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Prim 6 t1u5


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Prim 6 t1u5

  1. 1. Slide 6 : Unit Question Slide 1 : Presentation Slide 7: ObjectivesSlide 2 : Teacher’s name & Title Slide : 8 -22 : Presentation Slide 3 : Content Slide23 - 25 : Evaluation Slide 4: Procedures Slide 26 -29:Teacher’s GuideSlide 5: Essential question Slide 30:Resources
  2. 2. :I will divide pupils into three groups 1.First group : will make a publisher.Second group :will make the website.Third group : will make the power point 2 3
  3. 3. ?Do you like history
  4. 4. ?Was Taha Hussein a famous writer ?Do you like football ?When was Naguib Mahfouz born?Who is your favourite footballer ?When was Rania Elwani born ?When was you father born ?Where were you born ?Who is Mohamed Elzanaty
  5. 5. :By the end of this unit pupils will be able to 1. Read dates.(1909 / 2010) 2. Use was/were born. 3. Ask questions with (who?/where?/ and when?. 4. Pronounce the letters (s / th) correctly. 5. Know some information about famous Egyptians.
  6. 6. Lesson 1 A B C 2008 1927 1993 It’seighteen ninety- It’s two thousand It’s nineteen eighty- two thousand ?What’s c ?What’s What’s E What’s D E F and three. Whats ? three. Whats D and eight. Whats five. Whats F ?G ?A 1969 1885 1975 ?B ?H G H I 2003 1898 2000 . It’s eighteen ninety-eight .. It’s nineteen twenty-seven It’s nineteen ninety-eight eighteen sixty-nine
  7. 7. A B C 2008 1927 1993?What’s I . It’s two thousand D E F 1969 1885 1975 G H I 2003 1898 2000 Now your turn our friends . to do the same
  8. 8. Nineteen eighty-eightNineteen thirty-sevenNineteen eighty-seven Nineteen twenty-five Hussein Taha .No, He wasn’t / .No, he was a writer Nineteen sixty-eightwas born in Minya .He .He was born in 1889
  9. 9. Lesson 2 When e was Naguib He was born in Mahfouz born .1911 :When we ask questions in past we use when was /were + subject + born ) to ask - ) 1 .about dates of birth (where was / were + subject + born – ) 2 .To ask about place in with dateswas born in – 3 He and place .Cairo ?Where was he born
  10. 10. When were They wereHossam and born in Ibrahim 1966.Where?Hassan born were they ?born They were .born in Cairo
  11. 11. It was born .yesterday When was Where was it?kitten born ?born It was born in .the zoo
  12. 12. When was He was bornMohamed .in1984Elzanaty Where was he ? born ?born He was born in .Giza
  13. 13. When was She was born Umm .in1898Kulthum Where was ? born ?she born She was born .in Dakahlia
  14. 14. . a swimmer. She was born in Cairo in 1977 .footballers in Cairo in 1966 Was a swimmer. He was born in Alexandria in.1929 Is a swimmer. He was born in Giza in1984
  15. 15. Lesson 3 What’s about ?your father That’s right. Well That’s right. Well .done Ahmed Orabi That’s right. Well .done Rania Elwani was born in .done was born Owen Michael in Sharkia,Egypt,i .n was born in Cairo,Egypt,in 1841 Chester, 1977 England, in 1979
  16. 16. sing sound swimmingthing thousand think
  17. 17. Lesson 3 2 Madrid 1977 Raool Gonzalz Spain 3 India 1942 Amitab Patchan sing thing what 4 sunny Darwesh thousand Alexandria 1892 Sayd when Egypt think where .Serena Williams was born in Michigan in 1981 Thank you .Raool Gonzalz was born in Madrid, Spain in 1977 .Amitab Patchan was born in India in 1942 .Sayd Darweesh was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1892
  18. 18. swimmer player sing singer think zoo writer doctor thousandbooks library kitten
  19. 19. Born ‫ولد‬ Famous ‫مشهور‬ Egyptian ‫مصرى‬ Speak ‫يتحدث‬Speak about ‫يتحدث عن‬Thank you ‫شكرا‬That’s right ‫هذا صحيح‬ Well done ‫أحسنت‬ Name ‫اسم‬ Before ‫قبل‬ after ‫بعد‬
  20. 20. .I’m fine,………… you –1 thanka) sank b) thank c)sang sing.I can….……a beautiful song –2a) sing b) thing c) singer?is your favourite footballer - ……..3 Whoa) What b) How c) Who
  21. 21. .Look in a book or on the internet