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The six levels of Bloom's taxonomy, from lowest to highest, are: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These different levels of Bloom's taxonomy have become an extremely useful guide for teachers in planning classroom lesson plans and classroom objectives. You can even find a list of verbs to help teachers design lesson plans in the Bloom's Taxonomy Verb Chart located on this web site:

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Blooms Taxonomy

  1. 1. Knowledge Useful Sample Question Potential activities and products Verbs Stems tell What happened Make a list of the main events.. list after...? Make a timeline of events. describe How many...? Make a facts chart. relate Who was it that...? Write a list of any pieces of information you locate Can you name the...? can remember. write Describe what List all the .... in the story. find happened at...? Make a chart showing... state Who spoke to...? Make an acrostic. name Can you tell why...? Recite a poem. Find the meaning of...? What is...? Which is true or false...? Comprehension Useful Sample Question Potential activities and products Verbs Stemsexplain Can you write in Cut out or draw pictures to show a particularinterpret your own words...? event.outline Can you write a brief Illustrate what you think the main idea was.discuss outline...? Make a cartoon strip showing the sequence ofdistinguish What do you think events.predict could of happened Write and perform a play based on the story.restate next...? Retell the story in your words.translate Who do you think...? Paint a picture of some aspect you What was the main Write a summary report of an event.describe idea...? Prepare a flow chart to illustrate the sequence Who was the key of events. character...? Make a colouring book. Can you distinguish between...? What differences exist between...? Can you provide an example of what you mean...? Can you provide a definition for...?
  2. 2. Application Useful Sample Question Potential activities and products Verbs Stemssolve Do you know another Construct a model to demonstrate how it willshow instance where...? work.use Could this have Make a diorama to illustrate an importantillustrate happened in...? event.construct Can you group by Make a scrapbook about the areas of study.complete characteristics such Make a paper-mache map to include relevantexamine as...? information about an event.classify What factors would Take a collection of photographs to you change if...? demonstrate a particular point. Can you apply the Make up a puzzle game suing the ideas from method used to some the study area. experience of your Make a clay model of an item in the material. own...? Design a market strategy for your product What questions would using a known strategy as a model. you ask of...? Dress a doll in national costume. From the information Paint a mural using the same materials. given, can you Write a textbook about... for others. develop a set of instructions about...? Would this information be useful if you had a ...?
  3. 3. Analysis Useful Sample Question Stems Potential activities and products Verbsanalyze Which events could have Design a questionnaire to gatherdistinguish happened...? information.examine I ... happened, what might Write a commercial to sell a newcompare the ending have been? product.contrast How was this similar to...? Conduct an investigation to produceinvestigate What was the underlying information to support a view.categorize theme of...? Make a flow chart to show the criticalidentify What do you see as other stages.explain possible outcomes? Construct a graph to illustrateseparate Why did ... changes occur? selected information.advertise Can you compare your ... Make a jigsaw puzzle. with that presented in...? Make a family tree showing Can you explain what must relationships. have happened when...? Put on a play about the study area. How is ... similar to ...? Write a biography of the study What are some of the person. problems of...? Prepare a report about the area of Can you distinguish study. between...? Arrange a party. Make all the What were some of the arrangements and record the steps motives behind...? needed. What was the turning point Review a work of art in terms of in the game? form, color and texture. What was the problem with...?
  4. 4. Synthesis Useful Sample Question Potential activities and products Verbs Stemscreate Can you design a ... Invent a machine to do a specific task.invent to ...? Design a building to house your study.compose Why not compose a Create a new product. Give it a name andpredict song about...? plan a marketing campaign.plan Can you see a Write about your feelings in relation to...construct possible solution to...? Write a TV show, play, puppet show, roledesign If you had access to play, song or pantomime about...?imagine all resources how Design a record, book, or magazine coverpropose would you deal for...?devise with...? Make up a new language code and writeformulate Why dont you devise material suing it. your own way to deal Sell an idea. with...? Devise a way to... What would happen Compose a rhythm or put new words to a if...? known melody. How many ways can you...? Can you create new and unusual uses for...? Can you write a new recipe for a tasty dish? can you develop a proposal which would...
  5. 5. Evaluation Useful Sample Question Potential activities and products Verbs Stemsjudge Is there a better Prepare a list of criteria to judge a solution to... show. Indicate priority and ratings.choose Judge the value of... Conduct a debate about an issue ofdecide Can you defend your special interest.justify position about...? Make a booklet about 5 rules you seedebate Do you think ... is a as important. Convince others.verify good or a bad thing? Form a panel to discuss views, egargue How would you have "Learning at School."recommend handled...? Write a letter to ... advising on changesassess What changes to ... needed at...discuss would you Write a half yearly report.rate recommend? Prepare a case to present your viewprioritise Do you believe? about...determine Are you a ... person? How would you feel if...? How effective are...? What do you think about...?