Storyboard%20 thriller 1 (2)


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Storyboard%20 thriller 1 (2)

  1. 1. Black screen, with a single voice being heard, gradually, more voices join the mix and more voices are heard, the John wakes up. The transition to the next shot is instant, i.e. no fading in Close up of eyes John is seen waking up from this position CAMERA SHOT: MID-SHOT
  2. 2. LIGHTING: Red lighting provided by red light bulbs at either side of the wall As John wakes up from the desk, Camera pans 180 around him to show the wall, that has papers and pictures on it. (example of wall layout)
  3. 3. He lights a cigarette, and looks at the wall Cuts to opening credits
  4. 4. Our opening credits will be similar to Se7en, with flashing subliminal images, connected to the plot of the film, i.e pictures related to the illuminati, short clips of John writing notes. Examples of pictures: MUSIC: Mystical, cinematic, haunting, similar to the opening credit music of Insidious
  5. 5. FLASHBACK Lighting: Bright and clinical TONE: Sepia/Black and white – to show that it is a flashback Camera angle: Undershot Scene description: John is seen doing his job as a detective, examining the scene, his ‘sidekick’ Jack is talking to him about the job, and comments on how he looks tired
  6. 6. Lighting: Bright and clinical Camera Shot: Mid Shot Camera Movement: Horizontal track Scene Description: John tells Jack the reason why he looks tired; researching on the illuminati
  7. 7. Mid shot: No showing the face, just the body Lighting: Hardly any lighting, camera is followed by a torch with dim lighting Camera Movement: Track behind John Camera Shot: Mid Shot SCENE DESCRIPTION: John is see getting up and walking away from his desk Lighting: Blue tint, most of light supplied by fridge Scene description: John is seen taking out something in the fridge and sees a shadow behind him.
  8. 8. John turns around, and starts to get angry. CAMERA SHOT: Mid-shot SCENE DESCRIPTION: John then walks to the telephone and calls his friend, describing the situation. CAMERA SHOT: Close-up Distressed, John goes back to his office, and notices that all his research has been removed off of the wall. CAMERA SHOT: Full-body SCENE CUTS TO BLACK
  9. 9. Sees a shadow Shouts out eff off screams Calls friend I think theyre folliwoing me Stop calling me with you stupid theories Phone cut off Walks back into room of notes and theyre all gone