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  1. 1. RegisterPatient.Com
  2. 2. RegisterPatient.Com
  3. 3. Why RegisterPatient?• Complete Patient Scheduling System • Patient Appointment Reminder• Standardized and Custom Registration Forms • Rx Refill Requests• Electronic Patient • GPS Mapping to your facility Referrals • Custom EMR Integration• Automatic Insurance • Unlimited Number of Verification Registrations• Secure Communication • Animated Forms Network• Schedule Report• Google Import Feature
  4. 4. Unlimited Number of Registrations
  5. 5. Unlimited Number of Registrations"Never worry about reaching a cap on registrations."
  6. 6. Unlimited Number of Registrations"Never worry about reaching a cap on registrations."
  7. 7. Unlimited Number of Registrations"Never worry about reaching a cap on registrations." With RegisterPatient, it does not matter how many patients you see daily, monthly or annually. There is no limit to the number of patients who can register with your practice. Whether you are a single provider or a practice with multiple providers, an unlimited number of patients has access to your particular registration forms 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  8. 8. Complete Patient Scheduling Our complete Patient Scheduling System is the easiest to use System patient scheduling system on the market. Pro Plus subscribers using the Patient Scheduling System can: • Manage multiple healthcare providers schedules from a single screen • Manage appointment requests • Deploy patient registration requests to patients • Automatically set patient appointment reminders; • Create schedule reports by date range, healthcare provider or patient • Set future appointments or follow-ups • Reschedule patients via simple drag-and-drop to another time or even provider • Much more! "The easiest scheduling system on the market.”
  9. 9. Benefits of electronic forms: Standardized and Custom • The system requires patients to complete all the information on the forms, allowing Registration Forms for thorough medical history and medication information. • They can check the patients paperwork prior to the visit to ensure that it is accurate, thereby eliminating costly delays that can impact the facilitys schedule. • They can save on personnel time and unnecessary paper waste. • RegisterPatient fully integrates patient registration information with the practices existing electronic medical record systems. Our standardized forms, which were written and developed with the assistance of healthcare providers from various fields, are grouped by specialty. RegisterPatient provides for level IV Demographics, Medications, Medical History, Family History and pertinent information for coding purposes. You will never have to down code because you do not have the appropriate level of patient information.Our custom forms are part of the RegisterPatient Pro and Pro Plus packages and canbe tailored to include any questions your practice or specialty may need. We alsoinclude dynamic, custom pain charts for every practice, from chiropractors todentists.
  10. 10. Electronic Patient ReferralsWith RegisterPatient, referringpatients to another physicianor specialist is as easy asclicking a button. The referringpractice simply clicks the"Refer Patient" button on theRegisterPatient dashboard,selects which patient theywant to refer along with whichhealthcare provider they wouldlike to refer the patient to andthen clicks send.The HCP receiving the referralreceives an email informingthem that they have received areferral. They can then eitheraccept or reject the referralelectronically. All of this isaccomplished without ever "Say goodbye to your fax machine."making a single phone call orsending a single illegible fax.
  11. 11. Automatic Insurance Verification RegisterPatients Pro and Pro Plus services allow healthcare providers to immediately access patient eligibility and benefits (commonly known as a 270/271 transaction) in real time.This real-time insuranceverification function can beattached to the patientregistration electronicdocument or generatedseparately.With RegisterPatient, youalso can recheck yourpatients benefits the day ofthe visit by simply clickingon the "Verify Insurance"button. This is especiallyconvenient if yourappointments are scheduledmonths in advance. Mostimportantly, this functionreduces your front staffsworkload and assists yourpractices insuranceprofessional.
  12. 12. Patient Appointment Reminder One of the first-class features that RegisterPatient offers is the patient appointment reminder service. Studies show that reminding patients about their appointments reduces no-shows by 80%!The RegisterPatient system can send your patient a reminder via email or text/SMSmessage 24 hours prior to the appointment. Personalized information about the patientappointment (such as name, date and time) can also be included in these reminders. "Reduce no-shows by 80%!"
  13. 13. Patient Appointment An added bonus to the patient scheduling system included in the Pro Requests Plus package, the Patient Appointment Request feature allows a patient to request an appointment online from a list of your healthcare providers available, non-filled appointment times. Patients access our secure and easy- to-use appointment request system via a link on your website. When requesting an appointment, patients enter in all their contact and insurance information along with the reason for their visit. Youll be notified each time a patient requests an appointment so you can review and accept or deny the request. Once you accept the request, the system will automatically email the"A good way to keep your patient a registration link and set emailphone lines nice and quiet." and text/SMS appointment reminders in place.
  14. 14. Schedule ReportPrint out daily, monthly or customized reports of Patient Schedules. Tosee the Patient Scheduling System in action, visit our Tutorials page.
  15. 15. Rx Refill Requests"Another good way to keep your phone lines niceand quiet." Patients access our secure and easy-to- use Rx refill request system via a link on your website. When requesting an Rx refill, patients enter in all their contact and insurance information along with the reason for their visit. Youll be notified each time a patient requests an Rx refill so you can review and accept or deny the request.
  16. 16. Mapping To Your Facility"Help new patients find your office."
  17. 17. Animated FormsRegisterPatients Animated Forms allow patients to provide real-time coded datavisually from their browser and provides patients with the tools to accurately describetheir problem.Be a patient advocate. Provide them the ultimate in online Web patient registrationforms. To see Animated Forms in action, visit our Tutorials page.
  18. 18. Google Import Feature-If you also use Google Calendar as a schedule option, you can easily export thePatient Schedule right into Google Calendar with the click of a button.-Integrate Patient Registrations and Patient Schedules with Google Calendar.
  19. 19. SecureBy using RegisterPatientsinternal network, you can Communicationprivately communicate withyour colleagues or otherproviders to exchange Networkinformation. Providers andoffice staff can useRegisterPatients intuitiveinterface to easily navigateand share information via"The Network Inbox." Oursecure network featureasks for User PermissionVerification to send, replyor view messagespopulated only by those towhom youve grantedpermission to contact you. "Connecting you with your colleagues in the digital age."
  20. 20. Custom EMR IntegrationRegisterPatients platform has an Open API,which allows it to easily interconnect with othersites and to integrate with existing software.This makes it practically effortless to populateyour EMR or PMS with information collected onRegisterPatient. We can map our data toprovide HL7 (Versions 2.3 - 2.7) Demographicsand other HL7 or X12 data formats in yoursystem.Have your IT professional contact us and wewill provide you with the necessary guidelinesto easily access our API. If you have an EMR or "We can fully integrate with yourPMS that does not offer a suitable patient existing EMR or PMS."registration solution, or the cost of a patientregistration solution is prohibitive, we can builda custom Electronic Registration System thatcan be accessed by your current EMR or PMS.
  21. 21. For more information visit: