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IX edizione del CENTR Marketing Workshop: Praxi Case


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Le slides presentate da Gabriele Sposato, Marketing & Sales manager e Kelly Salter, Domain Product Management & Registry Relations del Gruppo Dada alla IX edizione del CENTR Marketing Workshop ospitato da EURid, registry ufficiale del dominio .eu.

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IX edizione del CENTR Marketing Workshop: Praxi Case

  1. 1. 9th CENTRmarketing workshopFlorence 29/30 November 2012
  2. 2. speaker Gabriele Sposato Sales and Marketing Manager for Dada Group From March 2010 is the EU Sales and Marketing Manager in Dada Gabriele has worked as entepreneur within the Internet, technologies and digital advertising since 1997. He joined Dada in 2001 when his company became part of the Dada group.
  3. 3. speaker Kelly Salter Domain Product Management & Registry Relations for Dada Group From September 2011 has managed the relationships with all Domain registries and authorities. Kelly has worked within the internet since 2004 and joined the Dada group in January 2008 where she has specialized in the domain name industry.
  4. 4. Agendao Dada history overviewo Our new gTlds journey to dateo „.Praxi‟ case historyo Our future as a Registraro The market in the futureo The customers behaviour in the future
  5. 5. DADA historyoverview
  6. 6. ENTERPRISE Turnover: ~80 mln Clients: ~510k START UP Domains: ~1,8 mln Web sites: ~600k Employees: ~400 1995 2012 Born in ‘95. First ICANN accredited registrar in Italy, Top European D&H Market player with a presence in 7 European countries with 5 local D&H brands 6Dada Group History Overview
  7. 7. Long-standing and growth track record Customer Base evolution Domain portfolio evolution 2,000,000500,000 1,600,000400,000 1,200,000300,000 800,000200,000 400,000100,000 2008 2009 2010 2011 H1 2012 2008* 2009 2010 2011 H1 2012 7Customer base and domain portfolio evolution
  8. 8. Our new gTldjourney to date
  9. 9. Dada new gTlds journey to dateICANN new gTlds Program Launch Brand: Decision to offer consultation if requested for gTLD applicants but focus on key message of monitoring applications for brands and reinforcing brand protection initiatives such as ccTlds new registrations and domains recoveries. Retail: Decision to begin soft outreach educational journey to introduce concept of new gTLDs launching. Informative piece – “Will ICANN Increase Number of Domain Extensions”, “gTLDs The new www revolution”… June-July 2011 2012 2013 9ICANN new gTlds Program Launch
  10. 10. Dada new gTlds experience to date Educational phase Brand: Intensive dedicated educational program over new gTlds. Strategic insights over opportunities, risks and benefits of applying or not for a .brand, the evaluation process, costs and timing. We‟ve assisted many customers providing an independent overview of the efforts required in order to take informed decisions on whether or not to apply. Retail: Press release, social and article marketing initiatives to explains what opportunities are available over this radical change and how to take advantage of them. Sept - Dec 2011 2012 2013 10Educational phase
  11. 11. Dada new gTlds experience to date The Application window Brand: The main concern of most of our Brand customers was related to how they could keep protecting their Brand in a changing environment where the confusion was increasing. That‟s why we‟ve designed and launched a specific new gTLD monitor service and keeping them constantly informed and advised, offering consultations on. During this time window we‟ve helped many customers in defining the proper strategy and helped Praxi Spa to apply for his own TLD. Jan - April 2011 2012 2013 11The application window
  12. 12. .praxi case
  13. 13. .Praxi case history Who’s Praxi? With share capital of EUR 6 million, Praxi‟s organizational structure includes 250 employees in ten offices, across the following four operating Divisions: - Management Consulting - Information Technologies - Valuations and Appraisals - Human Resources 13Who‟s Praxi?
  14. 14. .Praxi case history What Praxi does? “Since 1966 Praxi has been assisting private companies and public bodies to develop, improve and innovate their organizations. Through our profound experience and attention to value creation, further enhanced by project teams possessing a shared professional culture but a diverse range of competencies, we help our clients reach significant development goals and truly innovate.” 14What Praxi does?
  15. 15. .Praxi Case history Why the TLD .praxi?Early adoption of a TLD puts Praxi S.p.A. at theforefront of technological change, which iscritical for the long-term growth of Praxi‟smulti-business, technology-centric businessmodel .praxi;Serve to strengthen Praxis reputation as a“partner in innovation and development”;Reinforce Praxi‟s commitment to the protectionof intellectual property open up newopportunities to compete at a global level;Stimulate innovation andcreate a praxi community: 15Why the TLD .praxi?
  16. 16. Dada new gTlds experience to date The Reveal Day! Source: 13 June 2011 2012 2013 16The Reveal Day!
  17. 17. our futureas a registrar
  18. 18. Positives: More choice for customers Brand innovation that changes the use of domains New marketing opportunities Negatives: Customer confusion Silent privatization of the web Huge strain on resources 18Our future as a Registrar
  19. 19. Dada will offer all commercial open new gTLDs. 1. Directly accredit with all 2. Directly accredit with some and use 3rd party 3. Use 3rd party 19Our future as a Registrar
  20. 20. The 3rd party? ICANN Accredited registrar or ICANN Accredited registry 20Our future as a Registrar
  21. 21. 21Our future as a Registrar
  22. 22. Source; 22Our future as a Registrar
  23. 23. The market in the future
  24. 24. .com over the years 1985 ; 6 domain names registered 1990 ; 844 domain names registered 1995 ; 110,058 domain names registered 2000 ; 20,369,698 domain names registered 2005 ; 43,378.257 domain names registered 2012 ; (June 30th) ; 103.7 million domain names registered Source; Verisign 24The market in the future
  25. 25. .Bentley and the Internet “….the TLD will be deployed in a variety of visionary and innovative ways including new ways of allocating domains at the second level for use by the Bentley dealer network. These could in turn be developed for the deployment of unique and innovative applications that could be exclusive to their field.” “……exciting and innovative automotive technologies which will allow owners the ability to communicate with their vehicles or ……. technologies have yet to progress beyond the level of research and development it is inevitable that all such innovations will be enhanced by the ability to be deployed within a trusted portion of the namespace such as dot BENTLEY.” Source; 25The market in the future
  26. 26. .BMW and the Internet “BMW, for example, was the first automobile manufacturer to offer its drivers Google Internet access from an on-vehicle computer. BMW is also the first automobile manufacturer to provide on-vehicle computer access to Facebook and Twitter through its BMW mobile phone app, BMW Connected. BMW is constantly creating new ways to keep its drivers and customers connected. Source; 26The market in the future
  27. 27. the customers behaviour
  28. 28. ? 28Customers behaviour in the future
  29. 29. Brands Major brands will look to have their own .brand Smaller brands will refine their domain strategy 29Customers behaviour in the future
  30. 30. Geographic Create local experiences for local communities and business’ 30Customers behaviour in the future
  31. 31. Niche Will innovate to deliver to the specific needs of their niche unlike anything that has come before 31Customers behaviour in the future
  32. 32. Thanks! Q&A?
  33. 33. free drinkSee you all at COLLE BERETO CAFÈ Piazza Strozzi 5/r - Florence