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Face sheet

  1. 1. How Can You have a Face-Sheet Without a Face?Solving Medical Quandaries Through Story and Art.A patient activist perspective by Regina Holliday
  2. 2. The power of a face.The power of a name.The power of a story.
  3. 3. “During this hospital stay, how often was your pain well controlled?”Art can provide a face to cold clinical statistics.
  4. 4. Art.That’s for kids, right?
  5. 5. The lessons learned in kid auction art:“The face of my child is on that painting, I must have it…”
  6. 6. Art can make clinical spaces “pretty.”But as any child can tell you,it can be dangerous to enter candy houses.Art can be used tomask the rottenapple or it can be usedtoreveal it.
  7. 7. Healthcare is not Rainbows and Butterflies.It is real human faces…
  8. 8. Are you ready to jump?Are you ready to change the way you think about art within medicine?
  9. 9. Writingon theWall.(or what one widow cando with a borrowed ladderan available wall and$500.00 in paint.)
  10. 10. They can Write it on a Wall.How can an outsider artist,send a message to us all?
  11. 11. Painting Advocacy meetsSocial MediaStreet art is truly the first global art movement fueled by the Internet.–Marc and Sara Schiller, Wooster Collective, 2010
  12. 12. “The aim of art is to represent not theoutward appearance of things, but theirinward significance.” ~Aristotle
  13. 13. This is the painting 73 cents.This is the vital patient story, the social history , the sacred heart of Fred’sELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD.And this painting, like the internet,advocates 24 hours a dayand you cannot tell a wall to shut up.
  14. 14. “Shouldn’t Art stick to what it does best-the delivery of pleasure?And forget about being a Paintbrush warrior.Or, is it when the bombs are dropping we find out what art is really for?”-Power of Art by Simon Schama
  15. 15. Art Advocacy and its affect on health policyIn the institution or in governance
  16. 16. Art can compare hard data to soft dataand apples to apples.
  17. 17. Prior legislation can inspire the artthat explains the future of health.ADACivil RightsOrphan Drug ActHIPAA
  18. 18. Meaningful Use in aDiner…..
  19. 19. Why not paint about the needfor better hygiene practices?
  20. 20. Sometimes “blowing a gasket” leads to the best kind of collaborative disruption.Crowd-funding exists to make the impossible possible….
  21. 21. You can crowd fundAdvocacyPatient Scholarships
  22. 22. Why can’t we ask Hallmarkto make hospice cards?Would that help us talkabout end of life?
  23. 23. You can use imagesto inspirebetter communication
  24. 24. #HospiceCardsBecome a reality
  25. 25. Join a Walking Wall of Patient StoriesThe Walking Gallery
  26. 26. Patients spend much of theirdays living inNegative space.Instead of being the subjectof attentionWe are often the space aroundThe image of medicine.The back groundThe prop
  27. 27. Street Art:The more stickers that are out there the more important it seems.The more important it seems, the more people want to know what it is.The more they ask they ask each other.It gains real power from perceived power.-Shepard Fairey
  28. 28. We can redefine expectations of the role of art in medicineat every hospital, clinic and conference.
  29. 29. Let Patients SpeakSometimes one voice,One face,Can change the world.
  30. 30. Are you ready ?Join us and when you turn your back, you are facing us all the more.@ReginaHolliday