The future of music collections


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The future of music collections

  1. 1. HEY YOU, GET OFFA MYCLOUD!The Future of Music Collectionsin LibrariesMay 10, 2013
  2. 2. Music Industry In Flux• Album sales down• Shift to digital• Traditional channels in decline• Major labels eating one another
  3. 3. Market Fragmentation• New channels, More selection• The Long Tail• Niche Is the new norm
  4. 4. The DIY Spirit• Album sales are down; music creation is not• Increased emphasis on touring and live music• Bandcamp, bigcartel, and Reverbnation• Small labels support regional scenes
  5. 5. Is The Industrys Tail Long Enough?• Legacy albums rival new releases• Specialty & reissue labels digging deep• "Lost formats" return
  6. 6. Massive and Passive• Albums ->Singles -> Streams• Renting (Cloud) vs. Owning (Albums)• Earbuds edge out stereo speakers• Music becomes background noise
  7. 7. Digital Services
  8. 8. Perks of Being Physical
  9. 9. Ease Of Use• Is your digital service user friendly?• "This is harder than Spotify!"• Usability issues might alienate patrons, new• and old.
  10. 10. Freegal
  11. 11. NAXOS
  12. 12. NAXOS App
  13. 13. Alexander Street
  14. 14. Alexander Street
  15. 15. Overdrive
  16. 16. Overdrive Media Player
  17. 17. Hoopla
  18. 18. DRAM
  19. 19. DRAM
  20. 20. Everyone Jumping Everyones Train• In terms of digital music delivery, how much can / shouldlibraries be expected to deliver?• Make sure your digital vendor will serve you well.
  21. 21. "Free" Services
  22. 22. Marketing Your CollectionWake the townand tell the people!
  23. 23. Partnerships• Musicians• Labels• Local bloggers & writers• Music-savvy professors• Show promoters• Public Radio Stations
  24. 24. Think Local, Buy Local• Circulate local music• Community Collaboration• Market Alternatives• Economic Development• Build a scene• Destination
  25. 25. The Librarian as...• Investigator• Amateur Musicologist• Creative instigator
  26. 26. Music Advisory• Personalized Playlists• Use the opportunity to turn patrons to to somethingnew• Subject Expertise
  27. 27. Lost In The Stacks
  28. 28. Lost In The Stacks
  29. 29. Music Clubs• Listening Party• Library patrons gather to hear and discuss music around atheme• Guest presenters• Like a book club.... but better!
  30. 30. Library as Creative Hub• Cultural bazaar within the community• Library can serve information consumers...• ...And information creators!• Help local artists of all types: authors, musicians, sculptors,painters, game producers, filmmakers, etc, etc.
  31. 31. Library as Creative Hub• Live Music• Media labs andrecordingfacilities• Rehearsal rooms
  32. 32. Photo Slide 2 of Live Happenins
  33. 33. Media Consumption - A Tale of Two ModelsIndustry Model:• Industry centered• High overhead• Radio, TV, Streaming• Profitability is the goal• Libraries are primarily acustomerNew Model:• Artist centered• Very lean• Direct to consumer• Sustainability is paramount• Libraries can get involvedand help!
  34. 34. Vibrant Music Collection• Quality content• Digital content chosen carefully• Built up by subject expertise• Engages and partners with local music scene• Programming & outreach• Spurs creativity
  35. 35. Thank You!Matthew MoyerAndrew Coulon - @acoulonAudience Share / Q+A