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Baldwin library & digital foundations


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Baldwin library & digital foundations

  2. 2. AgendaHistory of the Baldwin Library of HistoricalChildren’s LiteratureMajor aspects to the Baldwin Library of HistoricalChildren’s LiteratureDigital Collections at the University of FloridaInternational Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)Future of relationship with the ICDL
  3. 3. What is the Baldwin Library?Second largest children’s literature collection in thenation120,000+ books, 4 manuscript collections, originalartwork, and ephemeraEmphasis on comparative editions, early Americanjuvenile literature, and books that were used bychildrenClosed collection located in Special CollectionsReading Room
  4. 4. History of the Baldwin LibraryBegan as the personal collection of Ruth M. BaldwinDonated to the University of Florida in the late1970sOpened in 1982, since then the Baldwin Library hashad three curatorsOriginal donation was 35,000 books, and now hasgrown to over 120,000
  5. 5. 1789, 1946,1870Robinson Crusoe (1789-1963)
  6. 6. First edition, 1866 (John Tenniel), Arthur Rackham (1907), and Helen Oxenbury(1999)Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland/Alice in Wonderland (1866-2003)
  7. 7. Pilgrim’s Progress (1678-1925)
  8. 8. Prodigal Daughter, Issac Watts’ Divine Hymns, The MenagerieReligious Tracts (17th century – 19th century)
  9. 9. E. Detmold, Arabian Nights (1924), Kate Greenaway (1880), Kay Nielsen, HansChristian Andersen’s Fairy Tales (1924)Illustrators/Illustration
  10. 10. Handwritten manuscript for Cinderella, Salvador Dali’s Alice in WonderlandUnique Items
  11. 11. University of Florida Digital CollectionsThe Baldwin Library is one of many sub-collectionsin the UFDCCurrently there is access to over 5,800 unique andrare titlesAll items are in the public domain (pre 1923)Digital collection began as part of two NationalEndowment for the Humanities grants
  12. 12. Selection CriteriaImportant for any digitization effortBooks or items should be evaluated to make surethey will survive the digitization processItems from the Baldwin Library were pulled bystudent assistants and reviewed by the curator andthe Head of PreservationAny materials deemed too fragile were notdigitized
  13. 13. International Children’s Digital LibraryInitial involvement began as part of the second NEHgrant“Digital access will benefit the academic community… as well as people of all ages who enjoychildren’s literature”To increase discovery and access to volumes held inBaldwin Library
  14. 14. Contributing to the ICDLBaldwin Library is the single largest contributorAll of our works are historical and in the publicdomainNot only does the Baldwin agree with the goals ofthe foundation, but it helps foster collaboration
  15. 15. Future of the RelationshipRelationship remains strongWant to ensure as large a readership as possibleEncourage children and adults to make use of ourmaterials as a public institution