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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. I am a hardworking, honest individual. I am a good timekeeper, always willing to learn new skills. I am friendly, helpful and polite, have a good sense of humor. I am able to work independently and also within a team setting. I am outgoing and tactful, and also able to listen effectively when solving problems. WorkingSkills MyInterest’s  Hard working & reliable  Cheerful, keen & enthusiastic  Enjoys dealing with people  Willing to train and gain further qualifications  Good with time management  IT skills  Creativity  Drawing  Music  Make up  Puzzles  Reading  Tv  Computering  Socializing with friends  Editing videos  Training Dog’s  Working out in the Gym EducationalQualification Irlam andcadisheadcollege Mathematics 2009-2014 GCSE C English Science ICT Childcare Applied business GCSE GCSE GCSE Level 2 C D G B E WorkExperience Irlam endowedPrimaryschool 2013: I worked in a year 3 class at irlam endowed primary school for a week. I did many different activities and tasks such as reading 1 to 1 where I had to help a student read, Working indivisualy, Teacherassistant helping the teaches with tasks such as preparing work sheets etc, we did arts and craft, P.E and so much more. The teacher said I was an hard working indivusual and that I was outstanding. Rehana Whiteley Address: 52 Liverpool road, Irlam, Manchester M44 6FW Email: MobileNo: 07971 645070 (Mobile.) HouseNo: 0161 879 3521 (Home) REFEREE: Harry Arnold. |New Media Tutor | Eccles Sixth Form Centre| Chatsworth Road|Eccles.Salford,M30 9FJ| 0161 631 5000
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