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Patient 2.0


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Patients 2.0 Presentation at Health 2.0 Goes to Washington June 7th 2009

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Patient 2.0

  1. The role of the E-patient in Health 2.0 <br />
  2. Fred and I both watched Amazing Stories<br />My favorite was “Vanessa in the Garden” directed by Clint Eastwood and aired in December of 1985 when I was 13 years old<br />Fred loved War World II films and Spielberg’s direction so his favorite was<br />“The Mission” aired in November of 1985 when he was 15 years old. <br />
  3. 3 months of Primary Doctor’s Visits<br />Visits 2 Hospital Emergency Rooms<br />Prior to Diagnosis, prescribed 4 types of Pain Killers, 4 types of Laxatives and 2 types of Muscle relaxants<br />Diagnosed with stage 4 Kidney Cancer<br />Treated at 5 facilities during 12 weeks of continuous hospitalization<br />46 ambulance Transports<br />Fred Holliday II<br />
  4. E-patients <br />are engaged, empowered, equipped and expert in their own medical care or that of their families members. They use the tools of health 2.0 and communication technology to insure better health outcomes in their personal lives. <br />
  5. Patients 2.0: Where E-patients meet Health 2.0<br />Empowered and engaged patients use the tools of Health 2.0 to create better health outcomes for themselves and the greater community.<br />
  6. I can tell you something about stories: They drive engagement. What we don't typically consider (and this is why stories are so controversial) is that stories become legitimized by an audience, not a storyteller. That's why some stakeholders resist - they don't want to legitimize a story, a rad idea or tribute or pain, by giving it a platform. Enter the Web, the blog, the phone, the community, the e-mail thread we're on.Stories. You know them when you see them. And sometimes you need to see them to believe them. This is tribal vernacular; animal instinct. –Christine Kraft<br />Patients 2.0<br />We tell amazing stories and we can <br />change the world.<br />