. 26. Makey Makey Makey Makey is the most fun you can have with 6 Bananas and a computer. YOU’LL LOVE IT. #FruitHack Available for checkout. BEGINNER
  27. 27. Arduino Experimentation Kit The Arduino is an open source prototyping board. The experimentation kit is a great way to get hands on for the very first time. It has easy to follow instructions & lots to play with. Includes 10 easy lessons. Product Page on Adafruit You’ll need to install the Arduino IDE. Intermediate project: Build a Wireless Sensor Network BEGINNER
  28. 28. Raspberry Pi Starter Pack The Raspberry Pi is an education oriented single board computer which runs Linux and has onboard network connectivity. The starter pack is a great intro to the Pi and it’s capabilities. Note: when you start it up, you land at a text prompt in Linux. Product Page on Adafruit Connect Using Console Cable (requires Serial Port driver install) Connect Using SSH (once you know your IP address) Default Username/Password: pi/raspberry How to install Node.js, How to update your keyboard layout, How to free up the serial port so you can use it(ttyAMA0) Note: if you get stuck, we have two monitors, two keyboards, two mice and two USB hubs designed for you to log in. BEGINNER
  29. 29. Adafruit FLORA GPS Starter Pack FLORA is a wearable computing platform from Adafruit. Sew it on, track your GPS coordinates, make lights blink, etc. Adafruit Product Page Learn: Getting Started With FLORA You’ll need a special version of the Arduino IDE. Notes: Sometimes the wires with alligator clips don’t conduct that well. You might have a faulty wire. Try another one.
  30. 30. Adafruit FLORA Sensor Pack Sense colors, direction and motion using this wearable computing starter kit. Great fun to wire up and blink blink blink. Adafruit Product Page Learn: Getting Started With FLORA You’ll need a special version of the Arduino IDE.
  31. 31. Peristaltic Pump Connect to an Arduino and a motor controller to move liquids around. Should also work with a Gertboard and Pi. Careful: please don’t get other equipment wet. Note that these specify 12V power supply. They work just fine with the 9V battery packs. Also, the tubing that’s in place hasn’t been sterilized and isn’t FDA approved as food safe. Product Page, Simple Motor Test ADVANCED
  32. 32. TTL Laser Diode Red Combine with a Photo Cell to build a trip light or People Counter. Hold in place using a Mounting Stand. Control using an Arduino. Product Page ADVANCED
  33. 33. Servo These are really great. When installing on an Arduino motor shield, the BROWN wire is closed to the edge, the Yellow is closed to the pins. Tower Servo
  34. 34. Accelerometer You’ll probably want to calibrate this for serious work, but this simple sketch will get you the output. These are soldered and ready for use on a breadboard. Product Page
  35. 35. Ultrasonic Range Finder A great way to understand the world around you. Simplest hook up is 3 wires. Note that the pins are described on the bottom of the range finder. Product Page, Sample Code
  36. 36. Motor Shield Add to an Arduino to control 4 motors and two servos. Use with the 6xAA 9v Battery Pack. Power the Arduino as well by closing the VIN Jumper. Product Page, Super Simple Motor Party -- 1 DC Motor, one Servo.
  37. 37. LCD Displays (2 x 16) Great way to see what’s going on with your project. The tutorial uses 6 digital pins, no Serial. Product Page on SparkFun, Great tutorial on Adafruit.
  38. 38. Questions? Twitter @ReidCarlberg(Link)