Miky Mouse presnt perfect


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Astory of present perfect in a fuuny way but be careful you have to read chapter one which is under a title " Tweety " in order to understand this one because it is a series .

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Miky Mouse presnt perfect

  1. 1. Title :- Present Continuous Tense “ Mickey Mouse ” Subject :- English Grade :- All levels aged from 11-17 years old Program :- Power Point Presentation Kind :- Educational & Entertainment
  2. 2. Prepared by T**Reham - Habashneh Queen Zain Alsharaf High School Alkerak Directorate Alkerak
  3. 3. Hello every one ! Have you got bored from holding a book , reading and learning about the tenses in English Grammar ?!If so , Why don’t you try my story of the Present Perfect Tense ?!. In this presentation , I hope that you will learn how to deal with the Present Perfect Tense in an easy and fun way without dealing with the boring books . Try to play one of the characters in this story to memorize what you have learned so far . GOOD LUCK
  4. 4. Objectives ** After reading my story I hope that you will be able to :- * Play the role of one of the characters . *Use the present perfect tense in affirmative & negative sentences perfectly . *Use the present perfect tense in both kinds of questions perfectly . *use the suitable adverbs of the present perfect sentence in the appropriate position
  5. 5. WELLCOME
  6. 6. DO you remember Tweety & the three men in the Mysterious English Jungle in section one? If so, after Tweety had returned safely from his unusual trip, he told his best friend Mickey Mouse about what happened with him and the three men who gave him three simple tests to help him to get out of this jungle. Because Mickey Mouse is as clever as Tweety and he loves adventures too, he decided to go to this jungle secretly without telling Tweety . He gathered the necessary information, packed up his bag and set his journey in the early morning of the next weekend. Hi
  7. 7. Mickey Mouse follow the map that he had until he reached the huge gate of the jungle that his friend Tweety told him about .He entered through this gate quickly and safely without any troubles . He was too surprised with the beautiful and magnificent scene of this jungle. He began to look here and there, up and down without paying any attention to the map that he had. After nearly half an hour he found him self in the middle of this jungle , how and when he didn’t know .What he remembered is that he is at the same position that Tweety told him about . He began to run and run across this horrible jungle but without any results . He began to get tired, so he chose a big tree and sat down. While this , he fell asleep and didn’t wake up until he heard a voice." Wake up! what are you doing here?"
  8. 8. Mickey Mouse felt scared and didn’t know what to answer. "Hello! I'm Mickey Mouse . I'm here to discover this jungle ". The guard:- "Ok. Welcome!" Mickey Mouse:-" Aren't you the man that helped my friend Tweety before a week?" The guard: -"No!" Mickey Mouse:-" Can you help me?" The guard: -" It's not easy to get out of this jungle safely, and you must thank God that I had found you before any animal attacked you.
  9. 9. LET'S BEGIN Mickey Mouse: -" Thanks God!" and" thank you also for finding me "" What do I have to do?" The guard:- " Are you good at English?" Mickey Mouse:-" Yes, I'm excellent in English" The guard:-" This will help you much. I will ask you four questions .If you answer them correctly , I will take you along this jungle .If not you will try another way“. " Be careful , if you didn’t answer my questions I will disappear !“ Mickey Mouse:-" Ok. I agree." Are you ready? asked the guard.
  10. 10. Question One:- The guard:- ' What is the meaning of the present perfect in your language ?" " الفعل المضارع التام Mickey Mouse:-" The guard:- ' That’s right .let's continue" Question Tow :- The guard:-" What are the four forms of the present perfect?" Mickey Mouse:-" I can remember just three forms of it, but if you give me enough time, I will remember them all . The guard:-" I will give you the time you need.
  11. 11. Affirmative Sentences:- Sub ( He-She-It-singular noun)+ has + V3 + complement . Mickey Mouse:-" I will begin with the affirmative sentences. " Sub + (They-We-You-I-Plural noun) + have + V3 + complement.
  12. 12. Negative Sentences :- Sub (He-She-It-singular noun)+ has-not + V3 + complement . Sub (They-We-You-I-Plural noun) + have-not + V3 + complement . + The guard;- " And what about the negative form ? Mickey Mouse:-" I will mention it at once ."
  13. 13. Wh-Questions:- Wh-word + has +Sub (He-She-It-singular noun) + v3 +complement ? Wh-word + have +Sub (They-We-You-I) + v3 +complement ? Mickey Mouse continued the third form of the present perfect without stopping .
  14. 14. Yes–No– Questions :- Has + Sub ( He-She-It-singular noun) +V3 + complement ? Have + Sub (They-We-You-I-Plural noun ) + V3 + complement ? The guard :-"This is fantastic! Shall I give you time to remember the last form? Mickey Mouse:-" No, No. I have remembered it." Just listen to me "
  15. 15. Mickey Mouse and the guard continued their walk through the jungle talking about the present perfect . "You are great .said the guard ". "Get ready for the third question". Question Three The guard:-" Can you tell me the main uses of the present perfect "? Mickey Mouse:-" of course. I can remember them very well, because our teacher gave them to us in the last class ". * We use the present perfect to talk about:- 1- Past events with results in the present. 2- A single or repeated action in unspecific time in the past. 3- Things that started in the past and still continue up till now . 10
  16. 16. The guard:-" This is impossible. Where have you taken all this from?" Mickey Mouse:-" I have taken it in the 8 th & 9 th grade from our great teacher . The guard:-" I'm very surprised with your complete answers and I hope that all students in your age are as clever as you . " Mickey Mouse:-" All my friends are good at tenses because we are lucky to have a friendly and wonderful English teacher at our school. “ The guard:-" We talked very much and forgot the last question about the adverbs.
  17. 17. 1-Before, Ever, Never, Just *(the position is usually after has/have, and sometimes at the end of sentence). 2-(already), in statements, (usually after have) and (yet) in questions and negative sentences . . 3-for,since, all my life ,lately, recently, so far. Adverbs:_ Mickey Mouse :-" I was too late and tired .Is there still much to walk?" The guard:- " No, but you must answer the last question .Here it is" Question Four:- The guard:-" Mention four of the common adverbs that usually go with the present perfect and I will let you out of this jungle. Mickey Mouse recognized that they were near from the gate so he said "I will mention them all for you .
  18. 18. THANKS A LOT The guard clapped firmly to Mickey , picked up a beautiful flower and gave it to Mickey to keep it and remember him. Then he told him that we reached the main entrance of the jungle. Mickey Mouse : -" I will not forget this trip and I will remember you all my life." The guard:-" Take care of yourself, son". Mickey Mouse : " Bye!"
  19. 19. To be continued
  20. 20. THE END