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Completing the skills-set needed to support children with HIV and other life limiting illnesses – the Mildmay Uganda experience

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  • The importance of paediatric    palliative care in health systems
  • Jane Nakawesi - Mildmay, Uganda

    1. 1. Completing the skills-set needed to supportchildren with HIV and other life limiting illnesses – The Mildmay Uganda experience Dorothy Nakkazi, Edith Akankwasa Alice Bakunda, Jane Nakaweesi, Christine Namwanje, Esther kawuma and Barbara Mukasa: Mildmay Uganda
    2. 2. About Mildmay Uganda• Specialist HIV/AIDS Care & Training Institution since 1998.• Care is offered using a family approach to both children & adults .• Over 53000 clients are are in care with Mildmay support ; 21% are children below 18 years.• The training program offers both short courses and long modular programmes, among which is the Diploma in Child Counselling
    3. 3. Mildmay Uganda’s area of Operation
    4. 4. Background to the Child Counselling Programme• A gap in the child counselling (CC) training programmes was identified‘Despite the need for CC, currently there is no specialized training above a certificate’ (UCA Report 2009)• Very few professionals trained in child counseling (CC)• Child counselling skills gaps among professionals
    5. 5. Background cont.Needs Assessment:• Goal: Assessment of the need for a Child Counselling diploma programme to promote specialized skill levels in counselling children.• The identified needs would serve as a basis for the development of a training curricula.
    6. 6. Needs Assessment results• District Respondents: (N= 514) District Kabale Kampala, Gulu Mbale Wakiso   Freq % Freq % Freq % Freq % Teachers 27 28 40 41 17 17 14 14 Health workers 24 19 25 20 40 32 36 29 Religious leaders 5 15 7 21 9 26 13 38 Children 37 14 104 40 68 26 48 19 Total 93 18.1 176 34.2 134 26.1 111 21.6
    7. 7. Needs Assessment results• 81% of the adult respondents reported counselling children• 70% of the health workers (docs, nurses, counsellors, social workers) offered CC.• 18% of the health workers reported having attained short courses in CC.• 74% of the religious leaders offered general counselling to children and adults.
    8. 8. After the Needs Assessment…• Curriculum development was done• Accreditation: by the National Council for Higher Education.• The pilot cohort commenced in August 2010.• 26 students were enrolled (17 of these are to graduate on the 19th September).
    9. 9. Programme Description• Innovative adult teaching and learning approaches• In- service, work-based and multi disciplinary• Duration: 18 months; with 6 compulsory course units.• Academic and reflective assignments (formative and summative).• Mentorship/practicum support
    10. 10. Former student in practice
    11. 11. Testimonies“I have improved my skills in communicating and counseling children, and identification of their needs of children and presentation skills”.“The practicum aspect is superb – it helped me apply theory to practice”.“I used to dodge counselling children before the course, because of low confidence”
    12. 12. Currently…• Curriculum Review has been completed• Second Cohort was recruited• Classes commenced in July 2012
    13. 13. Gaps1. The cost of the course was perceived as high by the students.2. The taught weeks were evaluated as being too intense3. The teaching staff also identified learning needs such as knowledge and skills in computation of grade points and curriculum design. These needs have been met by staff development workshops in these areas.
    14. 14. Lessons learnt• There’s strengthened evidence that specialised skills development is critical in paediatric HIV care and support• Relevant programme - Enhanced the holistic care of children/families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
    15. 15. Future Plans• Intensive student recruitment campaigns• Have two/more cohorts running concurrently• Continuous curriculum reviews and updates• Introduction of weekend/holiday programme
    16. 16. Conclusion• There is need to train a critical number of child counsellors to meet the care and support needs of children.• Mildmay Uganda will rectify the gaps identified and continue to train child counsellors.
    17. 17. Acknowledgment• Students• Mentors• Lecturers and support staff• Management and staff at MUg
    18. 18. Acknowledgment & disclaimer• This work is supported by Cooperative Agreement Number 1UG2GPS002909- 01from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) *The contents of this presentation are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the CDC and the other
    19. 19. MILDMAY UGANDA SPECIALIZED COURSES IN HEALTH CARE AND MANAGEMENTWe offer a range of programmes in health care and management ranging from one-day sensitization workshops to much longer modular work-based programmes. Mildmay also partners with other national and international organizations to offer tailor-made training and consultancy.Our Modular Courses• Degree/Diploma – Health Systems Approach to HIV & AIDS Care and Management (Validated by University of Manchester)• Diploma in Child Counseling• Diploma in Community HIV&AIDS Care and Management (Validated by Mbarara University of Science and Technology) Consultancy and short Courses• Paediatric HIV Clinical Care• Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation• Strategic Communication and HIV&AIDS• Safe Male Circumcision• Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health• Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment• Sexual Gender Based ViolenceWhat students say---• “My attitude toward people with HIV and AIDS has actually changed, before training I would judge people so much, but training changed my attitude, anyone can get HIV, even you and I. This is the message on the AIDS poster. I accept people the way they are. The knowledge I had on HIV and AIDS was complemented by skill.”• For more information about our trainings, contact us on:• T: 0312 210200• F: 0312210205• E: registrar@mildmay.or.ug•